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The Holy Spirit is the one to Pilot you to arrive at the place of your dream. #success #motivation

Don't work to make a living, Work because that's your opportunity to contribute to contribute to the world.

Being refreshed by the ministration at Day2 of the Cell Leaders Conference. #sazone2 #day2 #cellleadersconference #cekatutura

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Feasting at the masters table #CLC2019 #SAzone2 #Namibia #CEKatutura

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#NEA2019 HAPPENING NOW The Esteemed Ag International President Pastor Ekele Uhiara, ministering for the second day on the power of Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. "God needs us to see at His level regardless of what is around us" "This year as you fellowship with the Angel of His presence your vision will be lifted to see the unseen & we will do the 'impossible'..." #TheHavenNation #TheHavenNEA2019

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The MOG, Gospel stepper, Mr Superman is in town....you got to be at this concert of life💃💃💃

Never try to rationalize spiritual instructions with your mind. #monthofinstructions

Do not eat out of your sweat (salary) because that means you are still living under the curse - PCO #havennation #lifeofgiving

Never live on your salary as that is a source of your Seed. YOU WORK TO RECEIVE TO GIVE - PCO #havennation #lifeofgiving


God is about to raise the dike #lpcsa2018

The way im so in love with this heavenly language👌🏾....I could go on speaking in tongues for hours and hours non stop. #Glossolalia



Sacrifice is the key to permanent Solution

Dcns Sophie ▪Money is a servant that we use to conquer the World. ▪You cannot take over the World while timid ▪In the haven, you are taught how to make money by the Word of God. #thehavennation

Pastor Joy: ADMINISTRATION ▪The Haven nation is the vision that God gave to pastor Chris to reachout to professionals. ▪The Haven nation reports directly to pastor Chris. ▪What defines the haven is giving and soul wining.

Get yourself immersed in Him; soak your spirit more in the Holy Spirit through fellowship. Pray and fast often. Study and meditate on the Word, so you can walk and talk in sync with Him, and His glory and power will always be revealed in, and through you.

My heart is inditing a good matter #thehavennation #havensubzone10

#glossolalia #autoedification

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