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https://www.bitchute.com/video/tgImv5MNZs5b/ Thank you Pastor Sir for seeing the unseen! And for waking people’s consciences up, now the world is talking, resisting theirs diabolical plots. #Hereigns

Celebrating Loyalty and Consistency! Happy Birthday my Esteemed Leader @pastorMatt! Thank you for your Loyalty and consistency in following our Man of God! Because of your leadership, many of us have become “livehard” followers of our Man of God.

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#prayingnow, #prayathon2020, #pclprayathon2020, #AbujaMinistryCentre, #Nigeria

Glorious time of prayer! #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #AbujaMinistryCentre #Nigeria

Still Celebrating my excellent and delightsome niece, Charis. Aunty really does love you. Your future is bright and secured in Christ. Keep excelling.

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Beloved Friend; Strength in adversity If there is ever a time to be proud & grateful to God for the gift of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D, DSc.,D.D to us and mankind the time is now. ■ Pastor Chris is a man sent from God to this generation, especially to us to be our Pastor that he may feed us with knowledge and understanding.  Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you Pastors according to mine heart,which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. ■ ...we are light years ahead of this generation, hence we are a mystery to the world... The scriptures say.."though a host encamp against us ...in this will we be confident" [Psalm 27.3] Brothers & Sisters, Ladies & Gentlemen; Even Now our strength is stronger than ever before. ■ PASTOR'S insight & revelation of the new creation from the scriptures in relation to the times, seasons and God's calendar for the world has confounded the wise but we; Brothers & Sisters are stronger than ever before. ..Little wonder in the confoundment of the wise, they become the opposition but we are not moved; we stand strong. ■ The scriptures also say where are the wise...where are the disputers of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? [1Corinthians 1:20] ■ Ladies & Gentlemen; we are eternally thankful to Pastor Chris for dispelling fear, discomfiting evil machinations, disrupting the plans of the wicked and unreasonable men that know not God and for re-directing our faith to keeping the main thing the main thing-Jesus. ■ Pastor Remains Our Hero, our Mentor, Our Teacher and Coach-for-life and indeed the Prophet of our time; A Dispensation in Truth. ■ For almost thirty years that I have been following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D; I have come to see and therefore boldly state: that "IN EVERYTHING, GOD HAS ALWAYS PROVEN PASTOR CHRIS TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE HE DOES NOT SPEAK AFTER THE MANNER  OF MEN BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT"...as God gives him utterance. ■ Ladies & Gentlemen, This is our eternally declaration [1 Chronicles 12:18....thine are we Pastor Chris. and on thy side our teacher & mentor. Peace, Peace be unto thee and peace be unto thy helpers; for thy God helpeth thee. Our faith is Standing Strong inspite of all. ■ Our municipality, our principality,our constituency and our zone remains unapologetic about our fanatical allegiance and commitment to our man of God; Pastor Chris and His Teachings. ■ We are never mindful of oppositions or criticisms because we have learnt like Paul to glory in tribulation. ■ In the Words of Pastor Chris; COVID-19 is dead, We have taken back our cities & streets and re-assigned desolate places; the enemy shall not exact upon us,nor the son of wickedness afflict us..Psalm 89:22 ■ We take our place/We take our stance in defence of the Gospel; if we perish...we perish. dipo fisho #pastorchris #pastorchrislive #truth

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Happy Birthday Sweetie; I Celebrate you heartily and graciously today because you are worth celebrating. You are a christian indeed in whom there is no guile, full of the word and the Holy Ghost. An exceptional leader and a faithful disciple of our father ; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome P.hD. You are a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, an inspiring teacher of the word and a diligent under-shepherd of his flock. You are my beautiful wife, an amazing & studious support, gracious co-labourer and a wonderful mother to our children; for these and many more I thank you and love you and Celebrate you. Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy Your Day Graciously.

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#PCLprayathon2020 #prayathon2020 #Iamapriestinoffice #AbujaMinistryCentre

Merry Christmas! #AMC


A hearty happy birthday to my Pastor, my Leader, my Mentor, my Senior brother and my Friend! Thank you for giving me relevance in ministry and helping me actualize God's call upon my life. I LOVE YOU PASTOR E! #BLWUSHERS #LOVEWORLDUSHERS #PMATT0909 #LWCU #AMCUSHERS

HBD Sir! Thank you for your years of dedicated service to our Man of God, and for ensuring that the work of ushering in the ministry is continually making progress. God will cause you to accomplish yet much more for the kingdom, in Jesus name, amen! I LOVE YOU PASTOR E!

Happy Birthday Pastor! Thank you for bringing light to the dark regions of Bayelsa! #celebratingTLB!

Happy Birthday Pastor Obi! We love you! #celebratingTLB

Happy birthday Most Rev Sir!

Happy Birthday Sir! Thank you for the privilege of following you as you follow our Man of God. Thank you for my faith that has greatly increased listening and receiving the word of God in your mouth. I love you sir! #R815 #CEAMC



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