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Congratulations sir. Is from glory to glory

Glory to God, hallayah

Happy Birthday to an icon of grace. U are indeed a special dispensation to our time. We love u sir @cec east west road Port Harcourt.

The circumstances of ur life can't determine the quality of ur personality.

#prayingfornigeria. #prayingforriverssatte

#prayfornigeria #PORTHARCOURT #NIGERIA

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#prayfornigeria #Portharcourt #Nigeria

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The man with the Golden heart. An icon of excellent, I love u sir. Non like you and non will ever be like you. U are indeed special go us.

IPPC 2018 COMMENCES TODAY! The International School of Ministry welcomes all delegates to the 2018 International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference with Pastor Chris. Kindly share your expectations with us in the comment section. #IPPC2018 #ism #gmc2018

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I want to wish my highly esteemed zona Pst amaechi udeaku hbd sir. I love u so dearly. U are best sir.

#prayingnow #nigeria. # I declare God plan and purpose is fulfilled in Nigeria. And all our leaders are functioning in divine wisdom of God

PRAYER GUIDE FOR GOOĎ FRIDAY MIRACLE 15THE MESSAGE AND OUR MAN OF GOD Ø Pray for our man of God that as he ministers on that day, that he will minister with boldness under the unction of God's Spirit and power. Ø Pray that as he ministers the hearts of the people are hungry, willing and receptive. That as the people receive the word the experience a divine encounter with #CEPHZONE1 #GFMCCEPHZONE1 #NOBCEPHZONE1

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IT'S BIG, IT'S REVOLUTIONARY, IT'S THE NEXT LEVEL OF IMPACT! HAPPENING TODAY BY 6:00PM: CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA PASTORS, PARENTS AND TEACHERS' FORUM WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR, MOST REVEREND TOM!!! "Parents, the things you expose yourself to could show up in your children, because they don't have faith like you to surpress the devil's attacks... Pastors, take the children's churches seriously; the leaders there must take their work seriously and attend all training programs because demons like to find their way into the Children's Church. Children are the future, and we will not mortgage our future. Don't mortgage your future! Take the young people seriously like you're dealing with your future; don't spare!" - ICLC 2017, SATURDAY MORNING PLENARY SESSION WITH THE PRESIDENT There's a communication of the Spirit for each category at the PTTF; don't miss it for anything. DATE: TODAY, FRIDAY MARCH 23RD TIME: 6:00PM VENUE: ZONAL CHURCH AUDITORIUM This is important; do everything you must to ensure are in attendance and punctual. You don't want to miss a moment. #ceabujazone #PPTF

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GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE MESSAGE FROM OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD So many live their lives according to assumptions. They never learn what the Word says. Some, because of challenges in their lives, back peddles. Some are ashame of being happy or prosperous because of what others says. Live your life according to the Word of God and not for some dreams. Do you know how many people have gone to hell because of dreams? God never gives dreams to you for someone else. You are always the center piece (the focus) of every dream you have. Dreams and visions are not the same. Many don't know the interpretation of dreams because they don't know the scriptures. If you keep believing in dreams, you are heading for destruction. You have to tell the devil what you don't want. If you're born again, according to the scriptures, you are in Christ and Christ is in you. 1 Corinthians 12:13 We are baptized into one body. This is not water baptism but baptism of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was on that cross, we were on that cross in Him. When He died, I died. He took my place, it was a vicarious death. He paid the price for everybody, all sinners; NOT CHRISTIANS. When we say "in Christ", we are talking about our legality in Christ. The truth of the matter is that, THE SIN OF EVERYBODY HAS BEING PURGED AWAY, BOTH THE ONES COMMITTED AND THE ONES THAT WILL BE COMMITTED!!! When I received the message of salvation, which is in Christ's substitutionary vicarious death, my sins were remitted; and in His resurrection and new birth, I resurrected; and affirmed and confessed it, I received by faith the new life of resurrection and I was at once recreated, born again and justified. The acceptance, endorsement and affirmation of the legalities of our salvation results in the vital realities of our salvation. 2 Corinthians 5:17 is a legal situation. When you are in Him, it becomes vital. You must understand what this mean. 2 Corinthians 5:21 No wonder He calls us the pearl of great price. We have being made the righteousness of God. Romans 4:25 (AMP) Understand that those that are always begging God and Crying can not change anything. Hebrews 4:11-16 The Bible describes God as the God that dwells between the cherubims - this is type of throne. There is a throne of the mercy seat. Hebrews 9:24-28 1 Corinthians 6:11 Romans 8:30 You say Pastor Chris is always boosting... but if you see what I see in the Scriptures, you took will boost. Romans 9:23(KJV) Go back to Hebrews 4:16 Come boldly to the throne of God and obtain mercy. When, they think we are not good enough, we just show up and labanon. DARE TO BELIEVE GOD. Hurry back to Romans 9:23-24 I am a vessel mercy prepared unto glory. He prepared them ahead of time. Somebody shout hallelujah!!!!!!

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Happening Now - Testimony a.k.a Mr Jaga is live at Christ Embassy Durumi #ceabujazone

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Happening now!!! Charles Oputa, a.k.a. Charly Boy testifies of his salvation experience. He's in church today with His wife and daughter, and more members of his social movement. #ceabujazone

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BREAKING NEWS: NIGERIAN ENTERTAINER AND ACTIVIST, CHARLES OPUTA (CHARLY BOY) IS NOW BORN AGAIN! In a scenario which could only have been divinely orchestrated, the renowned unconventional musician, entertainer, social activist, and leader of the ‘Our mumu don do’ movement, Charly Boy, is gloriously led to Christ by the highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Christ Embassy Abuja, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan. Having been invited to church several weeks earlier by a dear sister who met and engaged him on social media, Charly Boy promised that he will come to church. With persistent reminders and follow up, on Sunday, 25th February, he arrived Abuja from a journey and came straight to church from the airport with twelve members of his activist group. He returned for an exclusive meeting with Reverend Tom on Tuesday 27th February, in the company of some members of his group. Overwhelmed by the expression of Christ's love, he appreciated our man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for his passion for Youth Development and Nation Building, as Reverend Tom highlighted the impact of the InnerCity Mission, Future Africa Leaders' Foundation, Campus Ministry, Global Youth Leaders' Forum and ReachOut Nigeria Campaign. As an activist, Charly Boy constantly demands social and political changes, and accountability in governance in Nigeria. He identifies with, and advocates for the rights of the youth and the 'common man' in his usual unconventional style. He is indeed deeply passionate about this cause and spoke of it with tears in his eyes, hence his joy when he discovered the passion of our man of God, Pastor Chris for the youth, and the lasting impact being made. It opened his eyes to new and more effective ways to channel his passion. Reverend Tom then ministered to him privately, and he gloriously accepted Christ and was born again. In his new found joy, he requested that Reverend Tom also prays for his group members. He beamed with smiles as Reverend Tom announced to them, 'CHARLY BOY IS BORN AGAIN!’ The news was received with joy and excitement, and Reverend Tom also went ahead to lead members of his group to Christ. He also gave them our ministry materials, and presented Charly Boy with a LoveWorld Plus decoder for his home. What a glaring sign that our prayers have been answered! The Lord is doing great wonders in our midst. There is no limit to the length of the Master's can reach the farthest soul, even those perceived as 'unreachable'. It is certainly the month of CHANGE! Glory to God!​ #ceabujazone #monthofchange

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