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Words created the universe. The right words will come out of you when you think the right thoughts. Therefore fill your mind with thoughts of love, peace, joy, power and excellence. Be a master of words, and take charge of your life.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR. YOU ARE A WONDER & I LOVE YOU! I hereby throw a dance challenge to: Rev Ken, Pst TT, Pst Ambrose, Pst Kay Adesina, Pst Tom Obiazi, Pst Kay Akinwolemiwa, Pst Linda #offer7celebration #PHMC

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DON'T JOKE AGAINST THE WORD! ~ PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned (Matthew 12:36-37). Some Christians, in their confessions, are sometimes positive, and some other times negative, and that's the reason they experience "ups" and "downs" in their lives. Have made a wrong confession they'd say: "I didn't really meant what I said," or "I was only joking when I said that." Well, in the realm of the spirit, you have whatsoever you say, whether or not you meant it. In Mark 11:23, Jesus didn't say "You shall have whatever you mean," He said "You shall have whatever you say." If you must joke, let it be positive, and don't joke against the Word. Don't make careless statements for they'll produce results for you. That's why you must say only what you mean, and be sure it's consistent with the Word. Jesus said "...by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned" (Matthew 12:36-37). In the realm of the spirit, words are extremely important. Interpreting the Master's words above literally means, a man will go to heaven or hell because of what he said or didn't say. But beyond that, your life is the character of your words. If a man's words are confusing, his life will be confusing. In the same way, if a man's words are wholesome, his life will be wholesome. This is why you must watch what you say! #thanksgiving #wehavemoved #lima #talkingsession #ippc2019 #ministry #glorified #loveworld #affirmationtrain #thankyoupastorchris #blessings

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The only thing that produces lasting results is the Word of God. Therefore, learn to trust and in'vest in God's Word more, than in any other. Happy Sunday, and see you at Communion Service later today. God bless you.

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ROPC 2019...Unforgettable! Wall to Wall...praying without ceasing. Divine testimonies set in motion. Glory be to God! Thank you Pastor Sir! #ROPC2019

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#ROPC #ROPC2019 C H A M P I O N S 💥 With the LEGENDARY DIRECTOR! Thank you Ma for the opportunity We are making global impact!! #rhapsodyofrealities #provokeduntogoodworks

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IPPC IN MY CITY 2019 DAY 3, Saturday Morning. STRATEGY SESSION: A most inspiring talkshow with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose Isesele. "If you want sharks, don't build a swimming pool... If you build a pool you will have sardines." ~ Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku #ippcinmycity2019 #JustConcluded #Highlights #cephzone1

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IPPC IN MY CITY 2019 DAY 3, Saturday Morning. An Exhortation by the Number 1 Top Partner, LoveWorld Nation 2019, Esteemed Bro Maxwell Odum. "God is interested in your yielding to instructions." #ippcinmycity2019 #JustConcluded #Highlights #cephzone1

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HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD, REV. DR. CHRIS OYAKHILOME, Dsc. DD. Our hearts are filled with immeasurable gratitude to you Sir for honouring us with your presence at the just held 2019 ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom! Thank you specially sir, for taking out this time and for pouring of yourself so lavishly; the lives of millions of ministers of the Gospel are forever altered. We are grateful sir for the honour, privilege and blessing. We join ministers of the Gospel around the world to say THANK YOU SIR! It’s indeed a thousand times greater for us at the International School of Ministry! We love and cherish you dearly Sir! #GMC2019 #PastorChris #ISM

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What I do that works. I block all scam suspected accounts, when ever I see them. That way I won't get their post, you too can do same. Scamming is not welcomed on kingschat. I am an activist and I stand for what's right on Social media. If you with me share #noscamingonkingschat

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Six of my souls were in church today. They are all Italian speakers only. Glory!!! “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭19:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬ #howIcarryoutministry #Iaminoffice #ministryinprogress #unitedkingdom #CEBARKING #UK2Z4FASTEST

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First Sunday Service With Pastor Amaechi Udeaku in the New Ministry Year!!! "The Father is not seeable. When the father is seen, He is called the son. The seeable part of God is the son" ~Pastor Amaechi Udeaku #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

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GOLIVE MEETINGS-THE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL CONFERENCING PLATFORM *Perfect for your online cell meetings. *Unlimited number of participants. *Beautiful and user friendly interface. *Suitable for all kinds of virtual conferencing. Available on Android & iOS

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STRIVING TOGETHER FOR THE FAITH OF THE GOSPEL ~ ESTEEMED PASTOR YEMISI KUDEHINBU The Success of Another Does Not Make You A Failure; We Are One, Striving Together For The Faith of The Gospel EXCERPTS Phil 1:27 KJV & NIV Gen 11: 5-6 NIV Phil 2:1-5 - We are working together with Pastor with the same mind, the same spirit & speed - There's a way we must do it to make the same kind of impact that God wants us to achieve 1. Unity of Purpose - Excellent Team Work. Brings About Achievement of The Impossible 2. Sharpness of Focus - Ability to focus on a single goal or task until you reach it 3. Same Tools & Means - First Response Should Be Yes & Amen 4. You Must Be Dependable - Timing is very important. Step in each time and be right in the midst of it. Don't be someone whose words are brushed away. 5. Do It In Love - Provoking one another in love and being provoked unto good works in love We are working at the same pace, moving at the time, moving to the beat of the same drum. #CELVZ #ZLPC #TopPartneringChurch #TopPartneringZone

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A WORD FOR YOU FROM OUR MOST REVEREND: YOU ARE GOD'S VOICE IN AND TO YOUR WORLD; WILL YOU SPEAK FOR HIM TODAY? '...God has cast off all restraints in the pursuit of souls. Every hindrance is removed. They cannot even resist the wisdom with which you speak and we have the grace for retainership. Say it aloud, "I have the grace for retainership!" Remember, angels are watching and we must do a thorough job. God always has a voice in every generation.' (Exhortation at AMC Leaders' & Partners' Meeting - 22/11/19) Take the charge; accept the Lord's challenge; be God's voice in your world today, His outstretched arm to give meaning to someone's life and bring them into His purpose for them... REACH OUT AND WIN A SOUL TODAY, AND BRING HIM/HER TO CHURCH TOMORROW TO BE RECEIVED INTO GOD'S FAMILY! You'd be amazed at how receptive they would be as you share God's love with them. MARK 16:20 - And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. I'm watching out for your testimonies as we celebrate souls in all our churches this Sunday. God bless you. - Rev. Tom

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A South African celebration to honour a great teacher, innovative, creative. Our special mom in the Southern Africa Region. The Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome #pose1115

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Wow! A blessed, amazingly beautiful & blissful wedding anniversary to my most beloved &precious Mom & Dad. Thank you 4 reproducing yourselves in me. Thank you 4 always being such an inspiration & 4the gift of so many valiant sons &daughters to our LW Nation. I love you immensely

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Happy Birthday Mum!!!!!🎉🎊💃❤️❤️

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