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#Deedorismusic Happy Sunday Family Fill your room with this beautiful worship song, you will love it. OMEMMA AUDIO NOW AVAILABLE for download. Link on Bio. LYRICS VIDEO available on YouTube...

BREAKING NEWS : Its Our Month Of Songs and The LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry has a special Offer just for you, One Month of Free Subscription On Our LoveWorld Worship App, enjoy amazing Spirit lifting Songs for Free #monthofsongs #lmam #loveworldworshipapp #perfection #prayer

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It's Monday Dear Elite Soldiers! Make good use of your opportunities to minister to someone today... #CGI #Soulwining

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#Deedorismusic LMAM CEPHZONE 1 presents STREET STORM DERISO MUSIC and ART CONCERT on the 7th February 2020 3pm Live at RUMUODARA Junction Port Harcourt. Join us for a time of soul winning through music and Arts according to our Gospel.

February 2020 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. ¶ Perfection is not measured by men standard. Who sets the standards? (That's where a lot of people get it wrong). Not men but God! ¶ Jesus is God's will in totality. God's will is more than an act. God's will is not a thought its a man... God's love is not a word, God's love is not a statement, its not something you do. God's love is a man. God is love. Jesus was Gods love manifested to us. It means Jesus is Love. ¶ You are the expression of His person. Jesus was the expression of the Father's person. You are the expression of the Father's person today. #cephzone1

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Save the date😎😎😎 #lmam #loveworldexpressions# #loveworldentertainments #lmammedia


GLOBAL RHAPATHON 2020 WITH PASTOR CHRIS. GRAND FINALE > When you are hungry, eat the word! > When you are thirsty, minister to yourself in psalms and hymns make melody in your heart... No bread from heaven is coming to fill you up, you already have Jesus inside of you! ~Rev Chris Oyakhilome Watch here now👇 #cephzone1 #languages #understanding #RhapsodyOfRealities #agenda #strategy

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Practice Using Your Mouth! Practice it...- Pastor  Chris Watch the grand finale of Rhapathon with Pastor Chris #day5 on  Loveworld Plus. To be a Rhapsody of Realities partner, Call: +234 1 631 1806 SMS Only: +234 816 241 2980 #PastorChris #perfection #loveworldplus

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RHAPATHON GRAND FINALE HIGHLIGHTS: WHEN YOU MEET JESUS...!! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome "Love is more than giving out of your substance. Jesus gave His life... When you meet Jesus, you meet love!" -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Take action: #rhapsody #rhapathon2020 #Celebrating20YeasrofImpactwithRhapsodyofRealities

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RHAPATHON GRAND FINALE HIGHLIGHTS: RHAPSODY IS ABOUT THE UNVEILING OF JESUS!!! - Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase. " Rhapsody is about the unveiling of Jesus! As we spread Rhapsody, we are spreading the Name of Jesus!" - Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase Take action: #rhapsody #rhapathon2020 #Celebrating20YeasrofImpactwithRhapsodyofRealities

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RHAPATHON GRAND FINALE HIGHLIGHTS: THE SPIRIT IS YOUR DRINK!!- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome "The Spirit is your drink! John 7:37-39 Anyone that believes on me, out of His belly,shall flow rivers of living waters. 1 Corinthians12:13 When You received the Holy Ghost, you got the drink of the Spirit!"- Rev Chris Oyakhilome Take action: #rhapsody #rhapathon2020 #Celebrating20YeasrofImpactwithRhapsodyofRealities

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10 KEY ACTION POINTS FROM THE RHAPATHON by the Esteemed Pastor Amaechi ministering.. 🧲Be clear on how many copies you want to sponsor and write it down where you will see it on a daily basis.Let it be inspiring enough for you. Be definite. 🧲 Announce and celebrate your decision. Start talking about what you will do by the power of the Holy Ghost.1 Sam 17:42 🧲Start now and don’t postpone. Take the first step, sign that first cheque. John 9:5. A sense or urgency. Luke 12:35( NIV) 🧲 Start with what you have and grow from where you are. Be willing to believe. 🧲 Give this thing( your goal) full attention. You will not achieve this great result with partial focus. 1 Tim4:15 🧲 Schedule your giving and be consistent. 🧲 Celebrate every milestones. 🧲Be open to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 🧲 Don’t stop till you finish. Be tough in your mind. There may be obstacles but don’t give up. 🧲 When you have done all. Do some more.You will finish strong.   #rhapathon2020  #rhapathonwithpastorchris  #nwz1

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Rhapathon 2020 with pastor Chris was simply phenomenal. We have moved to a whole new dimension and we have received great grace to spread the gospel even more to the ends of the earth.. WE HAVE MOVED!!! #rhapathonwithpastorchris #rhapathon2020 #loveworldmediavideos #PCDL

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#psalm23lmamcephzone1 You're more than words can truly express, an epitome of love, an example to follow. A mother whose smiles are soothing and whose laughter propels you to greater height. Your words are so seasoned with Grace and power. We love you forever Evangelist Kathy.

#Cephzone1lmam Special presentations from some of our music and Arts at the just concluded all night fasting and prayers.

LMAM prayer and fasting all night meeting held on the 17th of January 2020 brought everyone to a point of endless and selfless worship to our only wise God. #lmamcephzone1

Our first CEPHZONE 1 LOVEWORLD MUSIC AND ARTS FASTING AND PRAYER all night meeting in this year of perfection was an awesome time in God's Presence.

PrayAthon 2020 with Pastor Chris #Prayingnow #CEWealthyPlace #IPraywithPastorChrislive #pclprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice #cephzone1

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PrayAthon 2020 with Pastor Chris CE wealthy Place #Prayingnow #IPraywithPastorChrislive #pclprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice #cephzone1

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There is no debate, JESUS IS EVERYTHING.

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