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I will be feeding 1000 indigent children on the 17th of July. Join me!!! You can sponsor 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 or even 100. 1 child for just N1000. https://fundraise.theinnercitymission.ngo/campaigns/view/1067/join-me-to-sponsor-1000-indigent-children

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Don't ignore children, They are our extension. Remember, Every child is your Child! Chris Oyakhilome 2005 Click to send a child back to school today➡bit.ly/2TUo5w2

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Our Exceptionalism is Not a Joke – Pastor Joy Amenkhienan Thursday night of the ICLC was rhapsodizing with the esteemed Pastor Joy reemphasising the importance of our ministry materials in a message titled “Raising Disciples Using Ministry Materials”. She started by reminding the thousands of delegates on the importance of our ministry materials. “People live by the information around them. When they join us, their mindsets are changed using our ministry materials. Train up a child in the way he should go, when he grows up, he’ll not depart from it. “ She also emphasized the importance of ministry materials and highlighted platforms where these materials can be introduced to the brethren. They include the ministry’s online platforms, the foundation school, water baptism classes and Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL), amongst others.  “Expose your members to all our materials and let them share with others. Organize book reviews. Lives are changed with these materials”. Throwing more light on how the Ministry Materials change lives, esteemed Pastor Joy shared unforgettable testimonies on the impact of Ministry Materials in the lives of people. She concluded by charging the cell leaders to “organize programmes with these ministry materials. God has multiplied Himself via these materials. You’re what you eat. All Pastor Chris' messages have ability to change lives. Reculture people into full maturity. Change your members minds through exposing them to the right information”.  For more updates on ICLC 2019, follow this Superuser and visit loveworldpress.com. The ICLC TV channel on Ceflix and cLoveWorld app which can be downloaded from PlayStore and Applestore is also available for your viewing pleasure. #iclcdaily #loveworldpress

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Dreams can come true because of you. At the InnerCity Mission, helping indigent children remains a core priority. Let's make 100,000 children go back to school this season. To sponsor a child click ➡ bit.ly/2TUo5w2

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Morning Session Day2 #ICLC2019 #SoulWinners Happening NOW- ICLC WORKSHOPS Each Day, ICLC begins with strategic workshops for all categories of leaders, these workshops are compulsory part of the ICLC package. See details below of the workshops schedule. ■PCF Leaders & Senior Cell Leaders- Ground Floor Terrace ■Cell Leaders & Ass. Cell Leaders- Upper Gallery Side 2. ■Bible Study Class Teachers & Cell Executives - Upper Gallery Side 1. Remember to share your #ICLCExperience after each sessions and keep following this SuperUser for Updates.

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THIS IS LOUD📢📢📢 SPREAD THIS GOOD NEWS💥💥💥👏👏👏 CE PORTHARCOURT ZONE 1 COMMITS TO SPONSOR 10,000 indigent children #BacktoSchool in forgotten communities Thank you, highly esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and our Star partners CE PortHarcourt Zone 1 for taking up the challenge of the poor. #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild #Prayathon #PrayingwithPastorChris

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Happy birthday to Deacon Timmy Funfade and I pray for you that your life will continually burst forth with God's glory, mercy, joy and laughter in Jesus Name. Thank you for your passion, commitment and consistency through the years. Love you immensely! @timmyfunfade @dto

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5 Days to Go #ICLC2019 #SoulWinners ICLC 2019 - A Collage Of Inspiring & Life Changing Events The Intl Cell Leaders Conference [ICLC] is a collage of inspiring and life changing events put together by the Holy Ghost to keep you aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord. ‭‭ From Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd of June, 2019 outlined below are unique events scheduled to hold at the prestigious LoveWorld Convocation Arena [LCA] Lagos - Nigeria. • Intl Cell Leaders Conference • LoveWorld Awards • International Music Concert • LoveWorld Exhibition Remember to share your expectations on your timeline using the relevant hashtags. Keep following this SuperUser for Updates.

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We have already overcome!

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12 years Old Halima goes👧 to School again📚!. Due to the Boko Haram insurgency in NorthEast Nigeria, thousands of children have been displaced from their homes, killed, recruited as child soldiers or suicide bombers. The lives and learning of most of the children particularly girls like Halima, living in these troubled regions has been disrupted by violence and insecurity. Through the Back to school campaign, You helped Halima and more out of school children of primary school age at the Bakassi IDP Camp, in Maiduguri, Borno state, NorthEast Nigeria receive free Educational materials to continue learning while in their temporary shelter. Amongst other benefits of learning, school activities at the IDP camp would engage the children productively and help them block out the pain of their loss. The #BacktoSchool campaign is ongoing, and you can help us reach more children like Halima in communities and countries facing crisis. Click here➡️ bit.ly/2HpWJHd to sponsor EDUCATION for a child #Endchildpovertynow #Everychildisyourchild

