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From #TheHavenMillennials ° Happy Birthday Beloved President Sir. Thank you so much Sir for loving us and believing so much in us the way you do. ° You're an extraordinary and inspiring leader in whose life we've seen the Word at work. We love you so much Sir. ° #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenMillennialsNetworks #THMN #THMNetworks #TheHavenNation

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Happy Birthday Dad!! Celebrating you today and always. Thank you for setting me on the path that I must follow, bringing me up with the word of God,and instilling in me an unwavering knowledge of who I am in Christ. I love you

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SHOWING NOW!!!! YOUR LOVEWORLD- THE PREACHERS ' KID EDITION A Special Your Loveworld Episode with distinguished & highly inspiring young people from the Loveworld Sons of Ministry! You cant afford to miss it.

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Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy our special production,just in time to brighten your Christmas!

Happy birthday Pastor Chris! For full video, follow Link


DID THE CHURCH USE YOU? You served in the media arm, learnt how to record, capture and edit, now you edit for nollywood and make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served in the choir, you were corrected severally by your choir director who almost gave up on you till you gradually started learning to sing, sustain keys, compose songs even do the slurs and you have released your album....! *Did church use you?* You served in the sound department, learnt to produce good sound, it has become your skill and you even make money from it... *Did church use you?* You served a Pastor, from cleaning his shoes and carrying his Bible to becoming his assistant pastor, now you have your own work, you're impacting your world and fulfilling your God-given purpose and destiny... *did church use you?* Please people let's get it right! It is wrong to say "the church is using you! the church is using me!".... the tune of some unwise advisers and brethren. In the first place it is always a privilege to be used of God. *God does not use you and dump you. He uses you, builds you, trains you and makes you what He talks about. You can't be useful until you are used of Him. it is the process of being used that makes you useful to Him and to your world for Him. Your service in the church does not improve God, it only improves you. So Be guided, Be wise and Be Smart. Whether you are available or not, the work must be done. Your availability to serve is for your own Enrichment, Enhancement and Enlargement. I encourage every worker/steward in the church; keep doing what you' are instructed to do. God is aware of your service. * Count it a great privilege to be used by God, and want to be used over and over and over again. Love what you do for the Lord and in the Lord. Do it with all your heart, with joy and gladness. Thank the Lord for the privilege to serve and be useful in God's house. Remember He gave you His Life to make you His Kind - An Associate of the God-Kind. The God-Kind never speaks of being used. God bless you.

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#TGOHP Canada! I will be there live!

Happy birthday, dear Pastor Wale, the effulgence and expression of God's grace. Grace and peace multiplied to you. #cecanada #TGOHPCAN

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Happy birthday Pastor Becky. God's beauty continually radiates through you. May grace overflow through you and cause your influence to dominate in the places that matter.

It is here, the program that will transport you to realms of divinity. The Glooooory of His presence. #cecanada #Canada #TGOHPCAN

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Happy birthday Pastor Wale. God's glory and grace expressed through you has remained an inspiration to many like me.

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Wale! You are a burning and shining light to us in Loveworld and the world! So amazingly gifted in a very special way. Thank you for sharing your gift of love, care and hospitality to us in Loveworld and around the world. Thank you teaching God's Word, nurturing and raising God's people. Thank you for being gracious to me. I love and celebrate you this day and always. Have a glorious year of illuminating your world for Jesus. I love you dearly!❤🙌💥🔥

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Happy birthday dear dcns Nosa. In this year any where you show up darkness flees because your presence will manifest, illuminate, empower, dominante with signs of peace and blessings. Congratulations with love and appreciation #canada #2019yearOfLights #CECanadaregion

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Happening now! #CECanada

Happening now! #CECanada

Happy birthday Pastor Chris! You remain unquestionably the answer to the cries of millions, an inspiration to generations and nations. #Dec7 #Dec7Can #offer7 #Canada

AUTOMATIC LAUGHTER ~Pastor Chris It is difficult to laugh especially when there is no reason to. People laugh when they are amused or excited or happy. But to laugh in difficult times is the medicine that takes you from where you are, to where you are going. Laughter is a weapon. Don’t wait to be joyful first before you laugh, in fact, the devil is an expert in doing and manipulating things that will stop or hinder your laughter, hence some people believed that there are worse days and there are better days. It is a lie. Everyday is a day that the LORD makes for you to REJOICE and be GLAD. Psalm 118:24. This is why this message is very relevant. Automatic Laughter is laughing whether you feel like it or not; without any motivation, David knew this secret, no wonder when he was in his dead-end, the bible says, He encouraged himself in the LORD. It is now time for you to encourage yourself and laugh. You may think it is difficult, but you need to understand that joy is what brings solutions to problems. It is joy that triggers inspiration for solutions. That solution is closer than you can think. You need to start practicing the habit of automatic laughter to locate it. When you start laughing automatically, you trigger the joy of the LORD that is already in you. I am filled with joy as I write this because you are now too smart for the devil to handle. LAUGH NOW. IT'S YOUR MIRACLE TIME. Hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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#prayingnow #canada

#mydeclaration I'm the righteous! My prayers are making tremendous power available, dynamic in its working to produce supernatural results in every area I direct it. Hallelujah!!!!

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