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Now, in Part 4, from the Asese base, the C-in-C’s order is relayed by the SecGen. All LW Special forces move to DEFCON 1; authorized and deputized to capture cities & nations... It’s a green light for Mission: Indigo.Charlie.Lima.Charlie.2021! 🎥THE PRESIDENT’s SPEECH PART 4📽 Out Now! #iclc #iclc2021 #iclcwithPastorChris

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Glory to God... It's ICLC 2018... Another opportunity to raise the bar..

Pst. Chris prays for nigeria ..


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FAITH'S PROCLAMATIONS OF HEALING AND SUPERNATURAL HEALTH Blessed be God, for His Word is potent and life-giving. The light of the glorious Gospel has shined in my heart, and this Word is at work in me – giving life to every part of my body. I do not acknowledge any condition that is not in line with the Word. I give no room to the ideologies of men; rather, I constantly inundate my mind with the Word–taking full hold of that which has been consummated by the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. Get more confessions at #faithproclamations #keepsayingit #healingtothenations #supernaturalhealth

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 27TH JUNE. ```I affirm that the Word of God has given me a different mindset! I have the mindset of the righteous; therefore, I do not reason like the natural men. I've been called into a higher life and I am anointed to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out devils. I have received abundance of grace and I have the capacity to give freely. My vision, target, ideas, and dreams are possible! My mind is stayed on the Word and my spirit is energized to bring the realities of the Kingdom into the earth. Hallelujah! Out of my innermost being, I bring forth good things. My life is for God's glory and beauty; and in my path, there’s life, success, victory, and wealth. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, holy and sanctified unto God! I flourish like the palm tree; I’m long-lived, stately, upright, useful, and fruitful, and I grow like a cedar in Lebanon; I am majestic, stable, durable, and incorruptible, Glory to God!```

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Congratulations my Esteemed Zonal Director (PASTOR FEMI OTENIGBAGBE) CE LAGOS ZONE 3,ON ALL OUR AWARDS & THE 7th Position CHURCH OF THE YEAR

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WORLD'S BEST DAD! Click like and reshare if you agree with me. Pleeeeaaaassee!!!!😎😎😎

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Special S/O a great mother,sister,friend and a teacher.A visionary,very Meticulous leader.Above all my life coach and my pastor HBD ma.PFO🎂

#LGZone3.. #SurulereGrouo...#Ce.OJ2

Happy Independence Day... God bless Nigeria 🙏🙏

Looking forward to see this picture on ROR cover page... Do you agree wit me ???

FAITH PROCLAMATIONS OF HEALING AND HEALTH The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is at work in me; I am free from the law of sin and death. Therefore, I declare that death and sickness has no part in me! I've been created for good works and predestinated for the good life; there is nothing wrong in my body! The healing power is working in my bones, tissues, tendons, ligaments, and in every cell in my blood. The Holy Ghost vitalizes my body; my body cannot be destroyed. Glory to God! Have you downloaded your copy of the Healing School magazine for the month? click here FOLLOW the Healing School Superuser on Kingschat, download the Healing School mobile app or visit for live updates. #healingtothenations #thankyoudearpartners

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Thank you Sir for teaching me to love Jesus and walk with the Holy Spirit. Words are not enough.

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Discussing wit Him bfor i to 4 d match.Askd Him for a Goal,but at d end He didnt jst gv me d goal but crowned it wit MVP. D word works.

Nvr seen an app like diz... KingsChat... world best app.....

Listening to my new single #MightyGod..... Hala daruf !!!

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