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CHILDREN AND PARENTING Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD. That attitude of giving child a tablet while service is on to be playing games so they don't disturb you is a time bomb! You are saying to them, its OK to not concentrate in church, you think you are trying to concentrate and don't want them to distract you but you are giving them a mindset. It will form an attitude towards trivializing spiritual things in the future and by then it may be too late to correct.. Don't ever think they do not understand what's going on while the service is on, these children play very complicated games better than adults! If they can understand that, they can understand what Paul calls "The Simplicity of the Gospel" The gaming can wait! Another thing I find ludicrous is Parents who give their children "loose change" for offering but spend heavily on their lunch just after the service is over.. There again you are saying, God doesn't deserve anything big. You see that's how you breed Atheists! That's how you raise Adults who think the Holy Ghost is a Gut Feeling! Who think tithing is making the pastor a big boy! Train up a child in the way he should go.. When he is old he will not depart from it I may never be able to subscribe to all the parenting modules my Parents used for us while growing up, but you see this love for God? They got it right! My Father made sure we never missed a single midweek service while growing up. No matter how tired we were from school, he insisted, he compelled! Today, look what that training has done to me! Isaiah 28 vs 10 says "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little" Simple things are what form Character! God bless you.

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STILL SHOWING GRATITUDE FOR OUR 10 YEARS WEDDING ANNIVERSARY * A big Thank you to our Highly Esteemed CEOs and Directors over the years for standing with us from the beginning. * A big Thank you to our Great CEC Members * A big thank to our CHAIRMAN and his lovely wife #JUNE13

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Still celebrating Esteemed Pastor Goke Adebayo. Thank you for your great passion for our Man of God and the church of Jesus Christ. I love you sir

It's #WorldDayagainstChildLabor DO READ TILL THE END, AND SEE WHY. The sun has not risen. It is not time to get up to face a new day, yet the hunger gnaws at his tummy. While contemplating how to go about resolving the deprivation, he hears the sound as loud as a chiming bell when the knock on the back of his head revs him from his slumber. He doesn’t need to be told what to do. He knows it is time for work. He picks up his 8-year-old ragged body and soul, wipes the tears from his eyes and heads to the construction site. No food, no school, no love, just work. Another victim of child labor. Child labor refers to any work that a child carries out which is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children; and deprives or interferes with their schooling by depriving them of the opportunity to attend school, obliging them to leave school prematurely; or requiring them to attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work. The International Labour Organization (ILO) states that there are 168 million children in our world today going through gruesome child labor. One child would have been horrifying enough, but 168 million children are currently being deprived of the right to be a child, the right to be educated, the right to being properly fed and cared for and the right to have hope for the future.  Around the world, a massive number of children are engaged in paid or unpaid work in all supply chains, from agriculture to manufacturing, services to construction. More often than not, these children are vulnerable to exploitation. Their work is often never seen in the public, they are usually isolated, and some of them may be working far away from their family home if they have one. Reports of abuse amongst these children are far too common. Today is World Day against Child Labour. Now is the time for us to consciously rejig 168 million towards the downward direction. Support workplace policies that protect our children. Stop engaging children to care for other children as nannies or childminders. Propagate education for every child, boy or girl alike. Be bold to speak out against child labor. Any labor market that condones child labor is detrimental to the future of our globe. These children are our “tomorrow” and if they are not catered for, they will not become producers in the future. Nevertheless, we can rid our future and our children’s future of child labor through our collective and determined efforts. Each of us has a role to play and our actions today can weaken the claws of child labor in our world. Support the InnerCity Mission for Children today by taking up the $3 Challenge to sponsor vulnerable indigent children back to school. Champion the cause by clicking here to give ▶ bit.ly/2WtzKiQ    Let’s keep the children in school and let’s kick child labor out of our space! #Endchildpovertynow #Everychildisyourchild

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Happy birthday to you my beautiful son Andrew. You are 6years today. Growing up in the ways of righteousness. We are grateful to God for an excellent gift of a son as you. Your life is from glory to glory. Your mum, JoshuaMark and I love you dearly.

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful, darling son, Andrew, my moses boy! You're such a joy and a blessing, super intelligent, kind, a lover of God and a light to your world. Your years ahead are brighter, more gracious and more glorious. Daddy and I love you boy!

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BOOM 💥💥💥👏👏👏 CE Lagos Zone 1 COMMITS TO SPONSOR 2000 indigent children #BacktoSchool in communities in Nigeria and Southern Africa. In other words, CE Lagos Zone 1 is adopting NIGERIA and MOZAMBIQUE, through the Inner City Mission, Global Missions Initiative. #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild #Prayathon #PrayingwithPastorChris

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Tomorrow is #Worlddayagainstchildlabor 🔧🔨🛠 Since inception, the InnerCity Mission has directly tackled #childlabor and impacted the lives of several thousands of vulnerable indigent children through the provision of free quality education. This year, through the #BacktoSchool campaign, we are providing sustainable solutions to this menace, empowering 100,000 indigent children in 100 countries with the gift of education. Sponsor a child here➡️ bit.ly/2HpWJHd to Stand with the InnerCity Mission as a Champion✊ against child Labor. #EveryChildisyourchild #EndChildpovertynow

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