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I cannot wait for wat will happen tdei ...bcoz wat we had yesterday twas tremendous....twas unspeakable ...*Pastor Henry we love you Sir * #tieconference #blwcampusministry #blwzimzone

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My family is blessed heyahhh gloryy!ther are walkin in devine health,ther are financial giants#mydeclarations

The word is producing results in my life,the wisdom of God is at work i me,amvictorius always,!!#mydeclarations

Prayer is born out of relationship #prayingnow #zimbabwe #blwzimzone

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Award Winner #CMDPC25 #blwzimzone

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I see every wall come down by the power of the Holy ghost, in Jesus name. Amen #PRAYINGNOW #NIGERIA #cephz3

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I declare that the Lord Jesus is the lifter of my head and my crowned. I declare that the nations of the world belongs to me and my family

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My strength is renewed like an Eagle 🦅...taking nations with the Gospel! #mydeclaration #blwzimzone

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I am Excellent & I am Powerful & loaf with the Power Of God to do the extraordinary. Nations are open unto me. #mydeclaration #blwzimzone

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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!. BLW President and Pastor Benny Hinn are live @ the CPLFC 2018!!! WAOOOOO!!!! We can't keep calm!!!! #Cplfc2018live #Blwcampusministryrocks

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WORDS AND TIMES @THE CPLFC 2018 (DAY 3) Strategic Session: Rhapsody of Realities It was a highly eruptive Strategic Session with the Esteemed Head of Operations, Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Sola Owokade. The session, which was characterized by multiple climactic moments, had the Campus Pastors and Leaders bubbling with joy as the esteemed Pastor Sola shared thoughts centered on having the Rhapsody of Realities as "Our Forerunner". In a dramatic and very explanatory display, she described the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional as a weapon of war, urging the attendees to not hold back but utilise the weapon that's been made available to us. This left all attendees chanting the newly coined slogan "FIRE THE WEAPON!" #CPLFC2018LIVE #Blwcampusministryrocks

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Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny at the Campus Pastors and Leaders Fire Conference. Woooow 😲 😱 #cplfc2018live

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That's what my Daddy can do He showed up "just" to speak to me #campuspastorsandleadersconference #cplfc2018live #blwghzone I love u Daddy!

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Word Session with Pastor Amaechi Udeaku @ the CPLFC 2018! The atmosphere was super charged for the miraculous, as delegates welcomed the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor of Port-Harcourt Zone 1, Pastor Amaechi Udeaku. Teaching on the topic RADICAL FINANCE FOR GLOBAL EVANGELISM, he shared with us salient truths about giving and the miraculous. There was an avalanche of wealth transfer on everyone present as people gave seeds in millions and hundreds of thousands sponsoring the Campus Ministry Missions projects in the year 2018! Watch out for more updates... #Cplfc2018live #Blwcampusministryrocks

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What a joy to be at the #cplfc2018live Thank you dear Pastor sir for the opportunity! Thank you dear #CMD

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Recognition is the button that activates Spiritual realities. Worship is not complete without giving. - Pastor Amaechi Udeaku #cplfc2018live

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It was such an honor to be at the #cplfc2018live Thank you so very much Dad @pastorchris for the opportunity Sir! Thank you @CMD P.Chike!

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10 times better #blwzimzone

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CPLFC 2018; Viewing Center in Zimbabwe. All around the world, from across Africa, to the UK, Philippines, North Cyprus, India, Japan, USA and more, young Campus leaders were fired up as the participated in the CPLFC. We are taking over the campuses of the world! #Cplfc2018live #Blwcampusministryrocks

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