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To get the full recipe and watch the full video go to naturalorganicchanges on YouTube.

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Happy Birthday to me

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Please follow the link below to watch full video Thank you so much

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Benefits of Rhapsody of realities for kids by Pastor Chris. Speedy recovery from hot water accident. Rhapsody of realities helped him to build his faith while being treated. Bro Greatness is a testimony of what the Rhapsody of realities can do for kids. Details in the comments:

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Happy Birthday to my 'lil Sister, Pastor Uju a.k.a Aunty Aju. It's a glorious year ahead filled with seasons of Joy, Peace and Prosperity. Lots of love.

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Happy birthday to an amazing and awesome gift from God. Your lights shines everywhere ma !!! #BLWCentral #UKZONE2

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P R O G R E S S - A Spoken Word Piece This piece was inspired by reflection upon my personal journey over the past few months. Jesus is my Grand Planner ✨ Watch, like, comment and share! YouTube: CEFlix:

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And the Highly Esteemed Secretary General Of The LW Nation arrived to a thunderous reception by the exuberant Pastors & Leaders declaring “If I can close my eyes and look into the future, the future is great. I’m excited for you because you’re already on the right cause and in 10 years time, there will be no regrets for you. There’s more we can do as a Ministry in the next 10 years because of you...”. With these words he proceeded to share extensively on- A LEADERS PASSION & DISCIPLINE FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. Elucidating he taught that; Passion is an intense drive or over mastering feeling. It connotes an emotion that can be deeply ungovernable. It has to do with desire that compels action. An inner drive or Zeal. Passion begets passion. If you’re lukewarm, you’ll attract lukewarm people. If you’re hot, you’ll attract hot people. Four areas to consider: PASSION FOR GOD- John 3:30- this is passion. When a man loses himself in God. The more you grow in ministry, the more humble you become. The more you know God, the more humble you become. It’s not about me, it’s about the one who laid down His life. PASSION FOR PEOPLE- passion for people is a passion for souls. The gospel, the Ministry and everything we do is about people. Jesus came because we are valuable. If you remember that you’ll always treat people with importance. The Holy Spirit knows how to reach everyone. That’s why we pray. When you’re passionate for people, you’ll pray and He’ll show you what to do. PASSION FOR MINISTRY- Ministry is service. Nothing is too small for you to do in ministry. Be excited about anything and everything you’re asked to do. The Ministry is a vehicle to accomplish the vision that God has committed to us. PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE - God deserves not but the best! DISCIPLINE- is so important for young leaders because if you can get it right at this time, you have it made. God cannot do great things through you except you’re a disciplined person- always remember that! Insist on doing what is right AT ALL TIMES whether or not anyone is seeing you. Who are you when no one is looking? Discipline- the Training, molding or refinement of character by practice, instruction, teaching and exercise to conform to acceptable norms or standards. The subduing, control and mastery of raw instincts or desires through conscious practice to bring forth inner excellence. Areas of discipline: o The Discipline of prayer o The Discipline to study the Word o Discipline with time o Discipline in conduct- language, behavior and relationships o Discipline to plan o Financial Discipline o Discipline of the Mind 💣💥💥💥💥💥 #FireintheUK #BlwcampusMinistryrocks

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"Behold, A new generation has emerged", saith David. "At 18, A new walk shall I walk with the Lord, with boldness, wisdom, confidence and a great sense of responsibility". Happy 18th Birthday Davy. Greater exploits for the Lord are ahead as you shine. Lots of love.

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Happy Birthday to our beloved Pastor Ann Enoyoze of Christ Embassy Harlow. We celebrate you as you shine even brighter than ever in this new year. We love you Pastor. #2019LIGHTS #UK2Z4FASTEST

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#blwcentral #ukzone2 The hour of my glory has come The Lord is gracious to us The Lord is good #pastortonyaduroja

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The hour of my glory has come. I am important to the Father #pastortonyaduroja #blwcentral #ukzone2

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Hallelujah 🙌

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