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Zonal Daddy's Dance Challenge from Loveworld Wellingborough Happy Birthday Pastor sir. We ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you a gazillion 🚀🚀🚀 #PTA1404 #LIFEISEASY #INFLUENTIALPTA #ukzone2

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CELEBRATING AN ICON OF GRACE Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Idowu Olubanke We join the host of Heavens to celebrate you, we celebrate the efficacy of God's word in your life and his faithfulness. Thank you for being an Inspiration to us all in the Zone. Thank you for being a great helper of the war in propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your Life is from one level of God's Glory to another and all you experience in this new year is Grace upon Grace. We Love you Dearly. #CEWATFORD #UKR2Z3 #UKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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🟥 1ST QUARTER VIRTUAL RHAPSODY AWARDS: CELEBRATING 1,000,000 COMMEMORATIVE COPIES of Rhapsody of Realities!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🎖️🎖️🏆🏆🏆🏆 🔴 HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ESTEEMED PASTORS AND PARTNERS OF RHAPSODY OF REALITIES For the successful completion of the sponsorship of their first 1 Million Copies! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 🟥 It's a special celebration of our uncommon victories and the efficacy of God's Word in the first quarter of 2021. #RhapsodyAwards #Rhapsody #RhapsodyVirtualAwards2021 #pastorchris #rhapsodyofrealities #Loveworld #CE http://prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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🌟 HAPPENING LIVE NOW 🌟 Glorious Grace was imparted to the brethren of the zone🔥 WE HAVE MOVED!!! #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

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CELEBRATING A CHAMPION Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa, Zonal Pastor, UK Zone 3 Region 2 . Thank you for building and impacting nations around the world. We celebrate your passion for the spread of our Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities. We Love You #rhapaodyofrealities #vision20for20 #PEA0304 #rhapsodyofrealitiesukeurope #ukz3region2

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Happy birthday, to a pastor who is caring, wise, and a shining example of Godly compassion. My family is so thankful for all that you do. We love you dearly ma.

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Have you met my sweet, adorable, loving and kind mother.... My biggest cheerleader....always pushes me to be the best!! Kai today feels like Christmas day 🤣🤣🤣. My body is sweeting me!!! Happy birthday Mama @zions #PEA2021

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#CEUKR2Z3 #lwbattersea #ukr2zone3 #pea2021 #ukzone2 #thelovezone ❤️💜💖💙💜💖💙 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ESTEEMED PASTOR ELIZABETH Akinwolemiwa You are blessed ma

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#CEUKR2Z3 #lwbattersea #ukr2zone3 #pea2021 #ukzone2 #thelovezone ❤️💜💖💙💜💖💙 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ESTEEMED PASTOR ELIZABETH Akinwolemiwa You are blessed ma

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CELEBRATING GRACE & MAGNANIMOUS INFLUENCE Happy Birthday to Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Elizabeth Akinwolemiwa We thank God for blessing us with such an amazing Woman of God. We are so filled with the knowledge of God’s Word because of all you’ve taught us through your ardent followership and commitment to our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. We thank God for your beautiful life; for your passion, your zeal and your faithfulness. You Ma have continued to exemplify what excellence looks like in all your endeavours and in the service of God's house. You labour fervently for your children and continue to produce trees of Righteousness and we are the evidence of it. The Lord who has begun these great and marvellous works in you will see to its perfecting until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will always flourish like the cedars in Lebanon by the power of the Holy Ghost. You will be continually be spared from wicked and unreasonable men. You will remain and abide in perfect health and experience continuous prosperity with peace - Shalom! By the power of the Holy Ghost, your influence is unstoppable and your impact resounds through Generations of men and women in Jesus name, amen Thank you for all that you do for us and the ministry at large. We Love you dearly Ma! Pastors, Members of Deaconry, Leaders & Members Christ Embassy UK Region 2 Zone 3 ❤️❤️ #CEUKR2Z3 #PEA2021 #UKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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Happy birthday to My Women of God Pastor Elizabeth Wale Akinwolemiwa #Apr-03 #lovezone #UKR2Z3

3rd of April ,,, is my Esteemed Zonal Pastor birthday 🎂 🙌 🙏 ❤


I shout it loud ! From the Mountain Top !! ❤❤❤💃💃💃💃💃one More Sleep

PRAYER GUIDE FOR THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER MARCH 26TH 2021 WEDNESDAY 17TH MARCH 2021 The future of this world is based on the prophets and prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, John, Jesus.... What they have said is what will come to pass, and the timing of God will be established. It will not be moved by one dot. ~ Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome This is our set time to insist on the establishment of the will of God in the earth as we count up 9 Days to the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris from 6:00pm GMT +1, 1:00pm EST Friday 26th to Saturday 27th March 2021. As one united force, we are exercising our God given authority in prayer and making dynamic changes everyday ahead of the Global Day of Prayer. Today, we will be: PRAYING FOR OUR PERSONAL EXPECTATIONS FOR THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER Join us to make changes around the world as the Esteemed ZONAL PASTOR, CHRIST EMBASSY UK REGION 2 ZONE 3, Esteemed PASTOR ELIZABETH WALE AKINWOLEMIWA leads us in a time of heartfelt prayers. Remember to join in everyday for at least 5 minutes of stirring prayer as we make tremendous power available ahead of the Global Day of Prayer. God bless you. Please watch the video below 👇 #globaldayofprayer

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Happy birthday to an Esteemed Personality, our very own, Zonal Prayer coordinator, the Esteemed Deaconess Sandra Oduye. Thank you for your love, thank you for your care, thank you for your stewardship in the work in the zone. You are truly one of a kind; full of Grace, beauties and many sided-abilities. We Celebrate you today and always. Enjoy your day! #UKR2Z3 #UKR2ZONE3 #THELOVEZONE

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THANK YOU TO OUR MAN OF GOD; REV DR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Thank you Sir for an amazing conference. We love you dearly Sir #LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #24hoursprayercinference

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#PstVal2002 #WelovePstVal #HappyBirthdayPstVal #LMAMWEZ4 Dance Challenge for our esteemed Pastor Val from the Arts Ministry 😍

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