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Keeping the main thing the main thing # ukr2z3 perivale

My man of God My woman of God # CEPERIVALE

At mid week service #ce perivale UkR 2 vz3

Happy birthday dearest pastor Paul. A man of the word, a man of the spirit. A son of consolation to our zonal pastor & woman of God. Greater heights ahead of you. I celebrate with you on this your special day. Love you dearly 💕😘

# Uk2Z3 # Jtc

Praying now from the UK CE Perivale

Praying now # UK 🇬🇧 R2Z3 # perivale

I am praying with pastor From the United Kingdom #CEPERIVALE #UKR2VZ3 He is my riddance Any tongue that turns against Me in judgment is condemned.🙏

Praying now from the UK # UKR2 VZ3 perivale

Praying now with pastor # United Kingdom # UkR2Z3 perivale

Live from ZICLC perivale #UKR2Z3

Participating in ZICLC #uKZ2r3

Happy wedding anniversary dear Dr Adase and Dcns Pearl. More years of bliss together 💕 have a glorious day together. 💕💕

Happy birthday dear Dcn Laja thank you for all you do for Gods people in Gods house. Thank you for being a son of consolation to our WOG pastor Elizabeth. Your light is shining brighter and brighter. Continue to illuminate your world. Love and blessings 🎂

Happy birthday to lovely daughter in Christ. You are a bright and shining light . You can never be hid. No never. Thank you for your commitment to achieve all you have done and being a part of the number 1 partner for UKR2Z3. You are highly favoured, your set time is come. 🎂💕🛍🎉🎀

Your character is the message. As He is so are you my beloved pastor Rappel. Your life is hid in Christ. Thank you for always helping & going that extra mile. Your brightness will never be hid. Love you plenty ♥️

One post was not enough to express my love for you. Thank you for your commitment to the work of the gospel, a help to our WOG. Diligent in all you do, you will stand before kings. Your walk with God is genuine, fruitful, & productive. An epitome of James 4:6 Love you dearly

Happy birthday dearest pastor Rappel a treasure without measure. Your future is brilliant as you illuminate your path with your humility. A genuine, humble, compassionate Man of God. Words are not enough to describe you. A pastor with a selfless spirit and a servants heart 💔

Celebrating the number one partner of UkR2Z3 sister Zeena. 🏆🎖 Heaven celebrates the number one soul winner as well. Greater heights ahead of you. Have a blessed day. Love you loads😘♥️


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