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Happy wedding Anniversary to my Esteemed/ Beloved Group Pastor-Pst Segun/Pst Nike Adesanya .many blissful years Sir/Ma.We love you dearly.

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WHY DOES HE MATTER SO MUCH? 🤔🤔🤔 The following thought isn't original to me but I love it and the implications. "If JESUS isn't God or isn't real, for that matter, why do people get so angry when He's talked about or mentioned? Why do folks hate someone (JESUS) they say never existed? Why is it that every religion and belief is tolerated and accepted, but when it comes to JESUS, everyone has a problem? If JESUS isn't God or doesn't exist, why does He matter so much? Why?" 🤔🤔🤔

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Good news on BBC all around the world Never be afraid to tell where your inspiration comes from! Activist! Some things cannot be explained BBC.com search SINACH #flourish #SINACH #SPONSOREDBYGRACE #WAYMAKERTOUR2017

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Happy Supernatural Birthday dear.. I love you dearly Pastor Queen Maryam Lawal

Happy birthday dearest Pastor Solayinka, It's a pleasure to celebrate today with you . Thanks for being a great inspiration over the years, and very much so this year as we've worked together in the LVZ- the fastest growing church in the BLW Nation! 👏👏👏 Thank you for your invaluable contributions!!! And a special congratulations on your 100-soul birthday gift. You sure achieved what you wanted to happen in heaven, and we're all very proud of you. God bless you specially in this new year as all your heart's desires are established speedily. Increased grace, increased abilities, more glorious significant attainments in Jesus Name. I love you.💖 specially😍😍😍

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More sights from the August Communion Service with Pastor Chris! It's Prayer Time! #Blwcampusministryrocks #Vision400 #Augustcommunionservicewithpastorchris

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Happy Birthday sir, I love you dearly

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. My heart is full of gratitude with thanksgivings for loving me so much and bringing me in Contact with you. My deepest appreciation goes to the Man of God, Pastor Chris, Who, didn't only make it possible to meet you but has continued to by association with you make us have the best time of our lives. What do you have to say about someone, who knows something about everything Honest Ever loving impeccable inside out My mind runs through a whole lot. over the years, as you spoke about many things. In retrospect. I have zero tolerance for failure, defeat, lack, discouragement, a sloppy lifestyle and many more, because you taught me to be tough spiritually. The most amazing discovery recently is the difficulty of describing you. Like the word of God describes it. it obvious every time you look into the mirror of the word. There is such transformation that the difference is unimaginable Thank you for giving yourself to the word of God and Pastor Till Jesus comes, I will celebrate the special you are to me I love you soooo dearly Your baby

