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Glorrrrrrrrry! The two Outreach Cordinators celebrating our man of God's birthday at mbak yesterday. These are some the souls they brought to church for the phenoms day. They two Cordinators did these on their own to celebrate our man of God #CEUYO #MBAKOUTREACH #NSSZ2

Phenomenal soul winners for 1 month these 2 has been going from house to house evangelism at mbak catchment, they brought souls frm their houses to church every Sunday. This week, they have been on evangelism every day. Here are some of the pics. #IWCOUTREACH #CEUYO #SSZ2

Woah!!! A Phenomenal soul winner, reaching out to students in school with over 35 souls surrendered their lives to Christ yesterday and today. #IWCOUTREACH #CEUYO #SSZ2

#pwalesj24 #pwalesrocks #CEUYO #ssz2


How can they hear without a preacher? Imagine these young folks playing masquerade. But thank God for the great soldiers of Christ who are always ready to arrest them for Christ. #IWC #Outreachcordinators #CEUYO #NSSZ2

First cell meeting. It was a nice time praying and planning with the brethren of Mbak and their first timers.

So passionate about their fathers business.

They do it with the love of christ.

Evangelism process, leading souls to Christ. Glorrrrrrrrrry!!!

Mbak outreach Cordinators are are radical for Jesus.

Happy Celebration Birthday to Esteemed Pastor HENRY UKPONG. CelebratingšŸ„³ a Lover of God Celebrating a Passionate Christian Celebrating Grace Celebrating an Epitome of God Indeed it's your Season of Celebration. Thank you for all you do for the Gospel. We love you specially. #CEUYO #SSZ2

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Glorry! Ofcc viewing centre . the people were thanking God for sending pastor to them in mbak EkpeneIbia ofcc for their 31st night service. F/T came out on their own to hear pastor Souls gave their hearts to Christ after hearing pastor. It was so exciting #NSSZ2 #CEUYO #OFCC

What am I living for again? if not for the work of winning souls.

I just want to say baba thank you. For the 17th hour left to the day that brought me into the world.

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Feeling CLW National Fire Conference #LGNrules #SSZ2 @blwgraduatenetwork

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A witness is a proof producer. Attractively display your proofs to attract others to the kingdom. Have stickability in winning souls - until you keep them you don't rest. ... Pastor Ewaen Edun #CGI #CGIUYO #SSZ2

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More workforce for Kingdom business! Every Member A Soul Winner! #CGI #CGIUYO #UnstoppableChurchGrowth #Ssz2

SOUTH SOUTH VIRTUAL ZONE 2B profile on KingsChat Web

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