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Happy bday dearest Dcn Uche. May the spirit of love, excellence & wisdom increase in you mightily. A truly beautiful worshipper, leading Gods people by example. Stand on the word, & dwell in the secret place as the Lord takes you higher.make many happy returns. I love you dearly

My beautiful land Sri Lanka United we stand in one body Jesus rules our nation

I was participating in mid week service with pastor Elizabeth. # prayer is seed time #ukR2Z3 # CE Perivale

Highlight of Sunday service Praying for our families. God loves families. Awesome time To pray for our families those who God has blessed us with. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

I was attending midweek service with Pastor Elizabeth. # CE Perivale #UK2 R3

How can I describe a God that’s indescribable ? How can I explain . A love that’s Unexplainable?

God loves a cheerful giver Who’s heart is in her giving. She has scattered abroad, and given to the poor, her righteousness endures forever I was a part of service at CE Perivale #UKR2VZ3

The whole world is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. # Mid week service # pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa # UKR2 VZ3

Inspiring time of prayer # praying from UK # CE PERIVALE

Making tremendous power through prayer. # praying now from the UK # CE PERIVALE

Blessed and happy birthday to a amazing Man of God. You are a man after God’s own heart πŸ’”. Keep shining your light Will never burn out. When God opens doors, no man will be able to shut it. Love you so so dearly. Keep feeding your flock in Folkestone & Hasting. Well done. πŸ™

Awesome message from our regional pastor #ceperivale # Uk2r 3

What a revelation of Gods word. Glorious time of fellowship with our WOG Pastor Elizabeth # ceperivale #ukr2vz3

Amazing Easter service with our WOG pastor Elizabeth . #your church #UKR2Z3

We remember when we break the bread, We remember when we drink the cup Jesus that you died for us

Happy birthday dearest pastor Kay. Love and appreciate you dearly. Have a blessed day

Keeping the main thing the main thing # ukr2z3 perivale

My man of God My woman of God # CEPERIVALE

At mid week service #ce perivale UkR 2 vz3

Happy birthday dearest pastor Paul. A man of the word, a man of the spirit. A son of consolation to our zonal pastor & woman of God. Greater heights ahead of you. I celebrate with you on this your special day. Love you dearly πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

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