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THE WORD IS MY LIFE 1Pt1:23 Ja1:18 Am born of the word , an offspring of the word, first fruit of his creation. I am the epistle (word) of God,(2Cor3:3) therefore I fulfill destiny, I accomplish the purpose of God in me(Is.55:12) Glory!! #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION

BORN FREE - INTO GOD'S PRESENCE I came from the resurrection of Christ,born-free into righteousness and presence of God, born into the liberty of the spirit. Halleluya! I live victoriously!! I manifest the glory of the Lord today & always #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION

HIS DIVINE HEADQUARTERS. With the residence of the holy ghost in me, I am the headquarters of divinity! Glory! For me,It's glory, excellence, strength , victory, joy, peace, prosperity and blessings only. Glory! Halleluya! #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVEN

HIS DIVINE HEADQUARTERS. With the residency of the holy ghost in me, I am the headquarters of divinity! Glory! For me,It's glory, excellence, strength , victory, joy, peace, prosperity and blessings only. Glory! Halleluya! #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVEN


DIVINE ACCESS- Est4:14, Hos 12:14 I have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. I am the answer to the cry of many &a solution to my world, even as I recognize & take full advantage of those empowered by God 4 my sake #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVEN #YEAROFPERFECTION

Happy wedding Anniversary to you pastors sir and ma,Having loving parents like you is victory,success guaranteed in every area of Life.Im grateful for your ceaseless investments,Love and trainings in my Life and my family.I Love you sir/ma.

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MEDITATE ON CHRIST For me, "Christ in me" is not a religious cliché. I am "Christ in me conscious", I belong to that special divine species of being. The power, beauty and excellence of divinity are resident in my spirit. Glory! Halleluya #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION

ALWAYS VICTORIOUS. 2Cor2:14; Rm8:35-37 What's happening with us is bigger than that with Tech or politics. We are forever victorious! We crush every opposition and conquer every adversity- This is d blessing upon us in the church. GLORY!! #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION

UNHINDERED PROGRESS I inundate my spirit with God's word. My profiting is PHANEROS.D WORD OF GOD IN MY MOUTH PROPELS MY ADVANCEMENT, causing me to BURST FORTH WITH PROSPERITY. Ideas&inspiration from d spirit 1Tim4:15. Josh1:8 #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVEN #YEAROFPERFECTION

AFRICA WILL BE BUILT BY AFRICANS - REV CHRIS........... Raising African giants through the FALF

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CE Lagos Zone 3 profile on KingsChat Web

Celebrating Our Dear Dcns Abimbola Akande Of The Haven Zone A2. Happy Birthday!! We love and appreciate you. From all of us in The Haven Nation

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SET IN PREORDAINED PATH! I live a beautiful life, prearranged and properly orchestrated before the foundations of the earth by the spirit of the living Lord, causing me to manifest righteousness&glory to my world in Jesus name #ROR #KEEPSAYINGIT #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVEN

THE GOSPEL IS FOR ALL I have been entrusted with this glorious gospel and I refuse to allow any form of tainting by prejudice or discrimination. Through me, the unsaved hear and receive the light of the glorious Gospel. #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVEN

FOCUS ON HIS SPIRITUALITY! I am the express image of Christ who is the perfect imprint of God,the icon of the unseen God.I am the effulgence of his glory As Christ is now,risen in glory,power, strength&excellence,so am I. GLORY! #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVEN

REMAIN HUMIBLE! I submit myself to the authority, influence, & impact of God’s Word & His instructions. Therefore I receive more grace for promotion, increase, and supernatural progress. James 4:6,James 4:10 ,Philippians 2:3 #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR. #CELZ3 #THEHAVEN #THEHAVENNATION

I am The Light, darkness cannot comprehend me. Why ? - In me there's no iota of darkness!!! How? - The Holy Ghost is my how. #keepsayingit #CELZ3 #Thehaven #Thehavennation

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ANGER WILL NOT COST ME! I delight myself in God's Word &will. causing me to walk in righteousness&fulfil my destiny. I’ll not give myself to anger, rage or fury, for my desire is to please him in all things, as I live by the Word in Jesus name #KEEPSAYINGIT #ROR #CELZ3 #THEHAVEN

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