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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir You have impacted my life in more ways than I can count. Thank you for lifting my vision and teaching me how to make full proof of the Word. Thank you for teaching me how to win always! I love you very dearly Sir. #PC25 #PEECEE25 #BLWUSAGroup2

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Graceful, happiest birthday highly esteemed Pastor sir, thank you, sir, for being my advantage, thank you sir for the opportunity given me to be relevant in Ministry. I'm forever grateful sir. I LOVE YOU, SIR

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Graceful,Happiest birthday highly esteemed Pastor Chike Ume Sir. Pastor Sir thank you for being my advantage,thank you for all the trainings and opportunities you gave me. I'm forever grateful and I stand among the testifiers of your beautiful life.

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Happy Glorious Birthday Esteemed Pastor Sir. Always a Joy to Celebrate You. Thank for your inspiring life of Faith, Sterling Leadership and Commitment to The Vision of Our Dear Man Of God. Thank you for raising me in ministry, love and care. Am grateful Sir. I love You Big Sir

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CELEBRATING SOMEONE SO SPECIAL TO US!!! Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume. Thank you for your participation in the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Loveworld Television Ministry. We love you dearly sir! #LTMPartners #RASS #LWAsia #Menaconference

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Is my pastor's Birthday Today. Happy Birthday Pastor Chike Ume. I Always Love and Miss You.😘😘😘

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Dad, You are quite exemplary, an ardent follower of our Man of God and a great impact in my life and I am indeed grateful to God for bringing you into my life many years ago on Campus. I love you sir.❤️❤️ Happy Birthday Dad! #pc25 #gscc

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DAD, today I join the host of Angels to celebrate your doggedness, your impact and your loud results. Thank you Sir for teaching me how to follow our Man of God and in turn follow Christ. I love you Sir. #Peecee4ever #PC25 #BestDad

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Happy Graceful Birthday to my Quintessential Dad, thank you for all the years of training, for always believing in me and for shaping me for the work of the ministry. I'm eternally grateful Sir. #Peecee4ever #Feb25

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Words are supposed to convey d thoughts of our hearts n express d gratitude therein, but reminiscing about today, of its significance, and how much this day in history has blessed me wit, words seem insufficient to quantify my appreciation n love. I love you Dad! Happy Birthday

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Thank you Sir for your investment in my life. My story isn't complete without you. I am deeply grateful for your Love, care, guidance and Direction over the years Sir. You gave me several opportunities to be relevant in ministry. Thank you Sir. I love you Sir. Happy Birthday Sir

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Pastor Sir we love you so dearly. Sir, you have touched our lives in a very special way. Your impact in our hearts will last forever. #PEECEE25 #CMLovesPC4ever

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Happy Birthday To the Highly Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume. A pioneer and a visionary! We are because you are Sir. I love you forever #peecee0225 #CMlovesPC4ever

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Still celebrating the LEGEND, the ICON🔥 The Zealot for Christ. The Gale force wind you cannot resist. The storm you cannot see. Pastor, Thank you♥️ You saw me and gave me a platform🥺 Oh what a privilege it is to be loved by you. Happy Birthday Sir🎊 #PC25 #PEECEE25 #CMLovesPC4ever

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Happy birthday to Pastor's ABLE son, my forever CMD! Pastor is love personified, whenever I looked @peecee4ever, I saw aheadship, I saw a mega ship full of all the goodies that are at work in our MoG Pastor Chris. I love you forever Sir! 🎯😍🙌 #peecee25 #cmlovesPC4ever

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Happy birthday Pastor sir, truly, thank you for impacting my life in simplicity and Glory sir. I celebrate you! When Given the opportunity, I will write a book about a man sent from God to Me in 2018. Precious Holy Ghost, I am grateful for you sir❤️🤍💜 #PEECEE25 #CMLovesPC4ever

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Happy birthday sir. Thanks for teaching me excellence. Thanks for your teachings of love. Thanks for God’s word you spoke upon my life. My mentor, my father, my friend , my pastor, it’s working ... I love you sir

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Love Personified Happy Birthday Sir. I love you❤ #PC25

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Celebrating a Legendary Leader♥️🔥 Thank you Sir for your investment in us. We love you so dearly. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir! #BLWUSAGroup2 #CMLovesPC4ever #PEECEE25 #PC25

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