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What a beautiful Month of Praise. We are the light of the world. #celcc2excels #AUGUSTMONTHOFPRAISE

Still Celebrating an Icon Extraordinaire, Happy Birthday, Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase SIR!!! It's a privilege sir, to have known you, and be inspired by you for several years. Thank you for being a constant inspiration year after year through your ardent followership to our man of God. You have, and will always be a huge blessing to me sir. Thank you sir, for your availability, support and partnership with us in the New Media Technologies department. Even as you have been a blessing to me for years, I pray that God will continually grant you more opportunity to impact many more sir I love you sir.

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We deeply love and cherish you Dad

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I can see 21days of dry fasting knocking.. The devil is in trouble

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My baby turns 8!! How do I begin to describe this beautiful genius. Ever so given. Ever so kind & loving. Always putting others first. An ardent lover of Pastor Chris & somewhat of a music freak.. Not easily obvious though, but trust me, I know her well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLšŸ¤©šŸ„°šŸ’ž

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She is a Burning & Shining Light and may your beautiful life continue to tell stories of God's grace and beauty. We love you dearly. #LWTeensMinistry #Celz1rocks

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The Esteemed Pastor Arinze Emmanuels kicks off with a Hat Trick! Wow what a start! 3 Languages in the "Sponsorship Net" šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†at the unique 1st of its kind innovative CE LCC2 Rhapathon League on Shining with Languages where each move represents a sponsorship category. Glory!!!

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Christ Embassy LCC2 presents Rhapathon League. #shiningwithlanguages #ROR #LCC2excels #celz1rocks

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Instruction is our life. Thank you Pastor Sir for your excellent leadership and guidance. #Ilovemypastor #Iheartodo

Happy Birthday Dcns Josephine, it's a glorious new beginning for you. Your light shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Thank you for being very exceptional. Congratulations ma, I love you

Celebrating the glory of God in a human person. Your path is like that of the righteous that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. You are the answer to the cry of millions around the world, Kings will come to the brightness of your rising. Happy Birthday love


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LoveWorld Schools celebrate an epitome of Excellence and Grace. One whose freshness and vigour is very inspiring and exemplary. Happy Birthday to our Esteemed Managing Director, PastorĀ OmohĀ Alabi. Thank you for love and passion and for being a great provision for the vision of our Man of God. . We sincerely appreciate your impact in the lives of children all around the world especially our children. We are altogetherĀ thankfulĀ to God for yourĀ lifeĀ and yourĀ successes, victories and exploits in the kingdom of God. WeĀ loveĀ andĀ appreciateĀ you dearly Ma! #POA630 #Loveworldschoolrocks #ValorosoSoldato #Monthofprayer

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Psalm 113:1-9 KJV Praise ye the Lord. Praise, O ye servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord. [2] Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. [3] From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised.

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MISSION TO PAKISTAN - "BOLDNESS, CONFIDENCE, AUDACITY - THE AUDACITY OF FAITH - I LIKE IT".Ā  RECOGNISING NO BARRIER. DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE. PS 67.2 - TLB Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind. We give thanks to God for giving us eternal life and grace for ministry. We are specially thankful to our Man of God for raising us in Ministry. We love you dearly sir. We went on our 2nd missionary trip this year to Pakistan and it was a great and lasting impact all the way. This short video clip shows a snapshot of our drive for expansionism into new territories. The Lord gave us great victory. What more shall I say ? For time will fail me, to tell about Pastor Tutu - who inaugurated over 100 Pakistani Ladies into Loveworld Ladies Network; Pastor Ayo - who held countless online prepratory meetings before our arrival and charged several men to love the Lord. Pastor Lekan Bankole - who through faith stood in the midst of the land and routed out the foreign armies. Pastor Sam -- who through faith conquered kingdoms; also many valiant soldiers in the Great CE Lagos Zone 1 army, who wrought righteousness and stopped the mouths of lions during our bold Mission. The work has started. The Lord be blessed. #celz1rocks #PastorChrislive #LoveworldExtra #LoveworldNews

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Happy Birthday Bro Segun, this beginning of great testimonies in your life and family. Thank you for being very exceptional. We love and appreciate youā¤ļøšŸ˜˜ #celcc2excels #lz1rocks

Happy Birthday Esteemed Dcns Ada,You are a burning and a shinning star. Thank you for been a great Partner. We love and appreciate you greatly. #celcc2excels #lz1rocks

Happy Wedding anniversary sir/ma'am.

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As I celebrate my birthday, I'm deeply grateful to God for the life He's given me and for the Father, Teacher and Mentor He gave me. I appreciate you, Pastor Sir. I'm thankful for everyone God has brought my way in this great family. I love the Loveworld Nation. Jesus Rocks.

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Happy Anniversary Dear Pastors, Thank you so greatly for impacting us with the investment of your personalities. The Lord bless you ever more- Greater Works. We love you always. #P. Africa

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