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Happy Birthday Pastor ma. Thank you so much for being a great blessing to me and many others. Thank you for sharing God's word to us in a special way. In all things you will always win in Jesus name. God bless you ma. Congratulations Pastor.

Happy Birthday Pastor. Thank you so much for your commitment to the Man of God and Loveworld nation. Your exemplary leadership is worthy of praise. In this year of perfection God's glory will increase in your life more than ever before in Jesus name. Congratulations Pastor.

Happy Birthday Sis Lizzy.Thank you for your commitment to the man of God and Loveworld nation.You have inspired many by the way you do your work You are indeed a blessing Your life is from Glory to glory. Increased grace.It's your year of perfection.God bless you.Congratulations

Happy Birthday Evang ma. Thank you for the great work you are doing.Thank you for mentoring many music ministers of Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.You are indeed a huge blessing to the body of Christ.We are very proud of you my amazing sister.God bless you ma.Congratulations

Happy birthday Rev sir.Thank you sir for all you do in Loveworld nation.You are an inspiration to me and many others around the world.Thank you for showing us how to be be relevant in ministry. God bless you sir. I love you sir. Congratulations sir.

God is faithful.

Still celebrating my boy . Paul- Praise. God bless you.

Still celebrating my amazing son. The Lord has perfected all that concerns you. Enjoy your life😁😁

Happy Birthday my sweet son. It's your year of perfection. God bless you. Congratulations.

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Happy Birthday to my amazing SON.( Paul-Praise) You have been a source of joy to us. You will always reveal the love and character of the Spirit to your world and beyond. You are a burning and shining light. No darkness in your life. Congratulations. I love you dearly.

The Word of God always works. NON STOP PRAYING MEANS NON STOP ANSWERS -Pastor Chris.


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Happy birthday Pastor sir. Thank you sir for all you do in Loveworld nation. Thank you sir for changing lives all around the world. Your love for our man of God is so inspiring. My family and I celebrate you today. Happy new year sir. I love you. Congratulations sir

HBD to my father,mentor,life coach ,Pastor etc. Thank you Pastor sir for changing my life. Thank you so much sir for loving and caring for me and my family very specially. Thank you sir for the word of God you brought to us. We are eternally grateful sir. I love you dearly sir.

HBD to my amazing Sister. Thank you for being a great blessing to us.Thank you for your commitmen to the ministry and to our man of God.The grace and glory of God in your life are from one level of greatness to another in Jesus name.Congratulations. God bless you.

HBD Pastor sir.Our highly esteemed Sec Gen.Thank you so much sir for all the good work. You are full of love and care.Your commitment and dedication to our man of God are so inspiring. As your years increase so shall your strength. You will always be celebrated sir. Congrats sir

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Happy Birthday my beloved brother. Thank you for your commitment to the work of the ministry. God will reward your labour of love. God's grace and glory in your life will be evident for all the see in Jesus name.I rejoice with you. Congratulations. God bless you.

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