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The scriptures shows the exemplary life of Jesus in fellowship with His disciples on different occasions and how it formed a formidable foundation for the level of success they all had in the work of the ministry; the ministry of reconciliation As you pray with your team (cell executive and cell members), you are setting in motion an unstoppable force that will stir the supernatural and cause a massive harvest of souls all around the world. This is the hour of salvation and we are setting on course an atmosphere for a massive harvest of souls in our catchment. #cellministry

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR CHRISTINE, your life is full of favor and this year you will do even greater exploits for the kingdom of God that will inspire many to do the same. Praise the Lord!!! Have a beautiful fruitful year!

We appreciate the man of God so much for his tireless efforts and infinite successes at changing the nation's and getting the word out to the entire world that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR CHRIS!!!!. WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Wordfest is great!

Word Fest is Great!

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