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Happy Birthday Pastor Seye Dosunmu, You are a father, a mentor, a coach and a friend. An ardent giver and a lover of all. A perfect example of a Christian.

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Still on the matter... Pastor like no other; #PSD. You teach our wings to fly. Thank you for being uber-awesome❤❤ @seyedosunmu

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HAPPENING @SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET. The Esteemed Pastor Paul Nzokwe expounding on the Topic: How Can I number my days to be relevant in church, in schools, at home and have time for myself To Manage my time well I must priotize and some of the conditions to follow to prioritize -Know the things I must do -Know the things I should do -Know the things that are nice to do -Know the things you should delegate someone else to do -Know the things you must Eliminate or avoid Determine time wasters and eliminate them from your life. Set your priorities clear. #CampingWithPastorOket #blwteenschurch #CWPOket2018 #GYLF #EWCAVZ4

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'Glory'. The more I listen, the more I love it. Thanks, Mayo, for another beautiful piece.

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DAYSMAN OYAKHILOME TESTIFIES Everything that God has been raising us for was finally passed. I have never seen our Dear Man of God in tears as deep as my eyes saw last night. Indeed as he said "this is the time, it is Time... You have caught the vision for the future" As he spoke words of leadership into my life... Those prayers and declarations were the deepest words I ever heard... We ended the prayers with a loud ROAR!!!!

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Out Now!! " Sweet Spirit of God " Frank Edwards ft Nicole c. mullen & chee What a way to start the YEAR!! charge up your spirit! Download Here

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I could not have asked for a better father! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you endlessly ❤️

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Happy birthday JOSHUA. No greater joy than watching you grow in God's dream, taking path in the good life that the Lord had predestined you

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HBD 2 my wonderful BIG MUMMY, thank u 4 your love towards me & my family & 4 your uplifting counsels. my mum loves & appreciates u dearly.

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We are raising Children influencers Pastor Joy Amienkhenan says @the loveworld Children's ministry Tier-1 Training Program #cebeninzone3

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GREATEST PICTURE OF THE far...souls running for Salvation call.... INCREDIBLE

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PHOTOGALLERY: Heart-stirring moments from testimonies at Healing School Autumn Launch in Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3. #cephzone3

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From the rising of the Sun ........The Lords name must be praised !!! Congratulations Psts Chidi & Nanna and the Brethren of CE Abuja

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HEALING SCHOOL GRAND LAUNCH: Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3 flags off the sponsorship of the 2017 Healing School Autumn Session with a audacious launch in all the churches in the zone. At the launch,the Healing School Partners in the zone were greatly inspired by soul-stirring testimonies from the Healing School testifiers, which left many tear-eyed and inspired with zeal to take healing to the nations. #cephzone3

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TESTIMONY SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS:- Congregants at the Special Testimony Service bask in God's glory, attaining to new heights as they yield themselves in rapturous worship to Lord and to the ministry of the Word. In a timely message in the month of Prophecy, The Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Joy Amenkhienan taught the brethren that as a people of prophecy, they are the prophets of their Iives. " This is our month of Prophecy. We are a people of prophecy." The Esteemed Pastor Joy went further to teach the brethren from Ephesians 5:18 and Romans 12:1 to yield themselves to Spirit:- To yield yourself means to present yourselves; to submit yourselves. Your whole spirit, soul and body has to be immersed for the Holy Spirit to take over you. Just the way you can move your body, you can move your mind. Your mind has to be completely submitted for you to speak the word of God. Proverbs 4:20 My son, attend to my words; Incline thine ear unto my sayings. To incline means to give attention to something. Romans 6:11-12. You can train your spirit to be alive to God. Don't allow Sin to king (reign) over you. Sin is not meant to be a king over your body because when Jesus died sin died... More highlights still to come... #CEPHZONE3

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TESTIMONY SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS [ 2 ] We are living the transcendent life... You may not be able to do any thing about your past but with the word of God you are hearing, you can change things. Take responsibility for your life. The one who takes responsibility is the one with authority. God has given us power to control our destiny... People unconsciously behave the way they do because of their background, but you have the ability to change it.. Anytime you read a scripture , believe it. Your mind has power so mind what you accept and what you don't accept.. 2 Corinthians 5:7 Things will change when you change. We are a people of prophecy, so prophesy from day to day. Every word of God has been tested and proven and it always works.You cannot say something and it comes back void (Hosea 14:2) #CEPHZONE3

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PHOTOSPEAK: The Esteemed Pastor Joy ministering to Partners for Special Healing School Partnership. #cephzone3

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She died and came back to life. Watch this amazing testimony.

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Not For The Faint Of Heart: Pastor Femi's Story Will Stir You Up

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Updated his profile photo

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