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#prayed #NobPH #pathfinderscell1 #zonalchurch #cephzone3

#prayed #Nob #pathfinderscell1 #zonalchurch #christEmbassyporthacourtzone3

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At the stand of the loveworld anthem #Cebeninstsaviour

A Special Music Video Tribute. MC MacTongues and the Crew are back in a special tribute video to OUR MAN OF GOD! Get High on the Holy Ghost!👍 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR! #Dec7 #Offer7 #Blwcampusministryrocks

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KEY CONFERENCE SESSION BY THE ESTEEMED PASTOR AMEACHI UDEAKU! STEPPING INTO PROPHESIES! *The Word of God is prophecy. Prophecy is the spoken word of God.The word of God is surer than your situation. *Humility is accepting what God says, pride is resisting God's word, pride is raising your opinion above God's opinion. *If you're a business man, that means no local transaction, because your business is connected to the altar. *When there's a stirring the limitations and the barriers are moved. *Grace abounds, I have been transported, I have been transformed by power of the Holy ghost. Its working. We've been called to play a major role. *Arise! no space, no time. *God is in the '"IS", Faith is in the "IS", Brothers and Sister are "IS"! *Kings comes to your rising, our rising is based on the word, our rising is based on prophecy #Ippc2018 #ippcinyourcity #cebeninvz

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📷More Photos from Day 2 of IPPC IN YOUR CITY Ippc2018 #ippcinyourcity #cebeninvz

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📷More Photos from Day 2 of IPPC IN YOUR CITY FRIDAY MORNING SESSION HIGHLY ESTEEMED CEC MEMBER; REV. RAY OKOCHA SHARES ON " THE REWARD OF PARTNERSHIP " In His teaching, the Esteemed Member of the CEC, Reverend Ray Okocha, reminded the Partners that what they are doing transcends this earthly dispensation. "There's spirituality to Partnership. Our partnership is not for this world,is forever. It's about the ages forever. Its beyond the realms of this world. Through your giving your seed is protected, your seed speaks for you, your partnership is eternal". Ippc2018 #ippcinyourcity #cebeninvz

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Glory!!!!: it's the Grand finale of the IPPC IN YOUR CITY TODAY @ 8am. With Our Man of God. "Its your set time to be Positioned Supernaturally for 2019". Don't miss it! Ippc2018 #ippcinyourcity #cebeninvz

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Happy birthday Pastor sir,thank you so much for teaching me God's Word and for seeing God's best in me.Thank you sir.

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We love u sir , u r father indeed we celebrate ur Grace Happy Birthday sir

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Still celebrating God's Grace and Glory #PEA1117 #celebratingpastorextraordinaire

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The Life of God is a blessing so is my Pastor to me. Happy birthday Sir #PEA1117

My pastor is a game changer. #PEA1117

Body just Dey sweet me. #PEA1117


Do we really need permission to Celebrate GRACE EXTRAORDINAIRE? #PEA1117

I can't imagine that I could do this design like this ( First Photoshop Design) but because of your inspiration and to celebrate your boldness, I did it! Thank you pastor for a wonderful opportunity. #PEA1117

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