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I have the consciousness of LIVE! In this new phase with my HIGHLY ESTEEMED ZONAL Director & all the Staff members of CEPHZONE1,We are 1000times better. Check us out now! Thank u Pastor sir for those words. #1000xbetter #dew #staffweek2019 #codeprojects #gracecenter #cephzone1

And the Prophet (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ) said to his son (Pst David Wealth) “YOUR NEXT PHASE WILL BE A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER” 🙌🏽 #pastorchris #staffweek2019 #codeprojects #dew #gracecenter

I Vote sis Martina Obaro #faceofstaffweek2019 #cephzone1

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I vote for sis Martina Obaro #faceofstaffweek2019 #cephzone1

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I vote sis Jessica orji #faceofstaffweek2019 #Blueelite #cephzone1

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"Sometimes what you need to do is to take your authority! The flesh begs, but the Spirit Commands. Stop being a beggar, be a commander." - Pastor Benny Hinn Watch "Your LoveWorld" with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn Live now on : #YLW #lwsat #yourloveworld

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Happy Birthday Pastor Mel Ma, thank you 4 ur love 4 d gospel that has been so contagious & most inspiring to me; May God strengthen u &Grant u a deeper knowledge of Him in this new year of your life. Thank u 4 being a blessing to my family ! I love u so much #cephzone1 #cebori2

Higher Life Conference With Pastor Chris Day 2 Recap Eternity has no beginning and no end, Everlasting life has a beginning but no end. John 1:12-16, John 5:26, John 1:17, Luke 18:18-23, 38- Jesus was the Son of God and when we say that, we are making a sovereign declaration, proclaiming Jesus as God John 14:5-6 Jesus tells us he us "the" way! With the definite article "the", he is not "a" way, he has left no other choice! Jesus is the truth (truth = reality) it doesn't matter what the other voices say or the situation you find yourself. Jesus is the Life! He is the resurrection! And if anyone believed in Christ though you were dead ye shall leave! God has given us eternal life! It is not a promise! We have agelessness!! John 5:12 He that hath the son has life! Now the question is do you have the son of God?! Heb 13:5- he said that we may boldly say! God speaks that we may respond! When you don't respond the Word will be powerless! Stop complaining Start responding! It matters what you call God, what you know about God! What he says is true! You cannot live above your knowledge and revelation. When you act human all you will get are human limitations and results! Stop imitating and behaving like them! Col 3:1-4 The human life is dead because we are risen with Jesus! God doesn't want you to grow in the image of Jesus but in the image of you! You have to decide to enjoy your life! There are higher levels, higher realms of growth. Jesus is the express image of God and as we Look into the mirror we are changed! When you received Jesus you have passed into AGELESSNESS! It brings an end to failure and defeat there's no decline We've been brought into his glory! We grow without aging! Hallelujah We have eternal life! We are in the ageless zone! You are not supposed to get sick now that you are Eternal! You cannot be poisoned! We have ceased to live by blood! . . Don't miss Higher Life Day 3 with Pastor Chris!!!! By 3pm today #peeay #peeayforever #phenomenallife #phenomenallifewithpastoramaechi #hlc #hlcph

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#HLCPH #cephz1lmam

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Something BIG is happening in Port Harcourt this January! Glory! Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris! It's a conference like none other and, the Word of God will be taught like you've never heard it before... - Pastor Chris. Date: 25th - 27th January, 2019. Port Harcourt & it's environed cities, get ready!

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“Our accomplishments in 2019 will make all we did in 2018 look like child’s play” Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

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Thank u dear Lord 4ur mercy & grace in d past 5years of dis most phenomenal Union.We have bin blessed wit His love,health & prosperity.God has blessed me wit d most phenomenal Wife.She is d Perfect Partner 4d work for ministry.She is quiet,yet so effective.This Union is a MIRACLE

CE BORI2 Creating & Maintaining road bumps in Bori... #internationdayofservice #Dec7 #Cebori2

Thank you Pastor for all the counsel , thank you for the reproof , thank you for the admonishing, thank you for loving us. You are the best Dad ever. We love you happy birthday! #Dec7 #CeBori2

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, Thank you for Building our lives and making it worth celebrating ! We love you #Dec7 #Cebori2

Happy Birthday Pastor from CE BORI2, Thank you for making our lives beautiful! #Dec7

1 vote contestant 2 - Bro.Precious Omoba #staffcansing#cephzobe1#blwblueelite

I woke up like this! 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼 G E T U P A N D D A 🕺🏼C E #blwexceptionalism #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #blwperfectionism #cephzone1 #grace #jesusfreak #dance #porthartcourt #jesus #africanpraise #ippc2018 #peeay #phenomenallife #phenomenallifewithpastoramaechi

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Happy Birthday Sir, thank you for making Ministry Interesting! You Labour of love has blessed me especially. Working with you is so inspiring and most enlightening. Keep Celebrating your Riches Maka ife n'ile zuru oke. Ekene m oooo!

BLW Staff Can Sing Semifinalists Part 1 Wow!!!! Who's gonna win really?! #BLWBlueElite #StaffCanSing #BLWStaffCommunity Like comment and share!

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