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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Mon Oct 5 The October Global Communion Service which held yesterday was greatly inspiring, and full of blessings from the Lord. Our fellowship with the Lord and with one another, the Word of God as ministered to us, the ministry of the Spirit manifested in healings and miracles as we took the Communion, were life changing and will remain with us always. This is our month of Proclamations, and we'll make affirmations before heaven, hell, angels, demons, the elements and all creation, including the members of your physical body; all will hear you as you make your affirmations of truth, relentlessly; Hallelujah! You can see highlights of the service on and more coming up during the week on Knowing God's voice isn't a mystery. Learn more in this Monday's Rhapsody. Remember to get the new October edition from the store on your Rhapsody app. At our prayer times today, we'll pray fervidly in tongues of the Spirit, and in accordance with 1 Timothy 2:1-4; also making proclamations of God's perfect will for the salvation of souls around the world. You can share some proclamations of truth on kingschat using the hashtags, #myproclamations, #myaffirmationsoftruth, #mymonthofproclamations. Let's fill all realms, including our social spaces with our affirmations of truth, based on God's Word. I look forward to seeing and sharing your posts. Remember, Your Loveworld Specials Season 2 Phase 6 begins today, at 7pm GMT+1/2pm EST, on all Loveworld Networks, Ceflix, LiveTV mobile app and various social media platforms. Don't miss it. God bless you.

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Hi Everyone, I trust you're excellent. Here are some tips to help you retain customers both online & offline. Would you be willing to try them? Leave a comment below. Cheers. #business #businessowner #businesscoaching #biz_solutions #bizgrowth #customer #retention #strategies #DcnessBidz

Hi Everyone, Did you know that you can achieve significant increase in your sales figures through planning and diligence? Yes you can. Follow the steps outlined in the slides to make tremendous progress this last quarter. You can reach me for additional support. God bless you. #business #coaching #sales #targets #goals #profit #DcnessBidz

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Hi everyone and welcome to a blessed new week. Our word of the week is MENTOR. Who is a mentor? The definition is on the photo. Did you know that experience isn't the best teacher? If you'you'd wait to experience everything before learning a lesson you'd never arrive at your dedestination in business and life. The importance of having a Coach or mentor in life and business in particular can never be overemphasised. I can't thank God enough for giving us a life and business Coach in our great man of God- Pastor Chris. You'd be saving yourself a lot of time, money and needless stress if you have a trusted guide showing you the right steps to take and which to avoid. Send me a private chat today to receive free business advice. God bless you. #mentor #mentorship #mentee #coaching #business#businesscoach #wordoftheweek #monday #DcnessBidz


CELEBRATING OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR SOLA OWOKADE We celebrate and rejoice with the superlative and exceptional Pastor Sola Owokade. We thank the Lord for the amazing blessing that you have been to us and to the body of Christ. May God increase the fruits of your righteousness and bring to fruition all His great plans concerning you. You will continually record mind blowing testimonies in every area of your beautiful life. Thank you for all you are to us. We love and appreciate you dearly. Do have an amazing year of perfection Congratulations.

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I heard these words from my Campus Fellowship Pastor about 22 years ago and they've remained in my spirit ever since. If you're going to make significant progress in life, you have to be full of integrity and of course be consistently consistent. Have an excellent day ahead. God bless you. #DcnessBidz #integrity #consistency #progress #success

Be #intentional. Have an excellent day. #solutions #business #education #advertising #canva

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Ecclesiastes 7:12 For wisdom is a defense, even as money is a defense, but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom sheilds and preserves the life of him who has it. #wisdom #understanding #knowledge #prudence #discretion #wordoftheweek #monday

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