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GYLF SENSITIZATION OUTREACH IN BAMENDA, CAMEROON Ambassador Nelson and his team in Bamenda organised a special campaign tagged 'Eliminating the Fear of COVID-19' to educate the children and staffs in LUC Menorah Orphanage. They educated them on COVID-19 virus, its actions, how it spreads and how it can be prevented. Customized GYLF Hand Sanitizer were also donated to the orphanage alongside other gift items. The highlight of this event was every single person in the orphanage gave their hearts to Christ when the word of God was ministered by Amb. Nelson. The management of the orphanage expressed their deepest appreciation to the forum for the sensitization and gift donation. Glory to God  #GYLFCAMEROON   #GYLF

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👩‍💻📚Professional Development Series with Pastor Bukky! Today’s Feature is Professional Redirection written by Deacon Michael Carter. This week, My special guest, Deacon Micheal Carter brings some insight. Its our month of Knowledge. Deacon Michael Carter is a certified HR professional, certified John Maxwell trainer, CEO of Envision It Photography, and a Deacon of Christ Embassy East Bay in California.  In light of the timely message shared by our Man of God at the beginning of the year (The Year of Perfection), it is the perfect time for us evaluate the direction of our careers. You may have found yourself in a place where your career path no longer excites or fulfills you and you need to change direction. What do you do? One of the key points shared with us for this year by Pastor was alignment. How do you get in alignment in your professional life? It is through knowledge. What you know now has gotten you to where you are today, but to go somewhere new, you need to know what you have never known before.  Here are four ways to successfully redirect your career through knowledge:  1. Subscribing to and reading professional articles and books: Nearly every reputable institution has a blog and there are plenty of books that you can buy from professionals in your field of interest. Read articles and books that are relevant to your field of interest. This will help to gain real insight to what is happening in the industry and how to get your foot in the door. 2. Networking: There are several ways to do this. You can attend seminars, conferences, and webinars where seasoned professionals are more than willing to share what they know to help you grow. At these events, you can also make yourself known among the best in the industry. This a two for one! Not only are you learning, but you are meeting people who can help you learn more beyond the day of the event! The way to get the most out of these experiences is to collect phone numbers and emails and actually use them. In some cases, you dont need to go far; keep in mind that some of the people you need to meet may be in your church.  3. Mentorship: One of the best ways to explore new professional territory is to find a mentor, someone who is well versed in the job or business you want and commited to your success. This is someone who coaches you one on one through your journey and provides a valuable prespctive that you would not have gained by attending events alone.  4. Professional certifications and licenses: Sometimes, additional formal education is necessary to break into a new industry. Many get discouraged because they lack experience in their new industry, but knowledge is the great equalizer. This doesn't always mean going back to college. There are many cost effective ways for you to acquire the knowledge necessary in a short amount of time to make you competitive in the job market. By adding this accomplishment to your resume, not only do your opportunties increase, but so does your income potential! There's something about having your accomplishments documented that communcates you're serious about your new direction.  This month, make up your mind to take that step of faith towards the career of your dreams. YOU CAN DO IT! God bless you! #USAZ1 #USAREGION1

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🇺🇸🔥Pray-A-thon LIVE with CE East Bay 1& 2, CA🔥🇺🇸 We are LIVE! CE East Bay CA, groups 1 & 2, USA Region 1, Zone 1 lead the LoveWorld Nation in today's Pray-A-Thon. Tune in to Pastor Chris Live to participate. http://www.pastorchrislive.org/prayathon/livetv.php #USAZ1 #USAREGION1 #PRAYATHON #PASTORCHRISLIVE

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When Someone says “Show God to me” Us: ... #TeevoEveryday #LWTeensMinistry #TeensCan #CECanada

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NEWS FLASH! We say a big Congratulations to Ambassasor Janet Telmina Nyarko from Ghana who will be an Honoree of a Presidential Award in her country on the 29th of December, 2019. Janet was recognised for her impact in empowering youths with entrepreneurial skills and organising several projects through the GYLF. This is an award organised by Pan-African Heroes Foundation in collaboration with Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration and also in collaboration with Rectitude International Missions. It's a special award that will be attended by the President and many government officials. Again, we say a big congratulations to ambassador Janet for changing the lives of many youths in her nation through the GYLF. #GYLF

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CE East Bay California Choir, wishes our dear man of God Pastor Chris, a very Big Happy Birthday!!!😍😍🎂🎂💥💥❤❤

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Basking in the blessings. Beachside 😎 #MonthofBlessings

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More than ever before this song resonates. There's no greater cause worth living for. There's no other name that can change lives and secure your eternity. It's all about Jesus and his unfailing love. #iLive4u out on all platforms. #lmam #lights #gylf https://fanlink.to/iLive4U

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Today, I celebrate my Daddy 🎉🎉🎉🎉 For his loyalty to the Man of God Pastor Chris For his humility in service to all believers For the sacrifices he makes for many - especially for his children There is no honour without sacrifice. I love you Daddy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 #PKA2211

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DADDY 🎉🎉🎉 I love you. You remind me so much of Pastor! Your words, your stance, your walk! Thank you for embodying the love and grace of Jesus. You inspire me daily and I celebrate you daily! #PKA2211

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Hearty Cheers & a Happy Birthday to the highly esteemed Secretary General of the Loveworld Nation- Esteemed Pastor Kayode Adesina! Thank you Pastor Sir for spreading the fragrance of God's unconditional love to the indigent.  We celebrate you today and always. #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

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Celebrating our very beloved, super mom in LW Nation! Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pst Ose Ma! All you that do is inspiring and provokes us unto good works. I celebrate and love you dearly ma! 💞🎉🎉 #cecanada #pstose1115 #cevancouver

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More participation from the viewing Center in Belgium Watch the rebroadcast on https://www.globalyouthleadersforum.org/conference/live #GYLFONLINECONFERENCE2019

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RELIVING THE MOMENTS GYLF Ambassadors sharing about enormous impact of the forum in their various catchments. #GYLFONLINECONFERENCE2019

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RELIVING THE MOMENTS Special music ministration by the GYLF choir at the mega GYLF Online Conference. #GYLFONLINECONFERENCE2019

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RELIVING THE MOMENTS A special photoshoot session with the esteemed CEO and Director of the Global Youth Leaders' Forum. #GYLFONLINECONFERENCE2019

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Joy overflow at Total Experience! #ceedmonton #CECANADA



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Essemfon from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is super excited about the GYLF Online Conference and she is ready to noise it round her country. Don't hesitate anymore, register now on http://www.globalyouthleadersforum.org/conference.php and you will be glad you did. Stay expectant!✌ #2019GYLFONLINECONFERENCE

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LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE AWARD CAMEROON:LEVEL 1 CATEGORY Amazing! It’s happening already! Over a million young Africans who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and involvement in socio-economic development of African communities are awarded certificates, having completed Level 1 of the Leadership Initiative Award (LIA). #LIA #FALF #IMPACT AFRICA

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