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Happy birthday to esteemed deaconess Gloria Wiggle you have shown us how to love in a great dimension your humility and love for the master is exceptional we celebrate you ma. #DGW2021 #WOMANOFLOVE #CEARLINGTON #CETXZONE2

Happy Illuminous Birthday to my Pastor, Global Dcns Gloria Wiggle. Thank you so much for blessing us with your glorious personality. You are Perfect, Magnificent, and a Reservoir of Gods' Glory and Wisdom. I love you dearly ma.β€πŸŽ‚ #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington ,

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Happy Birthday to our Pastor - Global, International, Intercontinental Dcns Gloria Wiggle. Thank you, Ma, for leading us in God's words and showing us how to follow our MOG. We celebrate God's grace upon you. We love you dearly. #DGW2021 #May6th #Womanoflove #CEArlington

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Still Celebrating an amazing LoveWorld Lady! Happy Birthday Esteemed Deaconess Gloria Wiggle. We love and celebrate you today and and always. The years ahead are greater! #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork

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Happy birthday pastor sir thank you for the ministry of the word thank you for such an outpouring of love on us I love you sir #PastorMikeWiggle #PMW0306 #PMW2021 #CETXZONE2

CELEBRATING A SHINING LIGHT, OUR ESTEEMED PASTOR MIKE WIGGLE! Thank you, for taking a bold stand for the Bible Mandate always. We greatly appreciate your Partnership commitment to keeping the Bible in its place as the No. 1 Book in the world. Happy Birthday Sir! We Love & Celebrate You!

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We Celebrate our Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle today! Happy birthday sir, thank you so much for all you do in our great nation. We salute you sir! #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork

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Happy perfect anniversary to my highly esteemed zonal pastor,Pastor Mike and esteemed Deaconess Gloria Wiggle.Thank you for been a blessing to the entire body of christ,for your perfect love and inspiring us in TX zone .I love you sir and ma dearly. #Cetxzone2 #Perfectlove

Top partnering Church in Texas Zone 2, CE Arlington Texas. #IPPCinourcity #Texaszone2

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Happy birthday Esteemed Deacon Samson Increase, thank you for being a dependable leader. Thank you for all you do for the furtherance of the gospel, thank you for your unwavering commitment to the ministry and in the Zone. We love and appreciate you dearly. #loveworldprograms #cetxzone2

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Happy Perfect birthday esteemed sister Mary. I celebrate your adorable personality. Thank you for your love and dedication to the things of God.May you continue to walk in Perfection that God has made you.

To my darling wife, Sis Mary Ugo @ 50πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ™β€οΈπŸ₯³. Keep shining, keep prospering, keep being a blessing. Thank you for loving ministry and our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd, DSc, DD, with all your heart. That is more than enough for me. Love ❀️ you much...HBD # CE TEXAS ZONE 2.

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Loading Loading Loading #0525 #SisMU2020 #CETXZONE2

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Happy Birthday Bro Obinna, It’s a special moment to celebrate you, Your love, faith and passion for the Lord is unquestionable. Thank you for your unmovable support and exemplary followership of our Esteemed Zonal Pastor Mike Wiggle. It’s a New Dimension for you Sir and we love you dearly.

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Growing spiritually....He has called me to glory and virtue oh Hallelujah I am an associate of the God kind.Thank you lord. #Wordfest2020 #Wordatwork #CetxZone2 #CEArlington

#WORDFEST #WordATWork #CETXZone2 #CEArlington I know the holy spirit my Sucess is unlimited..Gloryyyy

Hallelujah!I endure trying circumstances with calmness. #WORDFEST #WORDATWORK #CETXZONE2 #CEARLINGTON

Happy birthday esteemed pastor Gloria ma, it is such an honor to celebrate you always ma! Thank you for your liquid love and inspiration to me and to us in CETXzone2, I wish you many more years of perfection and grace I love you dearly. #DGW2020 #MAY6TH #GRACEFOUNDME #CETXZONE2

Celebrating Excellence, Perfect Dcns. Gloria Wiggle, Glorious things are spoken of you! You’re extraordinary, full of grace, an epitome of love, with audacious faith, and contagious passion for souls and the prolongation of the gospel. Thank you for all you do for MOG, Zonal Pastor, Loveworld Nation, and the body of Christ. The results of your fervent labor of love in the USA are apparent for all to see. Enjoy your season of opening everywhere. We love you ma #DGW0506 #DGW

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Happy πŸ˜ƒ birthday to the First Lady behind our Zonal Pastor in Texas zone 1 and 2!πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸŽˆlove love you deaconess ma πŸ₯° @gwkinging4j #DGW2020 #May6th #Gracefoundme #CERichardson #CEArlington #CETXZONE2

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