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Amen 🙏🙏

If the Nigeria government truly cares about the health of the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria why didn't they make our health sector the best in the world. The actions taken by the government of the world towards this mandatory vaccination should make people think!

Threatening to relieve people of their jobs, appointments or contracts just because they refused to take an unverified vaccine is not an act of genuine interest, it is authoritarianism. It is a total abolishment of the fundamental human right of free will. It is unconstitutional!

Meet the "scientists" that manufacture Covid 19 test kits in India. Absolutely laughable!

Kellogg’s cereal has just launched its new “Together with Pride” cereal. The cereal Looks like heart-shaped Froot Loops, which has an edible glitter coating to create the LGBTQ awareness. They are after the kids. Protect them at all cost. The devil has lost.

Bunch of Demented Psychopaths with a slight touch of an acute senile de mentia.

Read this and pay attention to the second slide!

As a Christian, be careful how you live your life outside the church, you may just be someone's only available Bible.

If you need 25,000 troops to protect your inauguration from the people, it means that weren’t elected by the people.

This is the new normal. Mathematically speaking, this foolishness is raised to the power 100.

If the Atheists, Satanists and the Unbelievers know how wicked the Devil is they will seek Jesus with their life.

The Holy Spirit that makes you jump, dance, scream and speak in tongues during service is the same Holy Spirit that should make you treat people rightly, apologise when you are wrong and examine yourself in all honesty.

As a Christian, you shouldn't be seen jumping on every trend on social media. Learn to apply self control. It is part of the preparation.

If the government, through ignorance, issue laws that keep you on the reverse side of the gospel of Jesus, you have the right to disobey those laws. Why do you think the apostles were killed? Because they only preached the gospel? Naaa! They were lawbreakers for Jesus Christ.

The only person that knows how you truly dedicated your service to God whilst on earth is God alone. We can only speak of your commitment to God and his works based on what we saw you say and do on earth but only God knows whether you truly did it in spirit and in truth. Selah

A fool is more concerned about expressing his opinions than learning the ways of wisdom and knowledge. Opinions that are not garnished with wisdom are nothing but inconsequential complaints and only the people who are not diligent complains aimlessly.

As a Christian youth, in 2021 define your FOLLOWERSHIP. Do not follow the leadership of a carnal Christian. It is dangerous!

Many didn't notice that Jesus, speaking audibly to over 5,000 people without a microphone was a huge miracle because they were carried away with the multiplication of the fish & bread.Don't be distracted with your needs that were supplied by God at the expense of his personality.

Discipline yourself through spiritual alertness to notice the blessings of God in your life on time. It is part of the preparation.

ADDICTION don't just happen. It occurs as a result of many excuses made by a man, using the word of God, to protect an action that is inconsistent with God's nature.

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