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Happy Birthday to our Esteemed Pastor Ekene Nakpodia Glorious things are spoken of you Ma. We love and celebrate you Ma. Shine on!!!

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#lagoszone2 Charis

#lagoszone2 #charis

Thank you so much for your commitment and support toward our projects and initiatives in previous years, which has enabled us positively in impacting and empowering the youth in Africa. We are convinced that with your continuous support we will record greater achievements in this year of Lights. #FALF #IMPACTAFRICA

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It's takes a conscious effort to develop an excellent character. Make yourself available today. 6:00PM All across Lagos zone2 churches LIVE CLASSROOM WITH THE ZONAL PASTOR

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What God wants to give you is not money or a job but The Word of God in your spirit. LIVE CLASSROOM WITH THE ZONAL PASTOR. Today @ 6:pm. Make it a date with the word!

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Happy Birthday dear esteemed Pastor Rotimi. And now shall the glory, grace and honor be manifested like never before through the light that He has made you. You are uniquely a light. Do have fun and enjoy your day with a blast sir. Love you immensely sir! @dto @pstrotimigbenga

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KINGSCHAT this is what is on my mind #NoBGarrick #CeBeninZone1

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#prayfornigeria #Lagos #Nigeria

ALBUM LAUNCH! Download The Best Of Israel Strong Album on LoveWorld Internet Radio from tomorrow Saturday 9th Feb. 2019 by 4pm GMT+1

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#prayingfornigeria #lagos #Nigeria

Join us shortly, as we pray for our dear Nation, Nigeria, ahead of the 2019 General Election. #day4 Time: 7:00PM GMT+1 www.loveworldplus.tv/watch

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Happy birthday Son, love you loads.

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#prayfornigeria #gaborone #botswana #mbtc2019 #cesazone3

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#prayingfornigeria #lagos #Nigeria

Nigeria is the Lord's #PrayforNigeria #Maiduguri #CEMaiduguri #NNWVZ2

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Project 2000 is still in full gear. Pastor Chris Teaching Now on UniIllorin FM, SOBI Fm and Al Barka Fm We say a big thank you to our Highly Esteemed Pastor Lanre Adewoye and Partners of Christ Embassy Illorin. #PastorChrisonTVEverywhere #PastorChrisonRadioeverywhere

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Sunday Service with The Esteemed Zonal Pastor Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Emeka Eze. Sunday 3rd February, 2019. The victories you will enjoy are the victories of the Spirit because life is spiritual.  John 6:63 ...The word of God is our life, The more the word of God that comes into you, the better you are in life. The more of the word of God in you, the more of Christ in you. You are not going to have as much faith as somebody who hears the word of God more than you. You are not going to accidentally have more faith than somebody who gets to hear the word of God more than you.  There are lot of people that have great wishes, but wishes and luck don't work in the kingdom, what works is faith. Your hope in Christ is based on the word of God, your hope has to be with a basis. There's a reason why you are hoping because there is something you are doing, or there is something God said. If your hope is just based on empty hope, you are wasting time.  You have to plan your progress in life, you have to plan your spiritual growth, you have to have time for it. Whatever you don't make out time for is not important to you. One of the things that is very important about this year is 'Not to take spiritual things for granted'.  The word of God is Spirit, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, you have everything you need in you  and with you. The word of God tells us who we are. If you want to grow spiritually there's no difficulty in it, make yourself available to the word of God. Where God says you should be, just be, you don't need to pray to be there. Nehemiah 10:35-37 ...The first fruit is the first of your income or increase and should be the best. You do not remove anything from it; you are to give all of it. It's clear from the scriptures that God has already told us about the first fruit and he expects us to do it. He tells us where to bring it, how frequently to bring it, and what to bring.  We Are To Bring: 1) The firstfruits  2) Our Offerings 3) Our Tithes  Genesis 4:4-5 ...This is where first fruit started, it is the very first offering in the bible before tithe. The First Fruit existed before the law, Abel brought to God the firstlings of his flock and of the fat portions and God had respect and regard for Abel and his offering. Even if you don't have a job, give what you have and plan to give the rest later. Nobody's seed can take you out of trouble, nobody can give a seed on your behalf for your deliverance. God will use your seed to take you from the level of not having a job to the level of having a job. Anybody who refuses to take a step is cheating himself.  James 1:18-25 ...We are first fruits. Genesis 22:12-18 ...We are not restricted to thirty, sixty and hundred fold, it is according to your faith. It's up to you, what can your faith carry? When you study the word of God faith comes to you. When you've started walking with God in certain levels and you see that he's faithful you are bold to take bigger steps.  Don't find yourself doing like Pharaoh who refused to let the children of Israel go. That first fruit in your hand, let it go. Giving your first fruit is also an act of faith give it with joy and thanksgiving. God bless you #lagoszone2

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