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Hi guys. For those of you in Christ Embassy, I'm sure that you must have read and heard some criticism of the man of God Pastor Chris. Look here. It's not new. Pastor has faced criticism like this since he was in high school ie secondary school. And he's always come out bigger, stronger, victorious. I've followed Pastor Chris since 1988 personally. I'd heard about him from 1978. I heard about the pressure he was put under in 1981/82 when he was in "A levels". I joined Pastor Chris in 1988 and knew about the pressures and criticism of previous years in university. I was, side by side, with him in the early 2000's during criticism from Nigeria govt and other Christian leaders. Pastor led us actually. In every thing, God has always proven Pastor Chris is right. Don't be moved by anything you're seeing or hearing against Pastor Chris. He's unmoved. You remain unmoved. I'm unequivocal about this: Pastor Chris is the man sent from God for this time. He is intelligent and educated in the Word of God and in science and technology. Pastor Chris is not preaching a conspiracy theory. He's preaching against a conspiracy. -Pastor TT Edun.

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Dear Esteemed, Precious greetings in Jesus name Welcome to the month of December Congratulations on your excessive and ongoing blessings as pronounced by our man of God last communion service. As announced by our man of God, Your Loveworld holds this month of December from the 9th - 11th of December on all LOVEWORLD NETWORKS. There will be 2 sessions in a day. A morning session at 10am GMT+1 and an evening session starting at 6pm GMT+1. Kindly announce, publicize, publish, declare, proclaim and spread in your church, to your family members, friends and colleagues. Tune in to watch and Participate from Monday 9th December to Wednesday 11th December at 10am and 6pm GMT+1 on all Loveworld Networks Channels, Our stations Apps and on the Live TV Mobile App. YOU CANNOT MISS THIS - THERE WILL BE AN OVERFLOW, ABUNDANCE OF FAVOUR. IT'S A NEW LEVEL Find ecard below and please share with ALL in your contact and Networks. Take time to locate airing time at your time zone. Download Live TV Mobile today!!! Have a great communion service with our dear man of God. ENJOYYYYYYYY #yourloveworld Pastor Ose Oyakhilome Regional Pastor, Christ Embassy Southern Africa & Director, Loveworld Networks.

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Happy birthday sister Vidi. Congratulations sis! You're so relevant in the house; loyal, and faithful to the vision given to our dear woman of God Pastor Karen. Thank you for everything you're doing for the Lord and His Church. I love you so much. God Bless you.

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VMC training. Very insightful. #vmcacademy #vmcorps

HAPPENING THIS SATURDAY IN CAPE TOWN Christ Embassy SA Zone 4 is hosting its first ever LoveWorld Publishing Ministry Materials Managers Conference. It's time for a Supernatural upgrade Glory to God! 🙌

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MORNING SERVICE IN CAPE TOWN WITH PASTOR KAREN VICTOR How to take possession of your possessions: 1.Take God at His Word 2.Live a life of prayer 3.Change the way you see Hallelujah!😊 #cesazone4 #SAZone4 #WelcomeToTheFamily

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HEALING SCHOOL ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE - REGISTER TODAY You are an agent of change in this generation and all you need to do to participate in prayer is the following: 🔹Register using the link below: 🔹Click "confirm" on the email that you will receive after successfully registering. 🔹Logon and pray 📍Date: 24 February 2019 📍Time: 17:00 South African Time 📍CTICC meeting room #cesazone4 #WelcomeToTheFamily #CapeTown

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CE CAPE TOWN'S SUNDAY SERVICE THE MESSAGE: HE REIGNS THROUGH YOU. "You are in charge.... If you dont like the way your life, neighbourhood, work or country looks like, TAKE CONTROL!" - Pst Karen #cesazone4 #WelcomeToTheFamily #CapeTown

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#HSPC.....1 DAY TO GO! .......HAPPENING TOMORROW SUNDAY 24TH FEBRUARY BY 4PM GMT +1 #healingnow #hspc #hspn

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CE Cape Town Teens had a Valentines 'light up your your world' reach out. We reached out in the heart of Cape Town. Where we reached 55 people - Teens, Young Adults and Adults with the Teevos and rhapsodies. Total reached: 55 Born Again and invited to church: 23 #cesazone4

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We are praying until we see the will of God establish in the country. #prayfornigeria #capetown #southafrica

#pray for Nigeria #Capetown #SouthAfrica

💃🎷🎷🥁Whooping mega bonuses awaits our Esteemed Pastors in this ongoing MBTC Program on the Pastor Chris Digital Library Gold Subscription Packages! Don't be late, upgrade to Gold today📣📣 Get this fantastic offer, only up for grabs this period!😁👍 For further information, kindly call the following numbers.👇 +234 816 798 2171, +234 907 593 2893 or +234 902 718 447 or send a mail #specialbonusfor3months-6months-1yearplanongold #givingourpastorstheadvantageonpcdl #offerlastsduringmbtc #pcdlashininglight

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Follow the News as it Unfolds Hate Speech and Hate Crime Bill Presented Before South African Parliament Click on the link above for details and other news exclusive to LoveWorld News.

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Peace everywhere #prayfornigeria #capetown #southafrica

#prayfornigeria #capetown #southafrica

RECAP ON SUNDAY SERVICE MESSAGE "Success is easy with Jesus Life is easy with Jesus... Without Him life is a disaster..." - Pst Karen #cesazone4 #WelcomeToTheFamily

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#prayforNigeria #capetown

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