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“Lagos Zone 5 Special Missions Program” Elite Training to birth Elite Churches! The Vision...the Grace....the Training ....the Results! Thank you Pastor Sir!  Congrats to the Esteemed Zonal Director. It was a pleasure working with you on this. We will do more together!  #CGI #LagosZone5 #UnstoppableChurchGrowth

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Congratulations to our amazing graduating students of Foundation School at CE Lekki!! It’s a privilege to be a faculty member & teacher! I’m so grateful to be here for the grand graduation ceremony. Thank you to my Highly esteemed Zonal Director, CEO and Pastor. I love you ma.

Join us in welcoming our Prince! #Possessing our possession #12319

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Happy birthday Pastor Mike, Sir. I celebrate you sir. You are a man after God’s heart, a Man of Peace, a worshipper and an ardent follower of our MOG, Pastor Chris. Thank you for who you are and for your love and care for my family. Your are truly exceptional. I love you sir.

Happy birthday my darling deaconess, my sweet sister and caring friend. I love you and I celebrate your sincere heart of love. Have a beautiful day ma.

Happy birthday Pastor Awodiya, Sir. You are a man sent by God. Thank you for the unwavering love of yourself and Pastor Funmi towards me and my family for over 2 decades. Thank you for your spiritual leadership over us, your compassion and your kindness. I love you sir.

Oh how my heart overflows with delight! Jesus’ Love for me is so overwhelming! His Peace in me is beyond understanding! As I look into the Word, I see that I am in His heart forever & I hear His heart beating for me. Dear Lord Jesus, you are my True Love Story for all eternity! ❤️

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Happy birthday Dear Deaconess Chi! Today is your day and I celebrate you and thank God for who you are! You are a gift to me and to our world. Thank you for your example of leadership and your dedication to our Man of God and ministry. Have a beautiful day! I love you!

Happy birthday my dear wife Chichi.I wish you many many more years to come. May the good Lord preserve our lives to continue in HIS service. Great deaconess of the most high God. may the good lord grant you more strength and wisdom. Once again happy birthday to my lovely wife

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On our way to USA REGION 2 E.P.E conference in Chicago USA. It's time to illuminate, lead, empower and, signs and seasons for USA. Just like the scripture says in John 7:38: "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water".

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We are readyyyyy.....EPE 2019 conference with our highly esteemed Regional Pastor. Ready to Go, All zoned in. Bags packed, flight booked, is it Friday yet? #epec2019usaregion2 #USARegion2 #CETravis

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#epec2019usaregion2 #usaregion2 #ceaustinsouth We Are Readddyy!!

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Its something to shout about! #epec2019usaregion2 #usaregion2 #ceaustinsouth

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“You’re forever blameless in the sight of God, because Jesus died...”, Rhapsody of Realities January 13, 2019. Glory to God. Jesus died for me. Thank you Pastor Sir, for the life-changing words you share daily with me in the Rhapsody of Realities.

“With the Holy Spirit, you don’t lack any power or ability; He’s your ability”...Rhapsody of Realities of January 11. Glory!

When I say "I am the Light of the world", it means; I am empowered to perform I am a performer. I am not a weakling. We are not of the Night, we are of the Day. We are not of them that sleep! - Pastor Chris The Global Service is being broadcast LIVE via Satellite on Loveworld Special Channel powered by Loveworld Plus.

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After a beautiful Global Communion Service with our MOG participating from CE Lekki ...I’m energized for a glorious year ahead

All glory to God for our beautiful new year - the Year of Lights!

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