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To our Dear Father, Our Precious Gift, Happy Birthday from Phenomenal Life of Pastor Amaechi. Part 2 We Love you Sir #dec7 #phenomenallife #peeay #peeayforever #pastorchris #birthday

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Happy birthday to the most excellent beautiful and grace lady in the world. Thank u lord for making me his bearer effulgence of ur glory.🎂🎁💃


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I declare that my family preserved. Supernatural health is at work in them. #declaration

I declare dat I increase in every area of my life. Every step dat I take I make progress. Am announce all over d world. #declaration

#declaration I declare that through me thousand will know God. I take the right decision always. Am Favour everywhere I go. I make prosper.

I declare that am ten years ahead of my peers. There is no limited in my life, business and career. My family will come to kn God #declaret

It’s finally here. Premier date: 25.02.2018 Tickets: Regular 1k, Table for 4 5k Save the date and spread the news👏😀👏

It’s finally here. Premier date:25.02.2018 Tickets: Regular 1k, Table for 4 5k Save the date and spread the news.

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Updated his profile photo

Awesome Nuggets from the awesome first Communion Service of the awesome year of the Supernatural 😊 1. Be conscious of the Supernatural, be eternal life conscious, be conscious of heavenly realities - otherwise you can't live at this level. 2. You live according to your consciousness. And Meditation will bring the realisation of the mysteries in your spirit to your consciousness. So take time to meditate on the word. 3. Refuse to let your humanity dominate your divinity. You can! and should! 4. Romans 8: 28. And we know that all things work for good to us who love God. ... All the things in nature work together to make sure I'm okay. Irrespective of the circumstances all things are working out for my good! 5. God never made provision for your forgiveness Gloryyyyy!!! 6. Take anything that matters you to the supernatural realm, by taking it to God in prayer, sealing it in the name of Jesus with your declarations. Then stop struggling!! 7. Don't connect your future to the money of the past. Stop praying about how much soneone is owing you. Take a hold of your future so you can dream again! Glorious words!!! Like, comment and share your thoughts from Communion service. Love you and have a supernatural week!

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Agbali’s family Esther John, Regina John, John Agbali, Juliana Adegbe, Malachi John, Sunday John, David John, Christain John, Mary Solomon,

Jane Nwaejie (marriage, sick) Jude chinoyelum isichei (sick, increase in business, wisdom) Clement Nwaejie ( sick, wisdom)

Chinasa Nwaejie ( marriage, increase business, career)

Ikenna Nwaejie Uluma Nwaejie (salvation/marriage)

Prince Nwaejie Amarachi Nwaejie Ada Nwaejie Caleb Bight Precous Isaac Wisdom Isaac Chidom Arize Eliza Umoniego Uhmandi

Clement Nwaejie Elizabeth Nwaejie (salvation) Vivian Nwaejie Gift Nwaejie Jane Nwaejie (marriage) Chinasa Nwaejie Sunny Nwaejie

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