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For defying all odds, for your exemplary service, for showing me that dreams & reality don't have to be mutually exclusive. Thanks BO!

Son'day Selfie [Rev'd up after a Sunday with Rev Tom].

Happening Now With Rev Tom, a special Sunday morning service with Pastors from USA Region and brethren in Maryland usa. What a way to start the year of flourishing. Thank you our dear father and life coach Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD.

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My view. Rev'd up! Literally. Thank you, Rev. Tom! What a service. CE USA Virtual Zone 1.

We said Happy New Year in New York at 6pm...because when the MOG declares that you're already in 2017. Flourish! PS: That's Pastor Femi! ❤

Long overdue! Thanks, POTUS.

My reflections of things I learned before I turned 25 today. Read:

Isn't she lovely? So full of love and committed to serving in God's house. A real inspiration! Happy Birthday, @andinam! Love you!

Eid Milan Majid ( Merry Christmas) in advance from the Iraqi programs team! A much needed break/ laugh from an extremely busy day/ week too!

Over 2 million people are in IDP (internally displaced person) camps across Nigeria. On the run in their own country. Lord, solutions arise.

There are many, many reasons why I love you like I do, but most of all...I love you. I'll never cease to give thanks to God for you. ❤️

With all the hullabaloo they made leading to this, they looked so shocked they won. Haha! Go #Teamvictory #Celebritychefspecial

ALWAYS; There's an extraordinary communication of grace, PEACE, liberty & the anointing that transpires when he ministers. #PastorAloyDec6

Your prophecies continue to anchor my life.You're so loving,kind, funny, humble. Happy Birthday, Zonal Pastor. I love you! #PastorAloyDec6

Reflecting on 2016: The fire refined me. It made me examine, probe, understand. I'm the better for it! It is my walk, and I won't change it.

Rosa, for all the people who dare to stand ( or sit) against injustice. 60 years ago today. #RosaParks

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