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2020 🎄🎄 Carol's service,✌️🥳😘🥰💃🔥🤩🌟🌟🤸 #ceaccraghanazone #carolservice

We are ready for tonight Gloryyyyy 💃💃💃 #Ceaccraghanazone #EnigmaPcf

Happy perfect fathers day sir, we love you dearly 🤗🥰👌💃🕺 #perfectfather #moneyfather #ceaccraghanazone #enigmaPCF

Whether we know it or not,the content of our spoken words are manufactured instantly given to us instantly once spoken. Wow,what an insight

Im favour conscious and favour personified in Jesus name. #ceaccraghanazone #enigma2

Das my story #ceaccraghanazone

In Jesus name am an answer to this world,all nations awaiting me and im coming by the supernatural favour,Grace,blessings and the wisdom.

The lord is my Inheritance and the strength of my life. #mydeclaration.

Supernatural supply directed to my account. #ceaccraghanazone

Im a supernatural compliant. #ceaccraghanazone.

Lawe rechard in preson not save Evangelist denis Prosper afetsi not save Kingsly Mavis Papa abochie not save Abla Doe modeszi Rechard Mat

Magret abochie Merry ghain not save Emmanuel Stephen Enoch Papa kuma Papa toe Magret akwah France ahadzi Grace Hanah Dorcas lamtey Mati

Gabriel abochie Prosper Agata Kuma Grace Mawusi Mokpokpo Bright Kobla Selasi Seyiram Nusienyo David Afetsi sick Kosiwovi Patience

Merry Christmas to u all. #ceaccraghanazone #enigma 2

Awesome thanksgiving service. #ceaccraghanazone #enigma2

Hbd pastor benni inn. We love u. #ceaccraghanazone #enigma 2


EAC DAY 4, The 21days has been marked for exceedingly overflow of wealth unending. That is my story. #ceaccraghanazone.

EAC WITH THE SPIRIT #ceaccraghanazone

Im a soul magnet, bcos its a mandate given onto me. #ceaccraghanazone #enigma2

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