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The world best author!!!

Discipleship Training Program with our esteemed zonal director,pastor Afolabi Oketunji of South East zone 2. It's been destiny moulding. #dtpsoutheastzone2 #southeastzone2 #cesummitchurch


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GLOBAL CELL OUTREACH Basket ball outreach was born today at Asaba stadium,Nigeria South East zone 2. 6 got born again and spoke in tongues. Glory!!! #globalcelloutreach #basketballoutreach #nigeriasoutheastregion #nsez2

Happy perfected birthday to the esteemed pastor Enahoro Zedomi. Thank you so much for been a mega blessing to me and my family. #sonofpstchris #pstchrisgeneration #sonofgrace

Happy birthday to my father. Thank you so much pastor sir for impacting my life and members of my family. We are so blessed to be partakers of your grace. Thank you sir for the direction and boldness you bring to us from the word. Love you so much sir!!! #celz5 #ceikoyigrp

Happy perfected birthday to our Man Of God,our Mentor,our coach,our teacher!! Thank you pastor sir. We love you mega sir. From the Azeh family. #prophetofourtime #generalofthelordarmy #celz5 #ceikoyigrp

The master business segment during the Ladies Advance Network of celz5, ce ikoyi group chapter, " breaking the limits" with esteemed pst Debola Odimayo and esteemed pst Jesse Agboola #ladiesadvancenetwork #loveworldladies #breakingthelimits #celz5 #ceikoyigruopchapter

Ladies Advance Network,CELZ5,CE IKOYI GROUP chapter, " BREAKING THE LIMITS", was a time of advancing in business,health and well being and in the knowledge of the word of God for personal growth. #LADIESADVANCENETWORK #BREAKINGTHELIMITS #CELZ5 #CEIKOYIGRPCHAPTER

In the Ladies Advance ,"breaking the limits",CELZ5, CE IKOYI group chapter,with esteemed pst.Debola Odimayo,a first timer,went into labour in the program,she was rushed to the clinic and immediately was delivered of this baby boy!!! #ladiesadvancenetwork #celz5 #ceikoyi

Glory!!! It was a glorious time at Loveworld Ladies Advance with esteemed pst Debola Odimayo and pst Jesse Agboola,in CELZ 5,Ikoyi Chapter. Highly esteemed pst Debola praying for the women after the program. # loveworldladiesadvance #breakinglimits #celz5 #ceikoyi

Happy birthday to our Dear Woman of God. The Highly Esteemed Pastor Dee. @blwceo @pastordeola we love you!!

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I celebrate today and always grace,love,kindness,fervent heart for the gospel,ardent follower of our dear man. Happy perfect birthday esteemed pastor ma,love soooooo mega ma!!

Celebrating our Esteemed CEO and Zonal Director all the way from Ce Ikoyi the Great We love you dearly Ma

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Happy perfect birthday to you son,Christian Chukwunedu Azeh! Wisdom rules in your heart,in your world and in all that concerns you! Love you so plenty!! #pstchrisgeneration #sonofgrace #firstflightcrew

🌍GLOBAL IMPACT OUTREACH!!! Happening live from viewing centers in Ikoyi........CE Lagos Zone 5💃💃🤸🤸 Glory! Glory!! Glory!! Join us now via Your Viewing Center. Don't miss out! God bless you! #GlobalImpactOutreach #GIO2020 #MonthofWisdom #CEIkoyi #CELZ5

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Happy perfect birthday to my daughter,Chukwuamaka Jessica Azeh. You are indeed the perfection of God's beauty. Keep excelling in all that concerns you dear. Live you so much!! #daughterofgrace #pstchrisgeneration #childoffavour #wisdompersonified

Glorrry! Happy perfect birthday dearest sis,dcns Angela Okugo. It's your time to recover all with the least effort. God has has your back. Love you!!!! #daughterofzion #childofpstchris #God'slovechild

Happy birthday shout out to my beautiful and awesome sister,deaconess Angela Okugo!!! This is your season of greater grace. Love you so much! Muaaaph!!! #daughterofpstchris #daughterofgrace #pstchrisgeneration

#iadvance #advancecelz5 #celz5 #ceikoyi

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