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Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 brings you the much awaited 'SINACH Live in Concert from the LoveWorld Arena, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Relish the moments Live @ #SLIC2019 #SinachLiveInConcert #March30 #Tellafriend2tellafriend

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Day three of the superlative Finance Convention with Pastor Chris in the ultra modern LoveWorld Arena Lekki began on a very high note, signaling the palpable excitement and immense expectations of the congregation gathered. Prayers like incense rose from the lips of all gathered as the congregants tilled their hearts in preparation for the engrafted Word for the day; followed quickly by serenading praise worship, exhilarating dance and sonorous music, it was obvious the brethren were ready for life changing word. Thunderous applause heralded the arrival of the most esteemed man of God and prophet of our time, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome Phd, who without ado, began unraveling deep truths in the Word. He elucidated without apologies that, “ You can’t get by sacrifice what you lost by disobedience; doing what God has said in His written Word is of utmost importance and seeds sown while walking in disobedience to the Word will not work”. Stressing further from 3rd John 1:2, he emphasized that the prosperity God desires for you is hinged on the prosperity of your soul, therefore it's imperative that you give attention to the Word. It was with celebration and great joy, led by Victor Ike alias ‘living water’, that all present responded to the call to sow the best seed, as admonished by our man of God, to challenge God with our giving. It remains to be revealed the marvelous heights, which the Spirit of God will alleviate His people, as the last day unfolds in glory and praise for many are the impartations of the Spirit received by those present. In time, the glory of all received will be unveiled. Glory to God!!

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#Midyearthanksgiving #PastorChrisontheIsland #Celagoszone5

#pastorchrisontheisland #celz5thanksgiving #ceisherirocks

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Dad, i have watched the word on your lips increase, multiply & prevail in every nation on earth. I rejoice always to be born in yr day

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Creator of the universe What can't you do What can't you do Jesus Thank you Pastor Chris, Thank you lord 4 you made it beautiful in ur time.

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Happy birthday to our beloved Secretary General. We love you Sir.

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Congratulations to our highly esteemed Production Directors for a most successful, impactful & life-transforming IPPC grp of programs.😍🙌💃

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My Man of God!Prince of Glory! I m so proud of you! Beyond words can describe!!! Carabasa shacaname 🔥 Congratulations to your awards Pst. J

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LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards LIMA2016 "BEST GOSPEL COMEDIAN "

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Standing Ovation as Sinach is Crowned the Songwriter of the Decade at LIMA! Gospel artiste, Sinach, honored at LIMA Awards 2016 as 'Songwriter of the Decade'! In a class of her own, the virtuoso worship leader, Sinach, was specially recognized at the LoveWorld International Music and Arts (LIMA) Awards 2016 for her undeniable contribution to Christian music throughout the world. The artiste, whose music transcends genres, has written hundreds of original songs in the past 10 years alone — music that has helped countless millions worship God in the light of authentic revelations of the scripture. The BLW President spoke such precious words of gratitude to the winner of this award, appreciating her consistency and the gift of God's Spirit freely flowing through her. Everywhere in the world, whether her name is known or not, the sound of her music has crossed language barriers being translated several times over. Congratulations, Sinach, on your tremendous win! Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from LIMA 2016! #IMCC2016 #IPPC2016 #PastorChrisLive #Sinach #Eben #FrankRichBoy #JoePraise #Ada #PastorIsrael #RapNation #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN #MovingForward #TheYearOfSpreading #RhapsodyOfRealities #TranslatorsConference

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Congratulation Woman of God. What a song from Heaven for this World. A voice full of Love and greatfullness. This world belongs to Jesus

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This alone was a previous moment for me😢😢😢tears of joy. Congratulations to you Sir and our previous Mom😙😙😙#LIMA2016 #IPPC2016 #CESAZ2

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HBD dear Ono.Thanks for your commitment and dedication. I remember when you first came. Now you're best cameraman🏆;husband👫, dad👼👼👼 💖U

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The Lord is most gracious and kind. He has honoured me with Himself. Thank you Pastor sir, for giving me the best platform. I love you Sir

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I'm A Walking,Talking Word. #IPPC2016

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Isaiah 58:11

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Huge Congratulations to our Highly Esteemed CMD on an amazing "all round" victory!!!! #SilverPartner32 #TopPartneringCampusZone #exceptionalcmd

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When You Have Had A Good Harvest, You Rejoice! - Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome It's the Loveworld Awards 2016! The 2016 Loveworld Awards kicked off with the BLW Anthem beautifully rendered in different languages.  During the opening address the President of the BLW Nation thanked all partners from about 165 countries for their great work in 2016.  "This year was our year of Spreading and we were authorized to Spread to every man's world. We were unstoppable and funded to go every where. Our message was spread abroad far beyond our localities. I want to thank you Partners around the world for all You did. Thankyou." The President also threw light on the importance of the award ceremony highlighting that there will be no need to celebrate if we didn't win and meet our goals.  Pastor Chris did not stop at recognizing what was given in 2016 but dwelt on what was received as well. "We gave so much but we also received much more. What we received in the investment of the Lord in our future cannot be compared to what we gave. The year was wonderful for us in our churches and outreaches and its because God planted each of us in the right place at the right time for the right purpose." Enjoining the Partners to celebrate a successful year of publishing the gospel to the ends of the earth, Pastor Chris recognized every partner's effort in 2016 letting them know that whether it cost less than a dollar, 10 dollars or a whole lot more, it worked; and as such rejoicing is key because we have had a great harvest. "Sometimes leading a soul may cost little, other times it may cost everything. For some people it didn't cost money but cost someone's life. Our joy is that we have the opportunity every once in a while to be thankful. The Lord wants us to rejoice. When you have had a good harvest you rejoice." Tonight we will dance, sing, laugh, rejoice. Enjoy all that has been prepared for you. Thank you for 2016. God bless you." Congratulations to all our Partners!!! #SS2VZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS #ippc2016 #ippcdaily

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