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Stingy men....have always hated the #prosperity Gospel of giving to God with expectation of a harvest. Oral Roberts taught it, I Chuks Ani believe it.

There is no different realm of the spirit for every Christian, what matters is what network are you using to connect, if there be any interference you will not hear or see clearly. ~Chuxani

Real love cares about where people will spend eternity than keeping big daddy's box in the church.

If you could clean yourself first before Christ comes to live in you then you don't need him (Christ)

If you do not think the gospel is offensive you do not believe the Gospel.

If you have no Decision you can never have a Direction. #mymonthofdirection

Please I want to help you and save you from being defrauded, these scheme is not for real, am a victim of it and I wonder why such dubious scheme is allowed on this platform Kingschat I hope fraudsters as not started chatting. Please those in authority should do something fast

In Christ we're satisfied, fulfilled, anyone who is trying to cheat you is making a mistake.

Wisdom is the quality of the human spirit.

Your faith is a revelation of you.

A stranger is not the person you don't know but the person God didn't send into your life. #mymonthofreflection

Until you're educated about what your right and your privileges are you will live like every other person.

#prayerweek #mycountry #prayingnow

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