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#stopthefear #vmcorps

22 DAYS UP TO GFMC 💃💃💃 PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CRUSADE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU, MARCH 19TH 🙌 Publicity Campaigns: • Pray for all our publicity campaigns; for God’s Spirit to prepare the minds of the people to receive us and that a mighty harvest of souls will be brought in to the kingdom (John 4:35-36). • Pray for the publicity and logistics put in place for the success of the program,(the men, materials and the funds) to work in harmony with God’s perfect will for the program (Rom 8:28,Phil 2:13) • Declare that there will be positive responses and testimonies in all the campaigns and many will attend the program as a result of what they witnessed during the campaigns (John 6:2). • Pray for a wide spread of our publicity materials and the information on the program through the activities of angels; that people who come in contact with them would be personally convinced to attend the program with or without human medium (Acts 10:2-6, Acts 26:13-16) Weather • Let us thank God for clemency of weather throughout the duration of the program. Declare that it is an atmosphere for the miraculous and visible power of the Holy Ghost (James 5:17, Job 22:28. • declare that we have a clement weather, bringing forth strong reasons why there should be excellent weather condition on the day of the program. Also pray for conducive weather conditions as we embark on publicity for the program and that the brethren will not be deterred by the weather or treacherous weather conditions. Attendance Target : • Attendance target of 50,000, first timers target of 20,000 and new converts targets of 10,000 • Declare that by gods spirit we are surpassing all these targets, we have angelic activities working with us to achieve and surpass them • All our publicity effort, our call centers & follow up efforts and transportation plan is backed up by Gods spirit to cause the desired result in our attendance • Pray concerning our invitees and everyone who receives the information about the program that God’s Spirit stirs their hearts even right now; declare that we will receive positive responses from all of them and on the 10th of April 2020, we will pack out the Yakubu Gowon stadium elekahia to full capacity with overflows and a great harvest will be brought into the Kingdom. • Pray that every unchurched and unsaved individual who is invited for the program will have a strong desire for a change, even before the program and this desire will propel them to come for the program and as they come their lives would be transformed. #gfmc2020 #gfmcphz1 #cephzone1

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Joyeux anniversaire à moi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.No 7 represents Perfection...I am God's master piece.Thank you so much my father, mentor Rev Chris Oyakhilome for giving my life a meaning. Thank you Highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku for your love,care and the privilege to serve .i love you so much Sir



Pacesetter Limitbreaker World changer Love personified #phenomcaptain #dphenomcaptain #peeay731 #CEPHZone1

I love you sir #phenomcaptain #teampeeay #peeay731 #dphenomcaptain #cephzone1

#peeay731 #phenomcaptain #teampeeay #dphenomcaptain #cephzone1

We are #Lights! We are #Luminaries! We are #Illuminators! We are #savingliveseveryday We are bringing seasons of life and peace by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ into every nation. We are the VOLUNTEER MEDICAL CORPS We invite all -medics, -paramedics, -cadres of health personnel, - students, - public health specialists, - humanitarian workers - those who have a desire and a passion for improving the health status of people in communities - those who are committed to providing humanitarian support to those in need to join our global team by visiting: www.bit.ly/VMCVolunteer To discover more about the VMC, kindly visit www.volunteermedicalcorps.org #vmcorps

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#faceofstaffweek2019 #CEPHZone1

I vote CE Port Harcourt Zone choir1 #cephz1lmam

I vote CE Port Harcourt Zone choir1 #cephz1lmam

I vote CE Port Harcourt Zone choir1 #cephz1lmam

Phenomenal Life with Pastor Amaechi - Episode 30 On this episode of Phenomenal Life with Pastor Amaechi A man without a seed is a man without a future, Sow your seed and have a future The seed of your time The seed of your money Money is not just a SEED BUT A SUPER SEED Ecc 10:19 Money answers all things 🔊 Listen Listen Listen 🔊 - God's Word for you Today - #PhenomenalLife #peeayforever #phenomenallifewithpastoramaechi #PastorAmaechi #Peeay #PLPA

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I vote contestant 2-Brother Precious Omoba #staffcansing#Cephzone1#blwblueelite

I vote contestant 2-Brother Precious Omoba #staffcansing#Cephzone1#blwblueelite

I vote contestant 2-Brother Precious Omoba #staffcansing#Cephzone1#blwblueelite

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