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SALVATION STORY OF PASTOR LAWRENCE AJIBOYE. http://bit.ly/2dZqtLQ My Journey to Salvation in Christ was steady and long. I can categorize it into two separate phases. Phase one is the one that led me to Christ, and the second one is the one that established me in Christ. I started getting serious with the Lord at Primary School which was a Catholic School. What interested me the most was the beauty and the glory that I saw with the supervising Reverend Father. I always wanted to be at the mass just to observe the beauty and the orderliness of the Service But then this was only at school. At home, I did not have that opportunity because of the conflicting values of religious practices within the extended family setting. As I approached finishing my primary school tenure, I wanted to be a Reverend Father, but that fantasy was punctured when our erstwhile Reverend Father was transferred, and a new one was brought in. This happened to be the first black Reverend Father in the history of our School. On his first appearance at the morning assembly, he disciplined a pupil who was standing right behind me. At that time, in my view; the action was nothing short of unwarranted wickedness toward a very young pupil. I did not know exactly what this boy in question must have done, but the response of the Father scared me. I said to myself that “if this is what it means to be a black Reverend Father I will never be one”. This experience was a huge discouragement to me as I lost all interest in church activities and fellowship. When I got into the secondary school, all efforts to get me into the scripture union fellowship yielded no results as I refused completely to attend any. Also, Foursquare Gospel Fellowship was rejected by me. However, during this time my dad had passed on and life had changed quite significantly for me. I turned to God in prayer but still would not go to church. During one of the school holidays, something dramatic happened. My senior sister, who had been suffering from incessant Rheumatic problems, got healed at a crusade. Her healing experience provided a tonic of some sort for me to become interested in attending church events. At every school holiday, some Christian Organizations would come to our town for crusades, and I was always attending such crusades not really for the message, but as an avenue to escape from home and avoid being sent on errands – at many of these crusades I gave my life to Christ several times because I really did not understand that salvation is once and for all. While at Secondary School, I was again let to Christ at the junction of two major roads by a brother (named Amobi) who was one year senior to me at school. Having given my life to Christ, my focus was still not so much on Christ but on what I could get from him. When I got what I wanted, God loved me. And when I did not get it, as and when I wanted it God was not good to me. I was always in and out. For me just going to church was all I needed to do. At this time, the desire to study and know more of Christ was not there; hence I was not really growing spiritually. I was always full of fear in my heart and scared of everything in life. I would go to the fellowship whenever I felt like and provided I had the time to do so. However, in my last year at school, I became more serious. The fear of not wanting to be unemployed after school prompted me to spend more time in prayer, focusing on God to giving me a direction for my life. I was determined not to waste any more time in my life. And I promised Him that wherever I was posted, for the National Youth Service would be fine by me. When I finished school I was posted to Akwa-Ibom State in the Eastern Part of Nigeria. My uncle wanted me to rather serve in Lagos since it would afford me a much better opportunity to get a job after the Youth Service. He got my posting changed to Lagos. However, to his chagrin I turned it down preferring to rather serve in the East. This was a decision that helped me to become more stable in my relationship with the Lord. For the first time in my life, it dawned on me that I could trust the Lord for my future. Arriving at the orientation camp I quickly joined the Christian Corpers Fellowship. We spent the whole service year organizing crusades all over the State almost every fortnight during the dry season. My involvement at this level got me more committed, as I gained valuable Christian Service experience especially in Soul Winning and Evangelism. At the end of the Service year, the Lord handsomely rewarded me with a job opportunity, a day following our passing out parade. At my uncle’s prompting, I abandoned the opportunity and now focused on travelling to the USA for work and further studies. However, after wasting a whole six months pursuing visa to the USA, I realized that that was not God’s plan for me. I then turned my attention to doing my professional accountancy examination. I got a job while studying at the same time. My involvement in church activities was greatly minimized as I only devoted all my time to studying, and primarily due to my inability to properly prioritize my time. While studying for my professional examinations, full attention was focused on qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, with little or no time for church on Sunday morning, as I always rushed out to school to study. I was not willing to accommodate any other thing into my work schedule. Completing my board exam in May 1992, my attention again turned to my work. I had a big ambition professionally to become one of the fore most financial analysts in the country. My job often took me outside of Lagos and the country and I really enjoyed the experience so much. At the same time, I was praying and seeking God’s help to find the right pursuit for myself. All through I had an emptiness in me but I did not know how to fill it. At different occasions I engaged in several fasting and prayer sessions which often lasted many days at a time. My progress career wise was very good as I was always getting promoted without any delay. However, whenever I had time, I used to join my friends from church to go on street evangelism around Fadeyi area in Lagos. Although my first contact with Christ Embassy was in 1993, I was never available for any serious involvement in church activities. This continued until the later part of 1994 when I started to get more committed by at least not missing Sunday and midweek services. I was always mindful of what I wanted to become professionally. Being involved heavily in church activities was not something I ever contemplated. However, when I got involved in the Cell System as a member, my perception changed, yet I had no satisfaction in me. I was always thinking that I needed to do more professionally in order for me to attain to my desired peace of mind. As I progressed in my career, I got an opportunity to relocate to South Africa – which I seized, and I was there fully focused on my career. I was literally married to my job! By the time Reverend Ken Oyakhilome came to South Africa to start Christ Embassy, I had already spent nearly three years there. Reverend’s presence did not deter me from my continuing prioritization of my career above everything else. I was always focusing on my career, and extremely hesitant to get involved in church activities outside of Sunday service days. However, Reverend Ken was very patient with me, always asserting that “Lawrence is a great man”. Reverend Ken’s presence helped me to recalibrate my priorities in life and in favour of my faith and spiritual growth. The rest is now history! Can you believe it? I am a Pastor, working full time in Ministry. I am so grateful to God for His many kindnesses toward me. I am also grateful to Pastor Chris for giving me the gospel as I have known it today. I am grateful to Reverend Ken for not only teaching me Ministry, he also taught me how to live in the gospel that Pastor Chris brought to me. Every time I think about his impacts in my life I always remember the Apostle Paul’s place in the life of Timothy. Special thanks also go to Reverend Ray Okocha, for speaking to me in such a fatherly way when he first visited South Africa in December 1999. I am grateful to Pastor Jide Femi and Dr Eden who were at different times my PCF presidents. Pastor Arinze Emmanuel was also kind to me. I am grateful to him too. Wow! Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye had his birthday yesterday. Join us as we celebrate a man with a heart for God and his people. You can leave your birthday greetings and prayers in the comment section. God bless you!

