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UK Region 2 and the Europe Regions Welcome our Highly Esteemed, Most Reverend Tom Amenkhienanto the United Kingdom. We love you sir.

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#HSPC IS ALSO LIVE RIGHT HERE ON THE HEALING SCHOOL SUPERUSER Go to "my story" Click on the recent update ' The Healing School Prayer Conference (July)2019" ...and you'll be there live!

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#prayingnow #hspc #healingeverywhere #TheNetherlands #Europe #WER Ongoing healingschool conference is very inspiring!!!

#HSPC Happening Now! Log on to Keep participating ! #hspc

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#HSPC Happening Now! Special Music Ministration by LMAM Artiste, Rita Soul Keep watching #hspc

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Enter the Healingschool via livestreaming is blessed by the testimonies...glory...healing everywhere #ceamsterdam #healingschool #TheNetherlands #Europe #WER

Tomorrow we are having first the spiritual food and as we celebrate and thank God we are having a delicious barbecue 😁 #ceamsterdam #TheNetherlands #thanksgiving #Europe #WER

Tomorrow we are gathering to make tremendous power available!!! #ceamsterdam #prayer #TheNetherlands #Europe #WER

Welcome To July Our Month Of Thanksgiving! John 6:11-12(KJV) Practise giving thanks throughout this month of July and when something comes to mind that you require, just give thanks. #LWPM #monthofthanksgiving #YearOfLights

LoveWorld Publishing Ministry profile on KingsChat Web month of Thanksgiving #ceamsterdam #TheNetherlands #Europe #WER #thanksgiving

Upcoming prayer conference of the Healingschool #prayingnow #ceamsterdam #thenetherlands #europe #healingschool #WER

#prayingwithpastorchris #prayingnow #TheNetherlands #Europe #ceamsterdam On going prayer session is Awesome

#prayingwithpastorchris #prayingnow #TheNetherlands #Europe #CEAmsterdam

Our Esteemed and dearest Rev. Chris is teaching the Word @MBTC #ceamsterdam #thenetherlands #mbtc #praying now

Ongoing MBTC with our esteemed Rev. Chris #ceamsterdam ##thenetherlands #mbtc #wer #euvz1

Tuesday, June 18 PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF SOULS It's been a very inspiring and soul stirring time of intense prayer these past weeks, and we are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to cause changes around the world through prayer. Today, at our scheduled prayer times, we'll continue to pray, mostly in tongues, interceding for the salvation of souls around the world. The Bible says, the Lord '...will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth' 1 Timothy 2:4. God bless you.

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My lady.. My love.. My lover.. You have the most beautiful of hearts; thanks for the fantastically amazing & simple ways you make everything easy for everyone you know & for ur dedication/service in Ministry. You’re a product of loveliness. Always mi Pretti Babi! Happy Birthday

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EUROPE LEADERS CONFERENCE DAY 3 - MORNING SESSION WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED CMD! Psalm 67:2-4 (TLB) God has a plan for all mankind, not everyone knows it but it is revealed only in the gospel. That’s why we are to tell everybody. Our Gospel is; A Gospel Of LIFE A Gospel Of RIGHTEOUSNESS A Gospel Of LIGHT The news is so important. The world has to hear it and God is counting on us. He has put each of us in a chariot. His intention is that everyone of us can be His voice; the radio and Tv channel bearing & transmitting His news!! I’m a bearer of the good news! Your school is your marketplace- where you transact/carry out activities daily. Like Paul did daily in the market, you must present the case for your gospel! You were born for a reason, you’re in your particular campus & country for a reason. God knew they’ll need you today that’s why you came at this time! So Hear the cry of your world. People need me, that’s why I am where I am. I am the answer to their hearts cry. On your campus, you’re the one they’re looking for! So, don’t be there like you’re not there! Don’t be quiet or mousy! Make an impact! Speak to one, plan an outreach for 10, 50, 100- do something! Even if you’re just 5 now, then see yourself as a seed, you’ll grow! Even if doesn’t become so big in your time, at least it was established in your time- it came to be! We came that they may have life. You’ve been sent to your world/generation. If you don’t reach them, no one will. What you must do: Pray- pray for your country/city, the young people, your school and the students that the light of the gospel will shine unto them. If you will, God will show you what to do. Stay full of the Holy Ghost- pray in tongues much! Be full of the Word/faith- listen to the messages, they’ll stir your faith to act. Engage your world- go out and do something, preach the Word, organize your meetings, invite people, share the Rhapsody. Amplify our message. You may be in a place where people seem indifferent to spiritual things and you look so small compared to the environment, your answer is Zechariah 4:6. Watch this space for more updates! #Fireinthecampusministry #FireinEurope #Blwcampusministryrocks

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The wedding of br Djeny and sis Sandra was Awesome!!!! #ceamsterdam#westerneuroperegion#lights#netherlands#marriage

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