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Happy Birthday to my Chi Darling! For God so loved me that he gave me you. With Joy, you draw from the wells of salvation. God has crowned you with his glory, wisdom and grace. You are a burning and Shinning light, the light of me and the World. I love u dearly🥰

Celebrating a very Special Daughter of Consolation! Full of the Spirit and a helper of the war! You have come for such a time as this! Happy Birthday my Sis Pink. 🥰

Happy birthday our own Esteemed Deacon Yomi . an awesome personality , full of passion and zeal for The Lord .A mighty man , stable and focused.A Haven leader per Excellence. All of us in The HavenZA4 celebrate you on this occasion of your birthday #celebratingDYO #havenZA4

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I am in Control and in Charge, For by God, I run through troops and leap over walls! It is my season! #thehavennation #thehavenzoneA4 #theshalomhaven1

Nourishment , abundance, supplies, overflow...for by thee oh lord we have run through troops and leaped over walls #Thehavennation #ThehavenzoneA4 #prayersgiveusinsight

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The Haven Zone A4 holds A " Mid Year Prayer meeting" . A Special meeting themed " In control and in charge ." But as for the mighty man, he had the earth; and the honourable man dwells in it.Job 22:8 KJV It's a meeting to stir the waters and reaffirm that The Haven member is a mighty man and owns this earth and its systems. The mighty man honourably dwells in this earth therefore DOMINATES all . Glory to God #Lights# #ZoneA4#

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Happy Anniversary Dcn Jide & Dcns Seun Akpa. Your union is a huge advantage to the body of Christ and to me.Thank you for being a true light. I love you dearly!🥰

Wow! What a beautiful collage. Happy Wedding anniversary my darling Sister and my Bro Ike You always inspire me unto big things! Glorious things are spoken of your family and you are going from grace to grace, faith to faith and glory to glory! ❤️ you loads!

I love My Man of God, Rev Chris. Your books have made Me! Thank you Sir. #worldbestauthor #celagoszone2

I love the book Prophecy. #worldbookday #celagoszone2

Dear Bro Chigozie, Thank you for being a pillar& helper of the war! Because you have chosen to prosper in the work of the ministry, God has placed you before kings and caused you to prosper in all your endeavours. The right help comes to you. You are blessed. Happy Birthday 🎁

Wow! It is my Darling Bro Chigozie’s Birthday. It is a season of Newness, wisdom and direction for you and your family! As you maintain your confessions and your atmosphere of joy, you will experience the supernatural abundance God has brought you into I love you dearly. ❤️

Happy birthday dearest Bro Louis! Your path is shinning brighter and brighter! This is your best year yet! 🎁🎁

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Dr Jonathan Edimek. Here is wishing you all the best things in life. 🎁🎁✌🏼

I celebrate my beloved Friend, Sister and a huge helper of the war; my able DGF, Sis Joy Obrako. Beautiful inside out, graceful,faithful, diligent, humble, unwavering, inspirational, always learning and outdoing past achievements, spirit filled, spirit driven and very loving.

Look who I found @ #nobsl Awesome! Awesome!

Glooooooraaaay!!!! Having so much fun @ #Nobsl #lagoszone2 #thehavenza4 #theshalomhaven1

#NOBSL with Pastor Emeka Eze Preparation in top gear!

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I am extremely excited about the Night Of Bliss Special. And is just about 12 days to go. #NOBSL #celagoszone2

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#NOBSL #Celagoszone2 Wow!!! It's going to be my first night of bliss special, I just can't wait. So much awaits us. See you there, so I don't have to tell you the story.

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