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🎉🇺🇸 It’s a new day in America! The moment Pastor Benny & the MOG Rev. Chris declared ‘NO LIMITS’ in Maryland, New York, Hawaii, and all of the USA! Glory!!!!!!! NO LIMITS!!!! Congratulations USA REGION 1, we have moved! Make sure you catch the re-runs on #USAREGION1 #USAZ1 #USAZ2

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Last night was awesome. We'll be live again tonight at 6pm Pacific Time on all Loveworld networks; Watch and participate. God bless you.

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"The word is God’s message of truth with the content and power to build His image into the life of the hearers. It’s content is the embodiment of Christ’s revelation, provision, perfections and instructions".- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #YourLoveworld #LoveworldMediaVideos

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I have imagined that some day I would preach and someone would translate for me. We have a huge Spanish population in the Bronx Today God fulfilled that desire at our picnic service. I see visions of what the lord will do with us here in the Bronx.Gloria a Dios! #hislovecompelsme

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🎉🎉🇺🇸Hello, U.S.A! Our Dear man of God, President & Father , Rev. Chris & Pastor Benny, will be LIVE on your Loveworld this week! Make sure you join the broadcast LIVE on LoveWorldUSA at the following times: 🇺🇸 Monday 19th August 2019 @ 7:30 Pacific, 10:30pm Eastern 🇺🇸 Tuesday 20th August 2019 @ 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern Kindly share with your networks and ENCOURAGE participation of your family and friends! Visit: God bless You ! #USAREGION1

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🎉🇺🇸STAY LIT: A special visit from the Regional Pastor & Highlights of the Annual Teens Camp for Maryland Group Youths. Every year, The Teen’s camp is a time of transformation- from workshops on technology, life skills, creativity, godly relationships, and communication to a week loaded with a word and worship bootcamp. Our generation next are ready to lead in the spirit and lead the world!💡 #USAVZ1 #USAREGION1

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🎉🇺🇸 Hello, Beautiful: It’s your Month of Beauty! ‘The greatest beauty is when you carry the word of God in your heart!’ - Rev. Chris Oyakhilome I’m beautified of the lord! Thank God for my beautiful life. I have a beautiful life. Instead of wondering why is my life like this, thank him. Psalm 50:1-2 ( out of the church, the perfection of beauty God hath shined). God decorates his own! There is a divine aura that rests on the child of God. They may hate you, doesn’t mean they will love you or like you, but the beauty is there! Beauty brings favor, grace, you’re dressed with the beauty of God. The prince of peace is the champion of peace. When he gives you peace, it cannot be taken away. God is known in her palaces for a refuge. I hide in God. I have 24 hr protection- my life is hid with Christ in God! References Psalm 48:1-3 Psalm 90:11-17 Psalm 9:6 Have a beautiful month, Beautiful! #USAREGION1

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HAPPENING LIVE LATER TODAY ON CLOVEWORLD!!! LIGHT UP CONCERT WITH SINACH LIVE. Get enraptured in the atmosphere of worship as the award winning Sinach leads in worship today by 8pm GMT+1 from New York. This concert will be live on cLoveWorld. You can also participate live with this link:

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Pastor Chris: What do you do when you preach to difficult people who say I'm not interested in religion? _____ Rev. Tom: ... _____ The showtimes this week (Eastern Time): Tuesday: 5am-7am, 3:30pm-5:30pm and 8pm-10pm & Thursday: 5am-7am, 3:30pm-5:30pm and 8pm-10pm

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GLOBAL VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN UPDATES #NewYorkMegalopolis We celebrate all our volunteers in CE New York Megalopolis who participated in the ongoing campaign in partnership with Trauma Care International Foundation. Thank you for mobilizing voluntary blood donor and for saving many lives! Thank you for supporting our mission to provide #safebloodforall #tcif #everylifecounts @nymega #newyorkmegalopolis


Happy birthday sis Amaka. Thanks for all the great work you do for LMAM USA & beyond . Love you 💕💕

🇺🇸📷 The Healing School Summer Session Launch in CE Largo, Maryland USA. 🎉 The healing school launch was also held across the churches in our zone! We are now 24 days away from the HS in Canada. Partner by praying & inviting someone: To partner with money, please speak to the healing school department at your church or your pastor. God bless you! #USAREGION1 #USAR1Z1

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Happy birthday to my beloved brother & friend Wumi .. aka Mr Rhapsody... you are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden ! Continue to shine . Love you dearly ...

🎉🇺🇸The Cell Commendations: ICLC in your Zone (MD viewing center). In recognition of your commitment to the great commission & going over & beyond in your soul winning efforts in the ministry year ( church ministry & campus ministry). We celebrate you! Heaven rejoices!! God bless you!!! Now, let’s do more! 🎉🇺🇸 #USAREGION1 #USAZ1 #ICLC2019INREGION1 #ICLC2019USAZ1

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🎉🇺🇸 Happening Now: Friday Evening’s Session of ICLC in your Zone (Maryland’s Viewing Center)! #USAREGION1 #USAZ1 #ICLC2019INREGION1 #ICLC2019USAZ1

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"SOUL WINNING IS OUR PRIME RESPONSIBILITY" - ESTEEMED PASTOR ALOY OKEI CHARGED DELEGATES AT THE ISM MINISTERS NATIONAL CONFERENCE, FLORIDA, USA The Plenary Session of the first-ever ISM Ministers Conference in Florida, USA, was a special time of strengthening with the Word and Impartation of increased grace for effective soul winning and evangelism in these last days. Teaching on the inspiring topic, “The Urgency of the Harvest,” the highly esteemed Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy USA Region 1, Pastor Aloy Okei, emphasized on the importance of soul winning and evangelism to church growth and expansion, and reminded the delegates that soul winning is their prime responsibility as ministers of the Gospel. Making reference to Mathew 9:35-38, John 9:4 and John 4:35, Pastor Aloy urge the ministers to not only to rekindle the urgency of the harvest in themselves but also in their brethren. Esteemed Pastor Aloy also affirmed that God has a timing in place and urged the delegates to understand God's timing and act accordingly. "As ministers of the gospel, we need to understand God's timing and calendar, and rekindle that sense of urgency in all we do for Kingdom expansion. Don’t waste time!" He strongly admonished. Concluding his impactful teaching, Pastor Aloy Okei strongly admonished the ministers to be very courageous, have a clear action plan after the conference, remain conscious of who they are, and be faithful to do the things the Lord has called them to do. Surely, the lives and ministries of the delegates will not remain the same after this Conference. Expression of joy unspeakable were seen in their faces as they confirm their attendance for the upcoming World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn! Glory! Watch this page for more updates on upcoming ISM Ministers Conference around the world! #ism #happeningnow #ismregionalconferences #internationalschoolofministry #WEC2019 #PastorChris

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Reach Out USA 🇺🇸 CE Silver Spring

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[📹Video] #SalvationStories - Pastor Itee leads a soul to Christ @ #CEBronx ReachOut USA Campaign @pastoritee #ROUSA19 #USAONEROUSA #USAREGION1 #USAR1Z2

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