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God wants: Christ manifested in you; Christ alive in you,working,touching and changing lives through you. You're his outstretched arm... _ @cehillingdon #ceukvz3 #cehillingdon

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THUS SAITH THE LORD..... ✅There is peace in Libya Things are turning around I have put people in place who will bring in the gospel Libya shall be a nation known for peace. I have positioned men and women; And the gospel shall spread all across northern hemisphere of Africa My angels are attending to it and it shall come to pass speedily Men shall wonder 'how did this happen' but it is by my Spirit says the Lord. There shall be a spread like wild fire into the Arab nations. There shall be a boldness among my children. They shall speak forth my word with boldness The mountain of the Lord's house shall be exalted above all mountains and people shall flow into it. It is happening even in the middle East says the Lord. ✅Those who have been terrorising the nations with their obnoxious laws will suddenly come to their senses. Now is the time of grace. Grace will prevail over justice. This is the time of mercy and grace for the nations of the world. The time is now. ✅I am sending labourers into the harvest There will be an upsurge in supernatural encounters that people will have with the Spirit of God. This will occur in countries where the government have shut the doors against the gospel. The Lord will appear to people gathered in their hundreds for other purposes. He will appear in their misdt to convey His messages. For some others He will appear to them in their dreams. The children of ministers will encounter the Spirit of God and they will know there is a call of God upon their spirits. ✅Remember there have been different kinds of flood.... In this last days there is a flood of the Spirit The Spirit of God like a flood will lift up a standard. Every nation and city and soul will be flooded with my presence. This is happening now saith the Lord. The hearts of men shall be turned to the Lord. It's happening first in the government circles The positioning has started says the Spirit of the living God. ✅The church is waxing stronger and stronger The voice of the saints around the world is getting louder and louder; We cannot be denied. The church is marching on in glory and as the word is coming forth the body of Christ is growing in the knowledge of God's word and ignorance is brought down. #Prayerweek

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We were greatly honoured to have our dear Man of God visit the Loveworld USA Stand in company of our Highly Esteemed Director and member of the CEC, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan and Highly Esteemed CEC members. Loveworld USA is a Holy Spirit network and we we will continue to record significant feats Sir even in this new ministry year. We are grateful to be a part of the vision .....We are the largest Christian Television network in the world!

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