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Happy Birthday to my Daddy's daughter @CSO your grace and peace is multiplied.

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Highly Esteemed Pastor Ma, congratulations Ma on a most SUCCESSFUL & TRIUMPHANT 2 tenures of dedicated service, in 3 Years of service as the CEO of the BLW NATION! Thank you ma for the ever inspiring results and significant attainments! It's indeed a greater level for you ma with luxuriant growth, persistent productivities, and even much more Significant attainments!!! We love you dearly MA! #Flourishingceopyk #Blwcampusministryrocks #PastorChrisgeneration

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SALVATION STORY OF EVANGELIST (DR.) EDDY OWASE. My name is Evangelist Dr Eddy Owase... I was born into a non-Christian polygamous family that believed in the worship of ancestral spirits and vis-à-vis superstitious beliefs. As a growing child, I was most blessed to have a very close elder sister, Late Mrs Elizabeth Ogba nee Owase, who despite our family background, received salvation and was very committed to the Lord. My closeness to her brought me to be involved in church at an early age. We were also blessed with a Word-believing Bible practicing church which set the stage for my salvation. As a little child, I was involved in the Sunday school-Children’s church. Of note was my encounter with Mrs Knight, a European missionary who made an impressionable mark in my understanding of scriptures through her teaching methods like the use of flannel graph-pictorial. The resultant effect of this was, amongst others, being able to recite scriptures and dramatize Bible stories. At the age of eight, I could recite Psalm 23, John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23 etc. These developments kept me attuned with God’s destiny for my life. At age twelve, I had an experience which was epochal and marked the watershed of my salvation. It was the year I received the Holy Spirit. The actual date of my being born again is unknown to me because of the antecedents of my spiritual development. What is most evident and memorable to me is when I received the Holy Spirit. It was a Monday night after a revival service in the local church. There was an outpouring of the Spirit and many received but I did not! I was bemused especially when I saw two fellows I thought were not righteous enough receive the Holy Spirit. I went home after service, locked myself in and began to pray. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came on me and I was filled. It was the same day I got baptized by immersion. This experience gave me an assurance of my salvation and set me on a new course with the Lord. At the age of seventeen, in my Class four, in Secondary school, I became the Prayer secretary of my school fellowship. The crown of it was in Class five when I became the president of the fellowship. However, I could only function within the confines of the revelation available to me which was grossly limited, to say the least. Walking in the light of my salvation, knowing who I am in Christ and understanding my fellowship with the Holy Spirit was made possible only in 1984 when I met with my Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This was my first year and my first fellowship meeting in the University. It was divinely arranged that he had to minister on that fateful day. My experience in that meeting and the subsequent involvement in his ministry revolutionized my life. This actually marked a new life-the real life living... Wow, today is Evangelist birthday! Join us as we celebrate a man of the Spirit, A man of excellence, A man whose life is full of results; A man who has taken the atmosphere of miracles into the homes of millions around the world💥👏 You can leave your birthday greetings and prayers in the comment section. God bless you. #CeWarriZone #EvangelistEddyOwase #FollowPastorChris

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Day 2...Simply amazing. Thank you Pst Chris, Pst Dee and Pat Christine for this session. #staffweek2017 #zone5staff #Pastorchrisontheisland

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Thank you Jesus. I'm grateful to God for 24 years in marriage. It's been from glory to glory.

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We were twinning again today! Twas a great service! Pst taught us 7 ways to have spiritual advancements... its a great life we have!

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Fan of Good music? 🎤 One that blesses?🙏 Then listen to this excellent blend of rap and soul. 🙌 It's #RiseAbove by Ṣe Ok ft Noel Here are the links to download 👇 PC DOWNLOAD: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-183276104/rise-above-ft-noel MOBILE DOWNLOAD:  http://www.loveworldmusictv.com/rise-se-ok/ https://m.audiomack.com/song/e-ok/rise-above  Follow Ṣe Ok on Instagram @semiz_circle to know more about him. #SeOkSeason 💥

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