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Happy birthday to a Pastor full of inspiration. I love you

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She is our RZM She is our mother She is an inspiration Only few words and you're spurred to act She is Loved #pogo920 #nssz2 #Ceeket

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Celebrating a living legend! Celebrating passion & convinction Celebrating a global icon Pastor Ogo Owokere! One of a kind! A thorough Loveworld breed. Thank you ma for stirring us unto deep love for Christ and His church by ur life #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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A RHAPSODY LION! The one through whom the Lord has taught many in South South Zone2 to make war with Rhapsody of Realities. Everyone is inspired to make impact with Rhapsody because she breathes passion for Rhapsody. #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Celebrating a LIMIT BREAKER! A true Rhapsody Hero! Thank you for stirring faith in everyone to forcefully advance the kingdom of God with the messenger angel #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Sometimes as we travel through this world our lives are touched by someone who makes a profound impact upon us. Someone whose kindness and sense of humanity serves to make our days just that much brighter. Pastor Ma you have been that 'someone'. Thank you for always reminding us of Jesus and his goodness and His capacity to reach out to others. We are grateful and blessed by your presence in our lives. Happy birthday Pastor, we love you Perfectly Ma. #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Speak of Influence✅ Talk of Impact✅ Imagine Possibilities✅ Think Inspiration✅ Ever seen beauty✅ Dogged faith✅ Builder of men✅ People manager✅ Strategic and Productive ✅ Wise and Elegant✅ A sincere heart✅ A liquid lover❤️ All these and many more are never adequate to describe the personality- *PASTOR OGO OWOKERE*! A Global Icon, a legend, a heroine who has with dauntless faith achieved many feats and paving the way for generations of biological and spiritual children following her to do same and more! Thank you Pastor ma for ever being a blazing beacon of light many of us look up to and receive direction for the next bold step for Christ. You are the reason many women now are desirous of opportunities to be involved in ministry because you have proven that it is possible to not just stand out but be outstanding with tangible results. Thank you for distinguishing yourself with excellence and virtue, teaching us by practical example how to hold our home front up tight while still being active in ministry. You and Pastor Sir raised warriors! Thank you for pushing us over and beyond every seeming limit(s) to the point of self discovery and realisation, such that after achieving for Christ, one can only but say "so I really did this"? Yes, we get pleasantly surprised because even as the Lord is in us both to will and to do,we can be sure Pastor mummy will be physically present to do the "literal pushing" and re-echoing the instructions with loud speaker till the job is done, even if we "pretend" not to have heard the Spirit nudging us. 😁😁 Thank you🙏 for teaching us how to lavishly celebrate the Word/anointing, how to celebrate and wholeheartedly follow God's gift to us in the person of our esteemed PASTOR SIR, and ultimately, all our great leaders in ministry. Whenever you talk about our esteemed Zonal Pastor, Regional Pastor, Rhapsody Director, CEO and Pastor Chris, you do it with so much love in your eyes that one can not but literally fall in love with them by your words even without meeting or knowing them. You are not just a shining light, you dazzle from an exhalted place of honor, more than a million men in one "female body"! Many things to say about you.... We are grateful to God for the gift of you in Eket. We celebrate eternity at work in you ma. More grace ma to fulfil all that He has called you to do in this end time. We love you endlessly!!!😘😘 Happy birthday Pastor ma #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Happy birthday from the Children Ministry. #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Celebrating a global icon #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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Happy birthday to my Pastor, My Boss, My Teacher, My Encourager, and Counselor. She is a lady of influence, affluence, impact, inspiration, and a goal getter. You Inspire me so much ma'am, I am grateful and blessed by your presence in our lives. Happy birthday Ma, we love you.

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Thank you for always inspiring us. Happy birthday Pastor Ma. We love you perfectly.

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pst Ogo. You are an exceptional woman. Thank you for being a blessing. I love you.

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Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Pastor ma. Thank you for your outstanding commitment to the Healing School. We love you dearly! #healingtothenations

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Happy Perfected birthday Pastor ma. I love you.

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Chai! See presence. Some people are just so blessed in some unique ways. For this one woman, the highly esteemed pastor Ogo Owokere, she is all things to all men. You need a friend, you have her. You need an organizer, you have her, a soul winner, she's there. A worshipper, she's not wanting there. A prayerful woman, you can bet on that. You need a teacher, an administrator, she is endowed with the gift, not in measures but in full. If you need a mother, you are at home with her. If you need faith partner, she fills in. So much grace in one woman. See, I love this woman of God. You can't just help but love her. She knows her duty both as a pastor, a mother and a wife. Her mouth is like the pen of a ready writer. Holds nothing back in releasing the Blessings she carries. Oh! Pastor Ogo, I thank you for everything you have been to me and my family. Thank you for living out Christianity. Happy birthday pastor mummy. CE AUXANO GROUP #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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#Pogo0920 #Ceket #CENSSZ2

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An admirable queen! A beauty dazzling from zion! God's masterpiece, a perfect "mannequin" upon whom the glory of God shines, and from whom virtues of the kingdom are displayed for all the world to see and glorify the Mastercraftsman #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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A perfect beauty to behold! #favour&elegance #pogo-0920 #CEEket #SSZ2 #LLN

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◻⭕⭕◻⭕⭕◻⭕⭕◻⭕⭕◻⭕⭕◻ Celebrating a burning and a shining light! Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ogo 💓 Thank you for all you do in our great nation. Welcome to a new level of grace. We love you super #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork2020

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Celebrating a precious sister. Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ogo. The years ahead are greater. Luv u loads💞💞

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