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CELEBRATING GOD'S GENERAL Happy Birthday Most Esteemed Reverend Sir Thank you Sir for being a great inspiration to our lives. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the vision of our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris. We love and appreciate you so dearly Sir #R815 #celebratingGodsgeneral #iloveRevTom

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😇CELEBRATING PERFECTION😇 Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Margaret Ahmed, thank you for your selfless service in God's house and your unwavering commitment to the work. We Love and appreciate you dearly!! Happy Birthday Ma. #celz4 #celz4birthdays

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#kccsmw2020 #ceTemidire #celz4

#Appreciationpost Thank you to Esteemed Pastor Joe Agbaje and all the Pastors, Leaders and Media team of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 4. We are grateful to you for your immense support in making the Upper Hand Business and Finance Programme a success. We love you Sir.

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#exposeonprayer #celz4

Everyone who is born again is called to inherit a Blessing... Benedictions #exposeonprayer

Happy birthday. Man of God . Thank you for the great work in the vineyard of God . May God crown your efforts with success and cause more grace to abound . Loving you dearly .

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Celebrating Gods grace upon you . Tha k you for your labour of love . It's a new level of Glory . Happy birthday to you . Loving you dearly

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Happy birth man of God . Knowing you is loving you thank you for touching many lives

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A glorious birthday to an inspiring brother and friend. I love you very much. Pastor Odion Oyarero.

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Happy birthday to you Pastor Odion . Thank you for being a huge blessing to us all

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#FreePcdlgiftfromPastorChris #ThankYouPastorChris #Celz4

Tremendous progress has been made in finding the cure to COVID-19, as rightly declared by our man of God, Pastor Chris. Don't listen to conspiracy theories. #COVID19 #YourLoveWorldwithPastorChris #PastorChrislive

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#TALKINGSESSION 30TH MARCH. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Heavenly Father, I am grateful that You made me a peculiar treasure unto You, and called me to a life of glory, excellence, and dominion. Thank You for setting me on the path of life: the path of righteousness and glory, in Christ Jesus! I walk in divine wisdom, today and always. Thank You for giving me Your Word to live by. I affirm the Lordship, majesty, honour, and glory of Christ over everything that concerns me: my health, academics, family, finances, and ministry. Therefore, I experience continuous victories, absolute peace, joy, prosperity, and divine health. I am born of the Spirit, and I am fully yielded to His leading, guidance and control; His truth and wisdom are the forces of my life, propelling me from glory to glory as I walk in the paths prearranged for me by God. I am fulfilling His perfect will and living out my destiny in Him. God's inherent ability is in me to prosper in all that I do. As the seed of Abraham, everything that is connected to me is blessed—my finances, business, job, family, etc. I walk in the consciousness that I am blessed to be a blessing. My words are spirit, and life, infused with power and divine energy to prevail over circumstances. The words of Christ dwell in me richly, in all wisdom, and my words are filled with inspiration, healing, comfort, hope, love, and power, in Jesus' Name. Amen. • Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #monthofknowledge #wehavemoved #blessings #perfection #talkingsession #affirmationtrain #prayathon2020 #europaforjesus #thankyoupastorchris #loveworld #supernatural #prayingnow

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HOW DID JOHN G. LAKE REACT TO AN EPIDEMIC LIKE THE COVID-19? "I love John G. Lake’s story. An epidemic had broken out in South Africa where he was living at that time. The epidemic was so contagious that mere touching of those already infected could lead to an infection. But it was observed that John G. Lake had had contact with several infected patients without being infected. When asked about it, he replied that another kind of life was at work in him and that if the disease germs came in contact with his body, this life in him would burn them up and destroy them. They asked him to prove it and he agreed to a test. They took a sample containing these germs and dropped some on the back of his hand. They actually viewed his hand underneath a microscope to ensure the germ cells were alive. After a few hours, they checked under the microscope again and the germ cells had stopped moving. They had all died." -  culled from None of These Diseases Don't wait another day, get copies of this book for those in hospitals, your friends and loved ones who may be struggling with fear of sickness, virus or disease in their hearts. You can purchase print and electronic copies of "None of These Diseases" on the LoveWorld Books website: www.loveworldbooks.org or e-copies on the Rhapsody App. Also available on Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Smashwords, Barns&Noble and Scribd To place your orders, call: 🇳🇬Nigeria: +2348086656497, +2348086656533,+2348086656547 🇬🇭Ghana:  +233 548951736, +233 548951799, +233 548951800 🇿🇦South Africa: +27 113260971 🇬🇧United Kingdom: +44 1708 556 604, +44 (0) 8001310604 🇺🇸United States: +1-281-829-4443, +1-281-372-8100 #LWPM

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News Alert! Glorious miracles happen at '2 Days of Glory Dubai with Pastor Chris'. The people's expectations and faith created an atmosphere for miracles and the Power of God was present to heal. Stay glued to LoveWorld News for more UPDATES!

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TWO DAYS OF GLORY DUBAI 2020 ~ UNLEASHING AN UNSTOPPABLE GRACE FOR THE EVANGELIZATION OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Just a couple of years ago, Ministry materials was regularly intercepted, seized & confiscated at every attempt at United Arab Emirates ports. UAE policies & legislations were unfriendly to the spread of Christianity, but today our man of God is hosting a giant conference in Dubai. This is a testament to the fact that no nation on earth can be parmanently shut against the Gospel. Our prayers are working!! Hallelujah!!! Kindly reshare.

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MINISTERING TO THE LORD- A BRIEF SUMMARY MINISTERING TO THE LORD isn't the same thing as prayer. There are different kinds of prayer and you can pray all kind of prayer without necessarily ministering to the Lord. POINTS TO NOTE 1. MINISTERING TO THE LORD is something you must do with understanding. You must know what you are doing and understand why you are doing it. 2. Give God your Attention: He needs your attention, don't only turn to him when you have a challenge or situation to deal with. Love a great life by being constantly intune with Him. When you give God your attention, you'll receive a word for your life and your future. #loveworldmediavideos #PCDL #messageoftheweek #ministeringtotheLord #yearofperfection #perfection #monthofsongs

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Earlier Today at CE Lagos Zone 4! Impartation Service with the CGI Director, as CE LZ4 starts new Churches after the 5-week CGI Training for new Church Planters. The Church is marching on! #CGI #MoreChurches #CELZ4

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ABOUT THE #DEC7 ROYAL BANQUET - THE GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE MAN OF GOD FOR THIS GENERATION🎆🎆🎆🌟🌟🎊🎇 📣📣📣📣📣📣Make way.... The King cometh, in grand style too💃💃📸📹💯🎉🎉🎉. #CEAMC #OFFER7

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