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#ycphhighlights Watch: THE INITIATION A Symbolical Narrative of a Young man's journey to salvation, rendered in a lyrically intelligent piece!!! #Ycph2020 #blwcampusministryrocks

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# Strong cities taken #Strong Financial Cities taken #Strong Business Cities taken # CE Massachusetts, USA # USA Region 2

Happy birthday to our lovely and Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. Your love for God has continuously kept us aflame. Thank you for laying down your life for the gospel. We celebrate your new level of Perfection. We salute you, Dear Sir.


Highlights From Annual thanksgiving Service in this glorious year of LIGHTS #Cemassachusetts #CEUSAREG2 #thanksgivingservice

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A MUST WATCH VIDEO Watch this electrifying video of a partner's supernatural deliverance from acts of wickedness. Let your seed count today! #RON2019 #https://reachoutcampaigns.org/donate

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MEET MY TEACHER ** I watched this video of a Jewish Rabbi. As I watched it, I realised that the story he tells, closely, encapsulates my story. My story of why I gave my life to Ministry. I just watched this video. This story best describes why I went into the Ministry. I didn't come into Ministry to be a Preacher or a Pastor or a Teacher. Or to be rich or popular or famous. I didn't actually want to be a Pastor. Hearing Pastor Chris message impacted me and changed my life so much that all I wanted (& still want) was to give as many people as possible, the opportunity to hear Pastor Chris. Perhaps, just perhaps, God willing, they would hear what I heard and their lives would be changed forever. For the better and the best. Like mine was. While you're here, click this link for a free gift from me: http://bit.ly/pcdlmeetmyteacher #meetmyteacher #worldteachersday #mmtcelebrations

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Still celebrating a dear Pastor! Congratulations on your increase Pastor. It’s from glory to glory. I love you! #PBD #yourock

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Happy birthday pastor. Thank you so much for all you do the gospel

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Happy birthday dear Esteemed Pastor Benard Wow!!! It’s a great joy to celebrate a personality like you! Thank you for all you are and all that you do in ministry. It’s indeed the month of ministry of you. others will minister to you as you occupy your office. I love you.

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Happy birthday Pastor Daniel Bernard. Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to the vision of our Man of God. May you continue to shine as the stars of heaven and an agent of change in a dieing world. God bless you. #ceusaregion2 #ceatlantagroup #ceatlanta

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR DANIEL We love you! #ceusaregion2

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Happy birthday pastor Bernards Daniels . We from Christ Embassy Massachusetts celebrate the grace of God upon your life today . Thank you so much for all you do for the gospel . We love you so dearly sir .

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Communion Service Testimony!!! From Christ Embassy Cologne coordinated by Bro Wilton Osim. ... Above is the newly born baby of one of my dedicated members (Bro Mike) in church. His wife was in labor room late Saturday into Sunday. He stay all night with her but she couldn't deliver her baby. At day break, he left her in the labor room, rushed to church to ensure all equipments where fixed and chairs arranged. After fixing everything, he went back to meet his wife at the hospital. His wife had delayed labor till 2pm. I called him after service and gave a word to him that before the communion service his wife would put to birth. Just at the start of our communion service, he called and said his wife has truly put to birth. Glory to God! But there an issue. Because of the delayed labor the had issues breathing, so the doctors and nurses had to rush the baby to another hospital where the baby was placed under oxygen (as you can see in the photo). He sent the photos to me and told me what was going on. I held the photo in my hand was declared words...shortly after that our Man of God began praying for all those who were sick, I immediately stretched forth the photo to the screen while our Man of God was praying. Shortly after that, the baby miraculously regain consciousness and began breathing perfectly well (see photo with mother). They doctors where very perplexed and said this hasn't happen before. And that usually it takes a while for the baby to start breathing again and in some cases the baby dies. They said they had study the baby for two more days and see how the baby responded. Yesterday, the baby and mother were discharged from the hospital. As I write this, the baby and mother are in perfect health! Glory to God! #CEGermany #WEZ4

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Happy Birthday Sister Faith Bernards. We Love You! #ceusaregion2

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Reach out USA in Lowell Massachusetts United States of America. #CE WALTHAM MA #USA REGION 2

#Praying now #CE Waltham Massachusetts #USA Region 2

Happy Father's Day Sir!! From CE WALTHAM #CEUSAREGION2

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