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"Jesus is the revelation of all God is," Pastor Benny declares, teaching on Christ's preeminence. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at

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What a blessed anointing on your life," Pastor Benny says to Pastor Chris after a warm introduction. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at

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Pastor Says to Pastor Benny Hinn, "Your presence here is based on God's prophetic utterance....You have particularly been a blessing to me. In my quest to learn more about the Holy Spirit, one whom I adored so much, I got a hold of your book Good morning Holy changed my world. You made us see the Holy Spirit as a person, friend, lover, that was sent to be with us.....And your book taught us more than what a thousand teachers could teach us.....I want to thank you for touching my life" . They said I was too much like Benny Hinn...because how could the results be so alike. If they insist that Pastor Chris was of the devil...they'd have a problem.You were like a covering.....Thank you for coming! Everyone join me to welcome Pastor Benny! Pastor Benny says," We meet for the first time....and I say to you, you and I will shake this world. Very few men are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit....He's become unknown and unwanted, but we want Him, Pastor Chris wants Him...He prays! "Pastor Chris will be my friend forever....The Lord says this will be a new beginning for me" #mhis #lagzone2

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DAY OF BLISS SPECIAL PRAYER POST FOR OCT 27; 10AM, 3PM, 9:30PM FOR 15MINS 1 Jn 5:4 "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith" As we pray, we will fervently declare and proclaim victory in all our plans for the Mega Cell Outreach! From the planning to the publicity to the invitation to the logistics to the followup and retention, we proclaim victory! All things are working together for our good. Even as the stars in their courses fought for Deborah against Sisera (Judges 5:20), we are helped. Divinity is at work in us and for us. Declare that this undeniable victory mentality will be the mindset of every Cell Leader. And truly the results in every Venue will be more than expected! Glory!!

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#MHIS - Getting ready for a lifting? The time of His favor; yea the set time has come!! The anointing will be like a flood to swim in....!!!

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Who are you inviting to Church tomorrow? Help to change someone's life. Arise and let's do more......while it is day!

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Thank God for ROR! Imagine a world where every human wakes up to these truths! We must keep spreading ROR. I am committed to the Mandate!

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ROR Convention... Some viewing centers across the zone.

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Rhapsody of Realities (ROR) Convention - Pastor Lanre Alabi 1. A vision that excludes your finances is not yet a vision to you. 2. Don't be quiet, don't only talk about Rhapsody of Realities when you are in church, Don't only think about what you alone can do but what others can do under your influence. 3. Become an activist for the mandate, get your influential friends to join.

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ZONAL ROR CONVENTION......the impact continues! The Convention was truly a watershed. Thousands of ROR Partners transformed into ROR mandate activists in one meeting. New Millionaire partners raised! Mission trips sponsored! Languages adopted! Passions ignited! Ideas birthed! All in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit for the furtherance of the gospel The testimonies have started....and more to follow.....alleluia! #graceforthemandate

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REMEMBER THIS.... "One remarkable day, Pastor taught us about 3 important questions in life, which if you turn them on anything will produce results for you: They are "What, How and Why". To know "what" is to begin to live; to know "how" is to begin to succeed; and to know "why" is to begin to reign. The "why" is "purpose". This is the one that gives the mastery. Once you get to this, you can't be stopped. The pursuit of that purpose becomes non-negotiable. You are an unstoppable man on a non-negotiable mission! Always seek to get to the "why". Don''t remain at the "what" or the "how". For example, when you get to the "why" we must win souls, you discover there are not enough excuses to stop you. When you get to the "why" we must distribute 250mm copies of ROR this year, your passion & pursuit of it becomes unstoppable. Not only will you do your part but continually influence others also till the job is done. Knowledge of the "why" ie "purpose" is the arena of Kings, the arena of reigning...everything bows, all excuses, hindrances, distractions bow to the supremacy of purpose!" Pastor Lanre #allforJesus

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AUGUST Welcome to the month of August 1. Someone sent me a message of Welcome to August and in it, she prayed for me that Jesus would be that August visitor to my heart that I sould welcome this month. I, immediately, replied that it isn't possible for Jesus to be an August visitor to my heart since He's the Landlord and He resides there. Don't allow platitudes and clich├ęs that aren't consistent with the truth of the gospel go unchallenged, especially, when they're spoken concerning you. Any statement, no matter how nice and encouraging that it sounds, if it is inconsistent with the gospel, is an idle word. Refute and Reject it. 2. This month, don't expect good things to happen to you. Also, don't expect bad things to happen to you. Irrespective of what happens to you, good or bad, the most important thing is What you make of the circumstances and opportunities that come your way this August. If you are handed lemons, make the best lemonade out of it. If you get apples, bake the best apple pies ever produced. Don't mind whatever you are dealt with, be conscious that His power (not your's) is working mightily inside you to produce results that are even better and greater than whatever you can ask God for or even imagine. #thingsPstChrisTaughtUs #August #YearOfSpreading

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The Mafoluku teens Summer Camp 2016 in preparation toward the IYD Over 300 teens in class! #mafnation #celagoszone1

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever.....

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Don't miss this for anything #LagosZone1RORConvention


Get ready to receive more grace! #LagosZone1RORConvention

It's getting closer!!!!

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My ever smiling pastor, always with a smile,thank you for all your care. Happy Birthday Sir. I love you

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