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Expansion! 1. Ministry 2. Souls 3. Visions 4. Finances 5. Dreams 6. Life 7. Everything Its time! Great things about to happen! #cemukakose

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Luke 1:37[ASV] For no word from God shall be void of power.

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HWA Sinach & Bro Joe, you are a great blessing to us! Thank you for the timely songs of the spirit you always give. Love you dearly!

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Count Up!!! The July Global Holy Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DD DSc starting in a moment. Are you ready and expectant? What are your expectations? Share with us in the comment section below.... New Dimensions of Flourishing in this 2nd Half of the year!!!! #cesazone5

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EXPANSION🙌 EXPANSION💃 EXPANSION👏 It is our month of Expansion!!! Marvellous things are going to happen!!! Vision 400!!! Isaiah 54:2-4 KJV Luke 1:37 ASV Isaiah 55:11-12 KJV #cesazone5 #MonthOfExpansion #YearOfFlourishing

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No word from God is void of POWER. # MONTH OF EXPANSION

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Take a permanent vacation from lack!

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Only a mirror gives a true reflection. Mirror your destiny through God ONLY - no one else

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When God Said Let There Be Light, He Was Giving Me Permission To Shine!

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Well said! #iclc2017 #cesazone5 #wellsaidbyauntygwenn

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#Iclc2017 Its a reality and i will run with this vision

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I am glad I participated in soul winning today

Vision 400 is a reality, it has already started and I am part of the vision. I am running with the vision

#vision400inzimbabwe In my personal capacity i will increase by 400%

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#vision400inzimbabwe My cell groups will increase by 400%. My finances, my partnership, my availability everything by 400%

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24 HOURS TO ICLC 2017 In just about 24 hours, we will be witnesses to the opening session of the epochal International Cell Leaders' Conference (ICLC) 2017 with our dear man of God. The pastors, who have been having an uplifting and transformational time at the ongoing Mid-Year Pastoral Refresher Course (MYPRC), will be joined by cell leaders and cell executives from far and wide, as we receive greater grace for greater impact, through the life changing teachings and impartations from out man of God. It's the set time for more grace. Praise God! #ICLC2017 #FLOURISHINGICLC2017

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RHAPSODY OF REALITIES - 22nd June, 2017 THERE ARE GOOD THINGS IN YOU Key facts worthy to be noted in today's article are ● There're no bad things in you. No inabilities, no disabilities and no frustrations. ● You have the ability of God and excellence of the Spirit in you. ● You can reign in life. ● You're special. ● You must acknowledge these virtues to get them activated. Discover more in today's article. Kindly like, share and comment. God bless you. #NCRegion

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SUPER SUNDAY WITH PASTOR OSE OYAKHILOME Word Punch: "You are a spirit in motion. Even though you were born into the land, you've got to possess the land. It's possible for a Christian to reject poverty. If any man be in Christ he is not "sick-able". You no longer live by blood you live by the spirit. The Holy Spirit will vitalise your body. Health and Joy are your birthright. Celebrate your health, wealth and prosperity."

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TNIC Cayman Islands was a huge success! #WePrevail

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"Tatenda Kamuzonde reporting from Cape Town." That's MY girl right there! #Siginificant(NEWSMAKING)Attainment #FlourishingGreatly #LSAT

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