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IDS 2019 UPDATE: The Teens Ministry members of CE Maiduguri, North West Zone 2 participated in a free cash washing exercise in honour of our dear man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. #nwz2 #globalcelebrationsofoursuperdad #lwteensministry

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"We are having the Praise-A-Thon because of Jesus. We are not doing this to raise money, but we are doing it because it's all about Jesus. When we love Him, when we serve Him like this, He will bless us more than we can receive." - Pastor Benny Hinn _ _ #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

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ONGOING AT THE GRAND FINALE OF YOUR LOVEWORLD... Bishop Clarence McClendon shares on the "4 Rivers of Receiving." 1. The River of Compensation. This is the wage that comes to one from work. Proverbs 12:14 2.The River of Harvest 3.The River of Inheritance. 1 Peter 1:3 4. The River Of Favor. Proverbs 22:1 Follow this Superuser for more live updates! #cephzone3

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Watch the grand finale of Your Loveworld Praise-A-Thon with Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn  on  Loveworld Plus Channel. A call to action, go to the phone right now and sow your seed. Call: +234 16311806, +2349062547732 SMS ONLY: +2349035333905 Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store )

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Thanksgiving mood activated Day1 #Thanksgivingoflight #monthofthankgivinginblessing #cemidwestzone #cesiluko #group3

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#yourloveworld Bishop Clarence McClendon

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HAPPENING NOW: YOUR LOVEWORLD PRAISE-A-THON There are at least 4 rivers of receiving that should be watering your garden: Compensation | Harvest | Inheritance | Favor - Bishop Clarence McClendon Catch the final moments of this glorious Praise-a-thon. Watch now on Loveworld Networks, Live TV Mobile App, CEFLIX, and Hello Loveworld. #yourloveworld #healingtothenations

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Happy birthday Bro Larry. While the birthday celebration is still going on, I declare that in this new #LoveWorld ministry year your whole being will be characterized by Jeremiah 29:11-13. Happy birthday Bro, I love you dearly. #CECANADA,#CEBRAMPTONWEST

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#internationaldayofservice Brethren at work in celebration of our dear Man of God. #CEChad #IDS

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WE ARE LIVE!!!😎👑😎 Watch the Grand Finale of Your LoveWorld Praise-A-Thon with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn Live on LoveWorldSAT. _ _ #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

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#YourLoveWorld Make sure you’re watching today’s episode of #YourLoveWorld It’s live right now!🔥 “If you let honour work in your life you will be honoured” ⭐Pastor Chris speaks about the importance of honour in the House of God⭐ Catch the rest of the message on your LoveWorld right now!🙌🏾 Watch LoveWorld TV on LoveWorld TV 3.0 Mobile App Sky 585 Freeview IPTV Channel 258 To Partner/Contact us Call: +442075115830 Email:; #MostImpactfulStationofTheYear2018 #LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear2019LoveWorldTVStationOfTheYear #LoveWorldTV Spreading Love, Changing the World

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More Highlights of the Christmas Concert by Nursery and Key stage 1 pupils. #LoveWorldSchoolrocks #2019Christmasevents

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LoveWorld Schools give thanks to God for a Superlative 2019 at the All Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving Assembly. #LoveWorldSchoolrocks #Thanksgiving

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PAPA PROPHESIES TO US AT HIS BIRTHDAY BANQUET. TRANSCRIPT: Dec 7 2019 Banquet and words of Prophesy from Our dear man of God Pastor Chris... 2020 is going to be an extra ordinary year and the Lord has put everything in place. It’s all in place and all we have to do is just step in His plans . In 2020 no complaints. It’s like this the picture is before you act like it. He will show you the picture and when you see the picture act like it and when you act like it everything the picture holds will be there, act like it… When I see the picture that I am standing here, all I need to do is not to care about all what I saw that is not yet there .. All I need to do is to stand in the way I saw in the picture and all others will show up. When you start acting like what you saw in the picture everything else will be there. The Lord will bless you more and more in Jesus name Amen Because the Lord has given His word and He has stopped the enemies advancement The distraction that was planned by the enemy has been stopped by angels. Do not be afraid for I am with you. He said his presence with you cannot be denied and that which Satan has planned has been turned. They will not only enter into 2020 with soundness and grace, but they will finish it with victory. None will be ashamed and by his mighty hand we will sing a song of Praise and joy.💝

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So grateful to our Pastor as you cross this milestone. And more than the Vice Chancellor's remarks, the testimonial of your Campus Zonal Secretary meant so much more. Thanks for birthing works for the Kingdom - BLW Warwick and Birmingham. Like a true daughter of our Man of God!

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BISHOP CLARENCE MCCLENDON MINISTERING NOW AT YOUR LOVEWORLD. ✅Your seed is more than money. Because it took you time to earn it, when you release it, it’s one of the ways God redeems time for you. ✅Jesus was not poor in His earthly ministry, neither are you to be. ✅There are not enough hours in the day for you to work for the kind of wealth and the kind of increase that God wants to put into your hands, it’s going to have to come supernaturally. ✅Riches & honor dwell with wisdom not with work! ✅Our giving releases men to forward to us what God has already given us legally because of Christ. ✅If you sow disregard to the place where the goodnews of the Word is coming to you, you will reap disregard whenever you do good Follow this Superuser for updates. #CEAMC

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WATCH THE GRAND FINALE OF YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY HINN. It's Happening Now! Don’t miss this final season. Showing on all Loveworld networks and Rhapsody platforms. Tune in and be blessed! Download the Rhapsody app using the link #rhapsody

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Congratulations my lovely Jess on your graduation. Even though you are already doing your Masters, ensure you use your SEED to scatter the rest of your future with overflowing and taking over territories. Go Jess!!

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Congratulations Jessica on your graduation it's from Glory to Glory more territories to conquer. God bless you.

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