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Glorrrryyyyy!!!! Attendees of the Healing Stream Online Service with our Man Of God, Pastor Chris

Happy Birthday to you my Pastor sir! Thank you for your impact in the ministry, thank you for making yourself available for the Master's use. Congratulations sir! Brethren, join my to celebrate my Pastor!

Glorrrryyyyy!!!!! It's Abuja Ministry Center's Carol Service! This is awesome!!!!

Happy birthday sir!

Glorrrryyyyy! It's my man of God Pastor Uyi's birthday! Pastor we celebrate you sir!!

Glorrrryyyyy! Happy birthday my Esteemed Pastor Uyi. We love you!!!

I am King with Christ. Glorrrryyyyy!!

Glorrrryyyyy! I am kinging!!

Glorrrryyyyy!!! I have overcome the world!!!

Glorrrryyyyy! I am kinging with Pastor Uyi till first flight!!!

I am Ready

SUNDAY SERVICE HIGHLIGHT WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR UYI IDUGBOE -March 22, 2020 Today's service made an indelible incision in the hearts of the brethren and first timers present as Esteemed Pastor Uyi Idugboe, by the teaching of God's Word, opened our eyes to grasp the deeper significance of this present hour in the message titled "A TIME FOR HARVEST". HIGHLIGHTS: 🌍Fear is an external force. If all you do is listen to CNN or the news about the virus, then your faith will go down. 🌎 Refuse Fear. The only way the enemy can get to you is to isolate you from the Word. We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil. 🌏 So, how should you live your life right now? If you do nothing, fear will sip in. βœ… Instead, GIVE YOURSELF TO THE WORD. Listen to Pastor Chris teachings. Go to PCDL. Stay with KingsChat. REFERENCE: Matthew 24:7 Luke 21:25 Psalms 91:1 2 Samuel 24:15-16 🌎 Life is spiritual. Every physical thing you see here was made first in the spiritual. 🌏 By the Spirit, Our Man of God, Pastor Chris said this COVID-19 is a work of the devil and there are demons behind it. 🌍 And during the last communion service, the principality in charge of the virus was rebuked. 🌎 Therefore, it is done. Whose report will you believe? βœ… Now, you have this faith. When the world sees that you are calm and confident, it gives you the best opportunity to preach Jesus to them. βœ… Many people today are being attacked by fear; you are their Saviour. They will want to know who or what gives you this confidence. It's our time for harvest. *** The Word of Faith was so tangible in our midst that there was no place for fear, doubt, or worry. The joy of the Lord filled the assembly as the brethren were fired up for the task ahead in reaping a mighty harvest of souls, even in this present hour. Glory to God forevermore! #MonthofKnowledge #ServiceHighlights #CEKoroduma #KINGINGwithPastorUyi FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER ACCOUNT

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