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FEBRUARY GLOBAL SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS LIVE IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES ON CLOVEWORLD. Watch February Global Service with Pastor Chris in your preferred language on CLoveWorld, this Sunday by 5 pm GMT+1. Download CLoveWorld 👇 iOS Android

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*PRAYER GIVES BIRTH TO IDEAS* Prayer is important. If you really want to bring God into your situation, you have to pray. When you pray, something happens to you. Many people don't know how and why they should pray. Every time you want an idea, you'll get it on your knees in prayer. It's that time your spiritual eyes are open and you begin to see. Then, God can communicate with you through your creative spirit and something will come through. God will always give an idea. This is the key to all the things you want. So an idea from God is all you really need. With that idea, you can be, with that idea, you can get and with that idea you can have. You must therefore, spend time in prayer until the visions come to your spirit. You must continue to brood over those dreams, brood over those desires until you can speak the Word that will bring them to pass. When you speak the Word upon that vision you received in your spirit, it becomes a reality but only in the spirit world. It is the ideas that come to you while you are praying that will bring your vision into the material world. If you meditate upon these ideas long enough, till you are fully persuaded and they become real to you, your dreams will materialize. But you don't stop here. You have to go beyond praying and catching an idea. The idea must fill your thoughts and affect your confessions. The idea must be so strong in you that it becomes real to you. You must pray about these things often so you can visualize yourself in that desired position and begin to act like you are there. You have to spend more time in prayer to bring you ideas to materialization, Jesus Christ spent time praying, and every time He came down from the mountain, tremendous miracles were wrought. Hallelujah 🙌 *In this year NO ABORTION OF IDEAS. ALL YOUR IDEAS ARE COMING TO FRUITION* IN JESUS NAME. AMEN. You love listening to Pastor Chris? If yes then take out a minute to download this App. There's an app where you can access pastors messages and teachings and also listen to lmam music 🎶 all-stars for free, no subscription. Just download the cloveworld app & Cetunes app from the android or apple store , don't forget to register with the reference code :Ce4433 for free bonus channels. God bless you. Download link below #mediaactivist4christ #pastorChris #mediaactivist #favour #divine #cloveworld #ministryappdownloads #ltm #cetunes #Loveworldradio #prayingnow #jesus #Loveworld #PastorChrisOyakhilome #loveworldnext #Thanksgiving #prayathon2020

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Hallujah Hallujah Hallujah Hallujah


#SSNZONE1 #Happy Birthday To you Specially Sir (GOD general TLB) #ALL CORRECT SIR

# Happy Birthday To you Specially Sir (GOD general TLB) #SSNZONE #UGHELLI

#SSNZONE1 #CEUGHELLI I dominate this physical world with the principles of our Heavenly kingdom. Hallujah

#NSSZONE1 #CEUGHELLI #Thanksgiving service


Happy Birthday To You Specially MA! You are been Moved by the Spirit of GOD, More Grace MA. Amen


#SSZONE1 #REACHOUT REACHOUT REACHOUT #Russia #Congratulations Russia and to DE people of Russia

#NSSZ1 #CEUGHELLI #I Am Supernaturally Help By GOD #I’m what God says I am; I have all He says I have; and I can do all things in His Name. All things are possible to me, because I believe. I’m rich in all things, because I’m a joint-heir with Christ! Praise God!

#NSSZ1 #CEUGHILLI #I Am Supernaturally Help By GOD #I’m what God says I am; I have all He says I have; and I can do all things in His Name. All things are possible to me, because I believe. I’m rich in all things, because I’m a joint-heir with Christ! Praise God!

#TALKINGSESSION 28TH MAY. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Father, I thank You for the power and ability of Your Word to bring me health, prosperity and cause me to excel in all I do. Your Word is in my heart and in my mouth today, producing in me a harvest of what it talks about. With Your Word, I am set on the course that I must follow. My future is bright and full of glory. There’s no darkness in me; I enjoy a sweet and rich fellowship with the Word and Your Spirit. As I meditate on the Word, I am transfigured and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. My heart is filled with divine wisdom; thus, I move in the direction of Your vision for my life, and I am making a great difference in my world, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. • Publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #may #leadership #forheahead #direction #counsel #light #signs #alive #praise #worship #songs #joy #season #wonders #gospel #insight #divine #focus #empowerment #superman #guidance #powerofthoughts #loveworld #inspired #victorious #grace

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#NSSZONE1 #CEUGHELLI #WITH Our Messagers Angel 😇 Rhapsody Of Realities Wow o Glory Glooory Glooory to GOD forevermore we are taken over the City has the word of GOD Spread all over the Citys of the World Hallujah Hallujah

#SSNZONE1 #WEDNESDAY #SERVICE #TODAY Wow o Thanks you so much Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir! For the service today i am so so blessed, Hallujah Hallujah Hallujah Hallujah, I am full Hallujah Hallujah. Amen

#NSSZONE1 #CEUGHELLI #YOURGRACEHASDONE Your Lovely is so Lovely ,your Wonderful is so Wonderful because of this Sharm has been pull out of me this is what your Grace has done it makes my Heart to sing your beautiful you are beautiful you are beautiful ooooo !

#NSSZONE1 #CEUHGHELLI #YOURGRACE DEARLORD JESUS Dear Lord Jesus you are so so Beautiful , your LOVE for me i can't explain, your Love is true it makes my Heart to Sing your Beautiful is so Beautiful, your Excellent is so Excellentl ,

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