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THE WORLD LISTENS TO PASTOR CHRIS GENERATION Engr Ayomikun Femi-Obalemo, daughter of Pastor Femi Obalemo - Group Pastor Lokogoma Group Abuja Ministry Centre, delivered her speech during the convocation ceremony at Greenwich University London before a large ensemble made up of The Chancellor, Erudites, Professors, Scholars, and Students. With flawless brilliance and boldness of the Spirit, Engr. Ayomikun shared nuggets from THE POWER OF YOUR MIND filling the entire hall with powerful words from our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Truly, an inspiring delivery.👌

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Me: Hello Sir! I wanted to greet you on my way to the airport tomorrow... Rev: Yes, I just landed. You can come (next day @12:15) Rev: Where are you? Me: On my way Sir Only to walk into a surprise party with live music, decor, cake, fòod, prayer!😳🙏 I love you Sir! #OnlyInLW

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He is a Luminary: Pastor Lanre Alabi. Happy birthday dear Pastor Lanre. You possess such a brilliant mind. Keen. Astute. Exceptional. Your Light has shone so bright to light our path; enlightened our territory to show us what we can do; and how to do it. You have been a wealthy resource to our Man of God, Pastor Chris, as you've been a brilliant resource person for our major training conferences. God bless you richly. Dearly beloved Pastor Lanre: Now to him that is of power, stablish you in all things according to the gospel we preach, in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Sir!!! Thank you for being such a huge blessing to me and all of us in the LoveWorld Nation. Your sessions at ministry programs are always top notch, spirit notch and everything notch😁 I love you Sir.

Happy birthday to my Amazing & Exceptional Dad!!! Your passion for all things JESUS is contagious and you've taught me how to love Him and love Pastor with the same ferocity! Thank you for all the eternal investments you've made into my life and so so many others! I love you!! ❤️

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News of suicide prevention workshops in newspaper, held in malvan, Maharashtra India. We reached out 2 over 2000 students n teachers in 8 schools n colleges . We saved over 10 lives n gave answers 2 so many people, who were devastated by recent suicide in their area.

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CEO FOR ONE DAY Important Announcement Warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. On behalf of the President LW Incorporated, please be informed that Sister Loretta Odii; OFTP Nigeria HQ, is appointed the CEO for One Day. Her tenure starts from 7am Eastern Time (12 noon GMT+1) 8th July 2019 to 7am Eastern Time (12 noon GMT+1) July 9th 2019. Thank you for your esteemed cooperation in the execution of her responsibilities. Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka Director of Corporate Affairs

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Hearty Congratulations To Our Beloved and Highly Esteemed Director, Pastor Deola Phillips on your appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of Loveworld Nation for a new 4-year tenure! Gloryyyy!!!

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Important Announcement

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BARRISTER (DEACON) ECHEZONA ETIABA esq S.A.N. I congratulate Deacon Eche Etiaba esq of CE Port Harcourt Zone 3 on his conferment with the esteemed and eminent award of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (S.A.N.) by the Nigeria body of benchers. Senior Advocate of Nigeria is the epitome of legal practice in Nigeria. It is the Nigeria equivalent of Queen's Counsel (QC). He is now one of a reserved, revered and respected few legal practitioners in Nigeria. He is entitled to wear the cream colored silk wig of these privileged counsel of the legal profession. He has taken silk, as they say. This award is coming shortly after Deacon Eche was recognised as one of the Top 10 Outreach Fellowship Leaders in the Loveworld Nation by the esteemed President of Loveworld Incorporated, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD at the recent International Cell Leaders Conference (ICLC) during the Loveworld Presidential Awards. Deacon Echezona has represented the interests of this ministry in court repeatedly. Excellently & Freely. I was, particularly, impressed by his representation of Christ Embassy Awka in a land dispute a couple of years ago. He prevented the church from being cheated in the face of physical intimidation and violence. Deacon Eche travelled, personally, using his extensive political and security connections as well as astute legal savvy to save the day. He went over and beyond, what would ordinarily be termed, the call of duty. He did this, I know, because of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, his man of God. That is the kind of man that Deacon Echezona is. The testimony of his Pastor, the highly esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, of Deacon Echezona is very inspiring. That Deacon Eche's attitude to the ministry, the Zone, the church and his evangelical work is exemplary and sterling. His legal work for the Zone and for Pastor Joy is excellent. Interestingly, Deacon Echezona is ever prepared to learn and practice the ministry's principles and practices concerning legal proceedings, even where it is so novel that it conflicts with traditional legal positions. Congratulations my dear Deacon Echezona ETIABA esq S.A.N. Indeed, you are a very shining and burning light to your world. Also Congratulations to his lovely wife, Pastor Uche (Laureche, if you please, to the uninitiated) because she's one flesh with Deacon Eche.

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E707 Loading #e707 #Imalive #Warriministrycentre

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Glorrryyyy!!!!!! We have moved we have moved in the Spirit We have moved in capacity, We have moved in grace, Addresses have changed!!!! Tell it to everyone, remind yourself, tell everyone you meet ---WE HAVE MOVED!!! I HAVE MOVED!!!! #prayingnow #prayingwithpastorchris #pclprayathon

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WE HAVE MOVED!!! We have moved from where we were in the realm of the Spirit in the month of May. The wisdom, the grace we have is now at a higher level. We have received a higher capacity to function. We have moved! Tell others. We have moved and we have cause for Thanksgiving. Glory to God!!! #pclprayathon2019

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World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn!


WE HAVE MOVED!!! We have moved from where we were in the realm of the Spirit in the month of May. The wisdom, the grace we have is now at a higher level. We have received a higher capacity to function. WE HAVE MOVED! Tell it around the world, we have moved and we have cause for Thanksgiving. Glory to God!!! #PrayingwithPastorChris #Prayingnow #PCLprayathon


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