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Happy birthday my Dad, thank you very much for teaching me the word of God. Am so great full Sir my life has been impacted by your teachings. I love you Sir

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma #pdirocks #exceptionalpdi1005 #exquistepstdee1005 #EWCAZ3

Happiest Birthday My Dearest Deola Christiana aka DC. Seeing you grow every day is so refreshing. You Glow with the Light and Glory of the Gospel. And continue in the footsteps of our Highly Esteemed CEO. I love you my Gal.

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Happy Birthday my best friend, my number fun, same one special to me and a mum of my lovely daughter. Indeed you are zealous woman when it comes to the work of the Kingdom of God with a willing heart to do more for our Love world nation. I celebrate you more

Happy Birthday to our highly Esteemed Regional pastor Sir. #EWCAZ3 #Uganda



#EAVZ3 Happy Birthday Pastor sir! Thank you for mentioning and loving me. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me in the ministry. I join the heavenly hosts to celebrate you sir! I live you so much sir!

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir. There is so much I have leartfrom you. Alot that you taught me to do well. Thank you sir for being a great inspiration. You make Christianity interesting. You have made us Champions for life. High flying Zone💃💃💃🥰🥰 #PLO3110 #EWCAZ3 # Uganda #kumi

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Pastor Sir....Your results are 🔊evident for all to see...We shine because you shine and you have made us a Wonder unto many...Happy birthday my Pastor...I love you.

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Happy joyous Wedding Anniversary to you Pastor Sir and Ma. I love you so much 💃💃💃

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Happy wedding Anniversary to My Zonal Pastor Sir and Ma. I love you dearly.

Happy wedding anniversary to my esteemed zonal pastor sir and pastor ma.

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HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY MY ESTEEMED PASTOR SIR AND PASTOR Ma.Thank you for blessing Uganda and saying yes to Jesus.

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For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. This scripture is being fulfilled in our generation by our message, especially our Messenger Angel Rhapsody of Realities. #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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#pwk2019 #pwkrocks #lightofwandegeya

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GLORY!! TODAY CHARISSA CHLOE IS ONE .congratulations to Daddy and Mummy.

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Happy birthday my very beautiful princess. A treasure to us. Your full of life ,beauty,increased grace,favour,love,healthy.

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Happy birthday my dear Princess Charissa Chloe today you have made one year. We 've seen you grow healthy strong so intellIgent and full of God's Wisdom. Mum and Dad love you so dearly. We give glory to God for the joy you have brought our family

Happy birthday Princess Charissa, We celebrate you and you love you.

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